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IMGS Local Gov User Group Presentation


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Presentations from IMGS at Local Government User Group session on 11/09/2012.
Includes presentations on Location Publisher updates, GeoMedia Smartclient, Leica Geosystems and ERDAS Imagine and Apollo

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IMGS Local Gov User Group Presentation

  1. 1. IMGS GovernmentUser Group 2012
  2. 2. AgendaWelcomeOverviewGeoMedia 2012 and GeoMedia WebMap 2012Location Publisher and Location Publisher 4.2 (Intranet)GeoMedia SmartClientCoffee BreakLeica GeoSystems – Mobile Asset Collection HardwareOrdnance Survey Ireland UpdateERDAS IMAGINE and ApolloLunchShared Planning ServicesIMGS Government Solution SetSolution Road Map DiscussionCoffee and Close
  3. 3. IMGSWe deliver innovative spatial solutions for the desktop, weband mobile built on our partner‟s technologyDesigned to meet the challenges of Irish Government &Mapping Agencies, Utility and Communications CustomersOur solutions drive efficiency in these organisations by: Improving operational efficiency by improving workflows Decreasing capital costs through shared service solutions
  4. 4. IMGS Our solutions help government agencies in the day to the day running of their organisations in key business areas:Planning Water Roads Mapping Property
  5. 5. IMGS Partners
  6. 6. GeoMedia 2012 andGeoMedia WebMap 2012 Ciaran Kirk Technical Director IMGS
  7. 7. GeoMedia Desktop Headlines  2012 Release – New Ribbon I/F and user-experience  2012 Release – Better Display Performance  2012 Release – MapText Labeling Technology included  2012 Release – Integration with ERDAS IMAGINE and APOLLO  GeoMedia and GeoMedia Mobile for Leica CS25 – Mobile workflows  Coordinated Releases of GeoMedia Desktop Add-on Products  Coordinated Releases with ERDAS IMAGINE 7
  8. 8. GeoMedia Desktop Headlines New GeoMedia Desktop Product Packaging
  9. 9. GeoMedia User Experience Refresh
  10. 10. Display Performance and New Ribbon GUI  New Ribbon I/F with commands logically grouped  Ribbon has auto-hide capability and legend can be minimized for better use of screen space for the display of more feature data  Ribbon tabs for each GeoMedia add-on  Build you own ribbon tab for customizing and creating unique user workflows – save the tab for reuse later  Guide for docking legend  Better overall user-experience
  11. 11. New Ribbon GUI - Video
  12. 12. Display Performance  Client side cache of warehouse connections significantly improves data access performance and ultimately the rendering & display of feature data in the map window.  From 1 ½ min down to a matter of seconds in some cases (e.g. 500K feature records)  Cache file location is user definable  Cache is updated automatically as edits are performed or when the warehouse is reopened
  13. 13. GeoMedia Warehouse - Caching Create a cache Index for faster feature discovery Persist the cache for faster loads At least 2x startup improvement after first load
  14. 14. GeoMedia – Dynamic Labeling
  15. 15. Dynamic Labeling for Parcels 15
  16. 16. Text and Labeling  OEM agreement with MapText Inc. for embedding of GeoLabel Pro functionality into the GeoMedia Desktop Products  Rules-based labeling + label conflict resolution strategies = better label positioning  Dynamic labeling – labels are quickly repositioned as the user pans and zooms.  Option for static labeling as well  Individual labels can be reviewed and edited to improve final appearance
  17. 17. Text and Labeling - Video
  18. 18. Data Access & Ingest Oracle Data dgn Server CAD Data Server dxf AutoCAD • SQL Server Azure 2010 SQL Server • Data Server SQL Server 2012 (Denali) ArcView Data Server shp SQL Server GeoMedia Spatial GML Data Server gml G/Tech ddc Data Server WFS Data Server I/CAD map Data Server WMS Data Server TerraShare Data Server WCS WFS, WMS Data Server & WCS KMLTerraShare Websites Client Data Server
  19. 19. GeoMedia WebMap Headlines New Administration Console New Web Publisher application based on GeoSpatial Portal OGC WMTC tiling support Dynamically Generate Labels 19
  20. 20. GEOMEDIA WEBMAP 2012Essentials – Publish and distribute structured geospatial data Advantage – Essentials + R/W data servers (Oracle and SQL Server) + Intergraph Geospatial PortalProfessional – Advantage + advanced transportationgeoprocessing capability and web services.
  21. 21. GEOMEDIA WEBMAP 2012Scaling to meet different business requirements One Workgroup Enterprise - CLASmall Organization One Department Multiple Departments Limited Usage In a Large Agency/Organization Now with unlimited server processes!
  22. 22. GeoMedia WebMap EssentialsPowerful map rending engine - Raster and vector output types (SVG, Flash, PNG, JPG), attribute-basedsymbology, translucency of raster data and area color fill, dynamic thematic maps (dot density, bar charts, graduatedsymbols, pie charts) Simultaneous access to multiple sources of geospatial data– Combine and distribute data from live connections to major enterprise spatial databases (Oracle, SQL Server and PostGIS), or use a Web optimized format for increased performance (Smartstores) Sophisticated geoprocessing tools – On-the fly projections transformation and powerful spatial analysis using GeoMedia vector and grid engines (spatial queries, buffer zoning, spatial intersection, aggregation, geocoding, hotspot analysis and more...) Geospatial industry compliant Web Services - OGC-compliant out of the box web services for map generation (WMS), query and download features (WFS) and coverages (WCS), geocoding and reverse geocoding (OpenLS) WMPS Service – Intergraph web service exposing WebMap Publisher configuration to web applications through SOAP/REST/WPS interfaces; supports predefined queries and vector based interactive mapsPublisher Web Application (PWA) – Out of the box Web Application based on Geospatial Portal, supportingWMS, WMTS, WMPS services, and Bing/Google Maps mashups GeoMedia WebMap Essentials
  23. 23. GEOMEDIA WEBMAP EssentialsExample applications Thematic Maps - Bar chart map of population distribution per census district, published with webmap publisher as a WMPS service, and viewed with WMPS connector in Geospatial Portal (Source: Barcelona Municipal Geoportal, Spain)
  24. 24. GEOMEDIA WEBMAP EssentialsExample applications Advanced Custom Analysis – Results are displayed in new thematic legend entry and data grid, with custom tooltips and hotspots 24
  25. 25. GeoMedia WebMap Advantage ESSENTIALS + R/W Data Servers + Intergraph Geospatial Portal Additional server–side data management capabilities - Read/write connections to enterprise databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostGIS) for web-based editing workflows Additional client–side connectivity options to standard services – Geospatial Portal offers connectors for WFS, WFS-T, WFS-G, GeoRSS, CSW and more… Additional client-side functionality - Geospatial Portal offers out of the box Web-based data editing tools, catalogue search interface, gazetteer search, service monitoring tools, temporal WMS series and more... Improved client-side performance for imagery - Geospatial Portal offers Apollo IWS Connector, for streaming of Apollo Image Web Server data sources (the leading high-speed specialized server application for delivering geo- referenced imagery on the Web) GeoMedia WebMap Advantage GeoMedia WebMap Essentials
  26. 26. GEOMEDIA WEBMAP ProfessionalADVANTAGE + Enhanced geoprocessing objects and services Network routing analysis – Create closest and best-order routes, or execute network coverage analysis using customer or Navteq/TeleAtlas road network data sources Dynamic segmentation - segment your linear network based on database attributesLinear referencing – Dynamically convert data from geographic to linear reference systems GeoMedia WebMap Professional GeoMedia WebMap Advantage GeoMedia WebMap Essentials
  27. 27. Location Publisher andLocation Publisher Mobile Simon McCabe Projects Manager IMGS
  28. 28. AgendaLocation Publisher Overview Architecture 4.2 – Build Your Own Legend DashboardLocation Publisher Mobile Overview Version 4.2Road Map
  29. 29. Location Publisher
  30. 30. Location Publisher OverviewInteractive mapping made easyAdd interactive maps and spatialintelligence to your enterprisewebsites and workflowsPotential to drive a numberof applications within yourorganisationEasy to configure No programming No plug-ins No problem!
  31. 31. Location Publisher Why Location PublisherWe listened to your requirements: Usability You want to use „nice/simple‟ maps Google/Bing/Open Street Maps and Map Genie! Performance Users expect Google/Bing type performance (cached maps!) Cost Cut backs/server costs/database costs Open Source, Open Layers
  32. 32. Location Publisher High Level Architecture Administration Site Configure Layers/Maps/Themes Connect to data from SQL Server 2008, WebMap SQL Server, PostGIS, WMS… Data Capture and Reporting… Client Sites Desktop Site, Mobile Site, Custom Sites…. Connect to the Administration Site Provides access to maps, searches, nearest queries and gazetteer functionality Provides ability to capture data - geometries and data entry (forms)
  33. 33. Location PublisherAPI: Drive a number of applications within your organisation Option 1: Script Your Maps Log onto the Administration Site Click the Script option for your map JavaScript is auto generated Your developer can easily copy and paste it into a page/site for reuse. Option 2: Visit API Website Learn to: Embed a map Call search web service and nearest service web service More updates to appear by end of 2012
  34. 34. Location Publisher 4.1 (Intranet) Data Capture Thematic Legend Entries Ad-hoc Spatial Queries Printing A3/A4 – Portrait and Landscape Quick Search Gazetteer Search
  35. 35. Location Publisher 4.2 Build Your Legend Have 1 single legend and group your features Select what features to appear when the map opens via the administration site Select what features you want to add to the map once it has loaded – user selects via the client site! Prioritise your features Toggle features on and off The legend that appears is based on your access rights!
  36. 36. 4.2 Demonstration
  37. 37. Location Publisher 4.2 DashboardMicrosoft SharePoint Web Part (embeds in SharePoint)„Map and Report‟ ControlIntuitive and Easy to useLink your features to advanced Microsoft Reporting ServicesReportsCustomisable to your needs Water Dashboard Housing Dashboard Planning Dashboard Roads Dashboard Etc…
  38. 38. Location Publisher Mobile
  39. 39. Location Publisher Mobile OverviewPublish to any web-enabled deviceOperates over low bandwidthconnectionFeature can be recorded on mobile andreported back to officeDisplay and update location informationDisplay & update attribute informationCapture Picture and Video againstfeaturesCurrently been used by eircom andWaterford City Council
  40. 40. Location Publisher Mobile Version 4.1Certified against iPhone, Android and iPadOverlay data against Google/Bing/Open Street Map andMapGenie backgroundsTouch screen pan and zoomGPS IntegrationThematic support
  41. 41. Location Publisher Mobile Version 4.2Certified against Windows Tablet (Windows 7)Stylus supportNew Large Button interfaceWindows GPS integrationBuilding blocks for disconnected model
  42. 42. Mobile Demonstration
  43. 43. Location Publisher Road Map Road Map 2012 Location Publisher 4.2 Build your own legend – Q4 2012 (October) Dashboard – Q4 2012 (end of the year) Location Publisher 4.3 – Q1 2013 Advanced Data Capture – Snap and Trace Edit and Move Geometry Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 (TBC) Disconnected HTML 5 Support
  44. 44. GeoMedia SmartClient Ciaran Kirk Technical Director IMGS
  45. 45. Why GeoMedia Smart Client?Organizations need GeoMedia® Smart Client because it enables them toimplement geospatial business workflows that are not supported by out-of-the-box products, in an easy and sustainable way across the enterprise.Therefore GeoMedia® Smart Client provides: Simple to use interface that delivers high-end, user and task-focussed workflows Enterprise data and user management capabilities Cost and simplicity of installation and support (as a web solution)
  46. 46. What is a Smart Client?Matching the delivery of spatial functionality to users‟ abilities and business needs Desktop needed to support business workflow Complexity of technical requirements Smart Client Web Mapping Numbers of users able to make use of the tools
  47. 47. GeoMedia Smart Client Customers & Users Cities and Municipal Government: Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Trier, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Wieselburg, Wels, Cracow, Dabrowa Gornicza, Province of Treviso, Region Veneto & Calabria, Santa Maria da Feira, Sisak, Labin,… Federal Authorities and Regional Government: Darmstadt cadastral office, German Federal Rail Authority - EBA, 16 states in Germany, Saxony Police (EOC), state of Vorarlberg (civil protection), Italian National Civil Protection Department - G8 Summit (with SELEX), IACS Austria (Agricultural monitoring & payments), ÖBf AG & SFS (State Forests in Austria & Hungary), Central Goldfield Shire Council, Glen Eira City Council, … Infrastructure companies: SSB (mass transit), NavLog GmbH (road transport logistics), Deutsche Bahn (infrastructure management), mobilkom AG (telecomms), Linz AG, TW Kaiserslautern, ABB - El Merk (gas pipeline), Aurora Energy, … Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers: e.on to 1,000 clients. GISquadrat to 2,500 clients. KRZN Moers to 8,000 clients.
  48. 48. Key FeaturesFeature rich mapping – Java ClientMulti parameter attribute searchesAdvanced analysis tools (select, query etc)Data capture, dimensioning and redliningAdvanced plottingSupports large data quantities through cachingActive Directory and LDAP security Functionality rights Geographic rights
  49. 49. CAD functionsEasy-to-use (…”only” one optimized possibility)Snapping (start-/end- point, vertex, mid point, orthogonal, intersection)Auxiliary constructions (point, distance, polyline, extend-to, arc)Object relations (parallel to, show relations, use existing geometry)Capture and editing dialogs (e.g. input of x/y/z, distance lock, angle lock, …)General functions (e.g. rotate, move, union, split…)
  50. 50. High level cartographic map display Extended style capabilities for GeoMedia Smart Client based on OGC standard “Symbology Encoding” (SE) Definition of very complex and scale-dependent styles Use of SVG and GIF icons to style line strings and area fills Support of Rich Text Format (rtf) and halo effects Style Editor (also on the client side)
  51. 51. Architecture Smart Client Administrator GM Library GeoMedia data servers admin- & meta dataraster data ORACLE, SQL Server GIS-, CAD-files, OGC Services Application server GeoMedia Smart clients via (http) Internet or Intranet
  52. 52. Geo-cache and live connections LANSmart Clients server LAN-cache client-cache 2 3 cache-tilesWeb data png jpg GDO+WebMap Server Administrator: 1 server-cache user & rights live or cached Publish services update for cacheGeo data WMS ORACLE SQL Server WFS Access orthophotos citymaps CAD data ArcView
  53. 53. Administrator
  54. 54. WorkFlow Manager
  55. 55. Workflow Manager (WFM)1. Configure geospatial processes (“workflow trees”) based on XML files2. Define automatic validation and conditions for each workflow node3. Drive (remote control) the Smart Client (map content, area, scale, functions,....)4. Define forms (for queries, analysis, editing, reports, etc.) using XML files including text boxes, check boxes, drop-down lists, context-based help, ...5. Examinations of the inputs or requirement of mandatory fields and pick lists6. Integrate external applications on the server side7. Define workflow steps and forms based on user- & rights-management including connection to Active Directory or LDAP8. Monitor, control and execute asynchronous (decoupled) processes like server-side map production, data import, export & supply for downloads,….9. Server: based on Microsoft. NET WebServices (WCF = Windows Communication Foundation)10. Client: HTML based - IE, Firefox,… or Java “integrated” Browser (WebKit)
  56. 56. Smart Client with GPS in Offline Mode
  57. 57. Smart Client Demonstration
  58. 58. GeoMedia® Smart Client – Top 10 characteristics1. Supports vector and raster data on the client side2. Very fast, intelligent geo-data caching & tiling (raster and vector) in use since 19993. Modern map control for navigation & smooth (Google maps like) map loading4. No 3rd party dependencies on software, browser or operating system5. GeoMedia Smart Client can work offline - for mobile tasks or if connectivity is lost6. Capture, edit, redline, measure, server and client-side queries, bookmarks,…7. Advanced printing on the client side (including rotated views and up-to A0)8. Workflow Manager (including Form-Generator and Task-Dispatcher) to handle complex processes step-by-step (“rapid” project configuration and implementation)9. Proven interfaces to integrate Smart Client with other web- or desktop applications10. High-level enterprise administration for users, roles, rights, functions, projects, etc…
  59. 59. Thank You
  60. 60. Leica GeoSystemsMobile Asset Collection Hardware John Kerrigan TBC Leica GeoSystems
  61. 61. Leica Geosystems is part of the Hexagon Group.Hexagon is a leading global provider of integrateddesign, measurement and visualisationtechnologies.Hexagon has over 12,000 employees in morethan 40 countries and net sales of about 2,200MEUR.Hexagon is dedicated to delivering actionableinformation through design, measurement andvisualization technologies that enable customersto create and share manageable multidimensionaldata.Leica Geosystems has many partners,associations and affiliations including sistercompanies within the Hexagon Group.
  62. 62. What is Asset Collection & Management? The measurement of position and associated information of items of economic value that are owned by an individual or organisation. These (primarily) physical assets can be land, buildings, machinery, furniture, tools and resources.Assets are often managed in a software systemand the geographic position and associatedinformation is viewed, updated, analysed andoutput using a Geographic Information System(GIS). GIS can be used by everyone – Googleand Bing are flavours of GIS as well asenterprise systems such as Esri ArcGIS,Geomedia from Intergraph and MapInfo.
  63. 63. Why Asset Collection & Management?Why collect asset information in the field? Data is current and up-to-date Update is in real-time Positional accuracy is improved Asset information is verified Inspection of assets Undertaken with affordable solutions
  64. 64. Asset Collection & Management workflow Geospatial database Location aware asset Existing assetSynchronise information informationupdated data made availablewith existing to field workers asset including other information reference data Add, Delete, Amend asset information in the field Workflow applied when connected or disconnected from geospatial database
  65. 65. Asset Collection & Management Typical Application: Public Sector Local government worker is required to maintain an up-to-date record of streetlights and street signs including position and condition as well as taking photographs71
  66. 66. Asset Collection & Management Typical Equipment and Workflow Leica Zeno10 3.5G Handheld receiver Leica Zeno Office software is used to prepare existing databases of assets and background data for transfer to the Zeno10 Leica Zeno Field software is used for taking photographs, adding information such as condition, date and updating existing data. The internal 3.5G modem connects to Leica SmartNet (DGNSS licence) and measures to ~0.5m positional accuracy Leica Zeno Office software is used to synchronise the field data back into the existing database72
  67. 67. Asset Collection & Management Typical application: Utilities Water utility field worker collecting data about facilities & assets such as the location & condition of valves & manholes73
  68. 68. Asset Collection & Management Typical Equipment and Workflow Leica CS25 Rugged Tablet & GG02plus GNSS SmartAntenna Leica CS25 Tablet shows all required information on 7” screen GG02plus Dual Frequency SmartAntenna tracks both GPS & GLONASS Satellites CS25 Tablet internal modem connects to SmartNet (RTK licence) and delivers 1-2cm positional and height accuracy Leica Zeno Field software is used for data capture and editing of existing data including attributes and photographs74
  69. 69. Asset Collection & ManagementTypical applications: Natural Resources A national park ranger maps forest trails & creates an inventory of campsites A forestry worker monitoring species, disease or soil sampling75
  70. 70. Asset Collection & Management Typical Equipment and Workflow Leica Zeno5 provides 1 – 3 metre accuracy Leica Zeno Office software is used to prepare existing databases and background data for transfer to the Zeno5 Leica Zeno Field software is used for taking photographs, recording position and updating existing data. The internal 3.8G modem sends the data back to the office.76
  71. 71. Workflow applied to other market segments: Building Construction Example applications: Measuring utilities and drainage Site preparation77
  72. 72. Workflow applied to other market segments: Agriculture Example applications: Farm inspectors measuring land areas to enable owners to receive subsidy payments Water Management78
  73. 73. Asset Collection & Management workflow GIS Zeno Office softwareLeica Zeno Leica Zeno EasyIn EasyOut workflow workflow Zeno Field software Zeno Connect MobileMatriX software 79
  74. 74. Thank You
  75. 75. OSI UpdateHugh Mangan General Manager OSI
  76. 76. ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS ApolloCiaran Kirk Tony KentTechnical Director GIS Technnician IMGS IMGS
  77. 77. What is ERDAS IMAGINE? Reference your imagery to the earth‟s surface Measure primary information from the imagery to collect vector, point, area and other quantitative data Analyze data to draw conclusions about the processes and activities affecting your area Update your GIS with accurate geospatial data Present and publish your imagery, geospatial information and geospatial processes in 2D and 3D environments
  78. 78. What can IMAGINE do for you? Road Maintenance Plan the impact of a new road Map the location of missing assets (street furniture, man holes etc). Asses road Condition Conservation Map critical habitat Quarry Analysis Compare current and historical imagery to calculate licence costs
  79. 79. What can IMAGINE do for you? Utility Network Planning Plan the impact of a new network i.e. overhead lines etc. Archeology LiDAR and Airborne imagery has been used to detect and map ruins and then re-create them with 3D models and fly-throughs Fishing Generate fish potential maps using multispectral data to correlate algal blooms and sea temperatures to predict where the fish will be
  80. 80. IMAGINE 2012Essentials – Entry level image processing, map creation andsimple feature collection tools. Advantage – Advanced image registration, mosaicking and image analysis and change detection capabilities.Professional – Production toolset for spectral and radarprocessing, spatial modeling,
  81. 81. IMAGINE EssentialsImage processing, Image Analysis Flexibility in Data Formats, Sensors, Projection & Database connections Easy Map Creation and reporting. Feature collectionRibbon User Interface (revealing more capabilities)
  82. 82. IMAGINE 2012New Tools and Technology for Handling Point Clouds Simultaneously view point clouds in 2D, 3D Classify, subset and filter your point dataNext-Generation Spatial Modeler with real-time preview of results.New Tools in the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Real-time ship tracking through AIS feeds On-the-fly georeferencing Quick and easy detection of floods or spills
  83. 83. IMAGINE LIDAR Demo89
  84. 84. In SummaryERDAS IMAGINE Provides a comprehensive suite of Image Processing capabilities and is a leader in remote sensing Provides an intuitive ribbon interface and wizard based workflows (therefore easy to learn and use) Is fully integrated with GeoMedia Provides the capabilities to take advantage of the latest mapping products from OSI (LIDAR, Terrain models etc)
  85. 85. Big Data NeedsOrganizations need to manage large amounts of geospatial information Aerial imagery, LiDAR, vectors Ancillary data (photos, surveys, reports)Dynamic discovery of dispersed informationNeed for quicker access to dataCustom front ends an personalized and specialized services For vertical market applications Examples Creating value added products on-demand (i.e. server-side geoprocessing) Search, select and download data Maps only 91
  86. 86. What is ERDAS APOLLO?A comprehensive data management, analysis and delivery system enabling an organizationto describe, catalog, search, discover, process and securely disseminate massive volumesof data.
  87. 87. Geo-enable the organization with APOLLO A Geospatial Business System enabling enterprises to manage and distribute geospatial data to a large audience Which includes: Vectors – Imagery – Terrain – Maps – Business/Multimedia data Allows enriching and abstracting the complexity of geospatial data: revealing its value and transforming it into useful business information for the enterprise Open, interoperable, customizable and extensible: a comprehensive IT system to geo-enable your business © ERDAS, Inc. A Hexagon Company. All Rights Reserved
  88. 88. It’s all about your “Bounding Box” A user should be able to draw a bounding box on a map, declare a slice of time, and discover and access all the available, relevant & authorized information within that area.Sensor Data Access from Any Device Desktop, Laptop, PDA, Wireless,EO, Spectral, Radar, SmartphoneLiDAR, Infrared, FMV, insitu, GPS, etc. Geospatial Data Maps, Imagery, Features, Terrain, Place Names, Buildings, Infrastructure, Roads,Location References in Political Boundaries, Hydrographic, Geodetic, etc.Structured DataRelational Databases, Travel Itineraries, Location References in Unstructured DataFinancial Transactions, Corporate Data,Personnel Records, Statistical Data, etc. News Reports, Publications, Manifests, Internet, World Wide Web, Audio, Video, etc. 94
  89. 89. ERDAS APOLLO Workflow •Discover •Download •View •Create products Management: •Harvest •Catalog Imagine Rasters (TIFF, NITF, OGC TFRD etc…) Services Analysis Internet or LAN Digital Data Tile Cache (pdf, wmv, Service doc..) ERDAS 3rd party servers ECWP APOLLO Services LiDAR Server File Visualization and Collaboration Service Feature Data (Arc, SDO, FME) WFS-T Feature Geospatial Models: Editing • WPS
  90. 90. APOLLO Demo
  91. 91. In SummaryERDAS APOLLO Provides a comprehensive data analysis and delivery system Enables you to catalog, search, discover, process file based and web enabled data Fast Image server Support Big Data Arhcives
  92. 92. Thank You
  93. 93. Lunch
  94. 94. Shared Planning ServicesCiaran Kirk Jamie EdwardsTechnical Director Consultant IMGS Swift Data Pro
  95. 95. Swift LG – OverviewLocal Government Solution Provider: Land and Property Management Environmental Services eConsultationOpen System Solution providers (e.g.Apps with Maps)Over 100 Local Authorities across UKand Ireland
  96. 96. Full Government Solution SetPlanning Environmental Planning, Environmental Health Mgt. Enforcements Abandoned Vehicles Pre-Applications Licensing Bonds and Contributions Tree Preservations Site Monitoring LDF & E-Consultations Contender Street Scene Street MaintenanceHousing Waste Management Building Control Grounds Maintenance Housing Grants In Cab & PDA mobile access Affordable Housing Query Builder
  97. 97. Shared Service SolutionCentrally Managed server through single planning portal address providing: Pre Planning Online Planning Application Online submissions against received applications Amendments to planning applications EnforcementsSubmissions, enforcements and amendments will be called from LA enquirysite e.g. iPlanAll submissions will require user to enter address This will route submission to appropriate local authorityOnce submission is created submission will be sent via XML webservice to planningback office
  98. 98. Shared Service ArchitectureTo Do
  99. 99. Pre PlanningLocation Publisher Pre Planning GIS Capture location of enquiry Includes proposed development and customer details Provides spatial report which is stored in the database Sends both council (meeting request) & customer emailsSwift LG Pre Planning - Back Office Manage pre planning requests Record meeting details and developer & 3rd party questions Support for inter-agency consultations & multiple meetings GIS Integration
  100. 100. Online ApplicationsCurrently successfullydeployed in Dublin CityCouncilCan be integrated withiPlan back officeFully Integrated with: GIS (e.g. Location Publisher) Payments engineEDMS integration forArchitect Plans andassociateddocumentation
  101. 101. Planning EnforcementsSwift LG Enforcements Public website and back office Definable workflow & rules Diary Integration – date driven events Records correspondence Includes appeals capability GIS IntegrationLocation Publisher CRM & Mobile Capture Complaint Location Generate spatial report Dispatch to mobile device Record onsite inspection
  102. 102. Comment – Swift eConsultations Developed to meet requirements for LDF/LDP process in UK Provide structure for Development Plans and Local Area Plan submission process Full GIS integration - Graphical, Spatial and Textual Result Analysis Bi-Lingual publications and representations Questionnaire publications EDMS Integration
  103. 103. Shared Planning Services10
  104. 104. BenefitsProven mature solutionsFull GIS Integration – increase use of spatial analysisReady made fit for future Planning and Building control regulations: Open auditable planning process Strong emphasis on building control and qualityHuge cost savings in enabling public to submit data Remove double entry Decrease administrative costs Decrease requirement for paper records
  105. 105. BenefitsEasy to useFocus on content sectionsRemove need for search toolsSupport Local Area Plan renewalsMarket Development PlansSupport internal analysis & submission processfor future plans
  106. 106. Thank You
  107. 107. Government RequirementsMobile H/W Tablet Accurate HandheldMobile GIS Disconnected Connected Catalogue Dynamic Workflow Accessible Integrated DashboardBrowser APOLLODesktop Remote Sensing VectorDatabase Enterprise Resilient Open Source
  108. 108. Government Solution StackMobile H/W CS25 Zeno 10 Zeno 5Mobile GIS Smart Client Location Publisher Mobile Location Smart Location APOLLO WebMap Publisher DashboardBrowser Client Publisher APOLLO MapITDesktop IMAGINE GeoMediaDatabase SQL Server ORACLE POSTGIS
  109. 109. Government Solution Stack01 IMAGE/RASTER/POINT CLOUD IMAGINE02 VECTOR GIS GeoMedia Professional Location Publisher – public an03 PUBLISH, PORTAL custom04 DATA MANAGEMENT FME and FME Server GeoMedia SMART CLIENT – in05 WORKFLOW BASED WEB GIS – plug in06 SmartPhone and Tablet GIS Location Publisher Mobile07 MOBILE Hardware Leica Zeno 5, 10 and CS25
  110. 110. For DiscussionWhere to invest development? Further Locatiintranet development Data capture (snap, trace etc.) Redlining and Annotations More specific Business applications Planning Enhanced Pre Planning Disconnected Mobile Option Mobile and Tablet platform support Android BlackBerry Windows Mobile
  111. 111. In SummaryIMGS – more than just “that WebMap company”Full Government solution setProven low cost solution provider
  112. 112. Thank You