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Precision and Productivity for Utilities/Energy Field GPS/GIS Data Collection, Maintenance and Inspections


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Presentation by Fernando Paredes from Eptisa TI on Esri European User Conference 2011.

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Precision and Productivity for Utilities/Energy Field GPS/GIS Data Collection, Maintenance and Inspections

  1. 1. WE DO IT FOR YOU Precision and productivity for Utilities/Energy Field GPS/GIS Data Collection, Maintenance and Inspections New Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series: Feel the difference ESRI EMEA USER CONFERENCE 2011 Fernando Paredes (EPTISA TI)eptisa tecnologías de la información - Septiembre de 2008 Página 1
  2. 2. AGENDA1. Defining GIS data collection efficiency for Utilities industry2. Barriers that challenges an efficient GIS data collection3. Critical requirements for Utilities GPS/GIS data collection4. Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series Handheld with ArcPad 10: The final solution5. Conclusions
  3. 3. EXPECTATIONS At the end of this presentation you should: Know a little bit more about GPS Trimble solutions working with ESRI SW Understand why TRIMBLE-ESRI solutions are the state of the art of GPS tech for GIS applications within Utilities Industry Obtain relevant information for taken investment decisions that will make you save time/money And of course have had a good time ☺Soluciones GPS Profesionales Trimble para trabajos forestales
  4. 4. Let´s start with a provoking questionWhat does it mean for you “GIS data collection efficiency”?
  5. 5. For someone living in Madrid … “…means obtaining accurate measurements in urban canyons”
  6. 6. For someone living in Murcia may mean… “Measure fast without sacrifycing accurateness”
  7. 7. And for someone living in Vigo might mean… “… obtaining accurate measurements under dense forest canopy”Novedades de Productos GPS Trimble para Cartografía y SIG
  8. 8. We could reach and agreement Efficient GIS data capture in the field is: Ability to measure GIS data...: ... With the quality and precision required by your company/law ... In any environment you work ... With the minimal effort, time and expense (productivity)
  9. 9. What is the biggest barrier to productive and efficient GIS data collection?
  10. 10. The environment you need to work in … obstructed
  11. 11. Case of Utilities Management is not an exception Data collection and asset management activities for utility organizations includes: Water, wastewater, gas, electric and cable Typical tasks in obstrusted environment include: Outage detection and repair Relocating underground infrastructure Infrastructure inspection and maintenance management
  12. 12. The environment of Utilities in a snapshotNovedades de Productos GPS Trimble para Cartografía y SIG
  13. 13. Utilities companies GPS/GIS field work critical requirements: Precision 10-30cm (width of spade) real time andpostprocess to be able to work with critical infrastructure (pipes), in avariety of urban and rural obstructed environments Optimized for working in outdoor conditions(ruggedness, lightweight, screen size and sunlight readable) Integrated wireless conectivity (differencial corrections,external sensors, internet, etc) Computing power to run complex field applications and to work withlarge datasets Simplicity of usage and workflow integrated: field crewsunfamiliar with professional GPS + SWSo in these less than ideal circumstances do we have to continue sacrifying precision in favor of productivity or viceversa?
  14. 14. Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series Handheld: The final solution for precision and productivityfor Utilities/Energy Field GPS/GIS Data Collection
  15. 15. Requirement:10-30cm precision real time andpostprocess in obstructed GNSS environments
  16. 16. High accuracy GNSS receiver and antenna (internal) Decimeter accuracy in your hand Real time and after postprocessing Fast fixes VRS and at longer baselines: up to 250Km Dual frecuency internal GPS receiver/antenna Channels 220 channels GPS L1C/A, L2C, L2E GLONASS* L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A, L2P SBAS WAAS/MSAS/EGNOS GeoXH (10 cm)
  17. 17. Problems for measuring with precision and productivity? • Multipath • Outages •…
  18. 18. Trimble Floodlight Satellite Shadow Reduction TechnologyIn short:More positions and better accuracy in obstructed GNSS conditions Increase satellite availability (GPS-GLONASS) Stabilise acquisition and tracking Advanced tracking algorithms and filters Results: • Reduces the need to use offsets (easier, faster) • Get the job done right first time (that´s money!!)
  19. 19. No worries with Trimble Floodlight Technology
  20. 20. Comparison GeoXH 6000 vs GeoXH 2008 GeoXH 6000 series with Floodlight GeoXH 2008 series Juno series0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 10 cm or less 10cm to 30cm 30cm to 100cm 100cm to 300cm 300cm to 500cm More than 500cm• GeoXH 6000 gets 80% more 10-30cm precision positions than GeoXH 2008
  21. 21. Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series with Floodlight Technology delivers… Better positions in more places than ever Increased satellite visibility Tracks up to 2x more satellites than 2008 series Work in more places Where you work – urban canyons Reduces the need to digitize, or use offsets Get the job done right first time, more of the time Reduce or eliminate the need to plan field work around peak satellite availability#Geo6000
  22. 22. Requirement:Integration of capabilities into a single handheld form factor
  23. 23. Carry less hardware
  24. 24. High Quality Digital Camera 5 MP (JPG) Autofocus VGA video with audioApplications: Visual asset identification Recording asset status Evidence of job carried out Part of a regulatory requirement Recording or reporting incidents
  25. 25. Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series with complete all-in-one integration delivers… Seamless image capture and feature attribution Capture images in the field Geo-tag and link images directly to the feature Eliminate back office processing Single device simplicity Completely rugged: IP65 Totally handheld solution: no pole/external antenna required Lightweight: 0,95kg#Geo6000
  26. 26. Requirement:Optimized for working in outdoor conditions
  27. 27. Ruggedness IP65 1.2 m drop -20 to +50 C
  28. 28. Long-life field-swappable battery pack Up to 11 hours operation on a single charge Field swappable without shutting down (no tools) Charge inside or outside the device 2.2 hours ‘fast charge’ (~80%) Accurate capacity reporting IP65#Geo6000
  29. 29. 4.2 inch sunlight readable display Crystal clear maps and forms Easier to operate#Geo6000
  30. 30. Requirement:Integrated wireless connectivity
  31. 31. Cellular, Wi-Fi, and BluetoothCellular (optional) Siemens HC25 HSDPA (3,5G) cellular modem Data transfer to/from field Differential corrections Real TimeWi-Fi 802.11b/gBluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR Connect with external sensors
  32. 32. Requirement: Computing power to runcomplex field applications and to work with large data files
  33. 33. Flexibility for applications 6.5 Pro Productivity apps: Office Mobile 2010
  34. 34. Ample storage 2 GB Flash (> 1,000 5MP images) Up to 32 GB SDHC
  35. 35. Fast computing OMAP 3503 600MHz CPU 256 MB SDRAM
  36. 36. Performance using ESRI ArcPad 10 ArcPad 10: Start-up and file load test 2008 Series 49 seconds 6000 Series 23 seconds 2.1x faster#Geo6000
  37. 37. Requirement:Simplicity of usage and workflow integrated
  38. 38. Integrated Workflow Office-Field-OfficeDATA PREPARATION DATA COLLECTION ANALYISIS + DECISIONS (ESRI) (TRIMBLE+ESRI) (ESRI+TRIMBLE) Office Field OfficeBackground Images Data collection with Attributes Postprocess of GPS data (Trimble GPS Georeferenced Photos Analyst extension for ArcGIS 10)Cartography Checklists Reports Quick capture toolbar AnalysisWMS Information Access ArcGIS Online / Bing Maps content (modem 3,5G)Data export from ArcGIS 10 Data Import into ArcGIS 10 GIS Field work (ArcPad +GPScorrect)
  39. 39. Key features of ArcPad 10 + GeoXH 6000 for Utilities Creation of Point, Line, and Area entities with attributes H Compulsory Checklists of forms Georeferenced photos linked to measured GPS entities Bluetooth connection to laser distance meter and rangefinders (i.e. LaserAce 1000) for measurement of non accessible points and entities´ height Support of large background Images
  40. 40. More key features Key Features Automatic creation of drawing onsite while measuring. Check of boundaries, setbacks, setting outs, etc. Support of vector and raster data. Possible drawing transfer to the office from the field for checking before leaving the site. All-In-One handheld GPS device: Accurate GPS (10cm), PDA, GIS Software, customized application, digital camera. Calculations, reports, etc, onsite. Creation of accurate DTM for Proposals, etc (10-15cm in XYZ) 40
  41. 41. Look and feel of ArcPad 10Layer Selection Checklist Form Georeferenced Photos TO SUM UP:• Ease of use • Able to manage large datasets with• Professional complex data model of utilities• Powerful • Customizable at your choice (projects)• Outstanding user experience
  42. 42. In conclusion: why should you work with us? High accuracy GNSS receiver and integrated antenna (L1, L2) Better accuracy. Fast fixes. Handheld convenience 10 cm in seconds in your hand => GIS requirements fulfilled by far IT WORKS WHERE AND WHEN YOU Trimble Floodlight Technology NEED IT!!! More positions and better accuracy in difficult conditions (GLONASS) Integrated 5 megapixel camera Seamlessly associate images and features SAVE TIME/MONEY High quality data Carry less hardware WARRANTING PRECISION AND Integrated 3.5G modem PRODUCTIVITY Internet connectivity, nearly anywhere Carry less hardware Optimized for outdoor operation Huge, Sunlight optimized display (4,2”) All day, field swappable battery FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Fully support of ArcPad 10 GIS capabilities (not OEM) Utilities data models are complex and large Customized workflows and functionality to increase productivity of field crew (SDK or ArcPad 10 included)
  43. 43. LO HACEMOS PARA TIYou´ll see results where others just offer wordsThank you very muchAny Question? Visit our booth!!!Fernando ParedesFernando.paredes@ti.eptisa.comeptisa tecnologías de la información - Septiembre de 2008 Página 43