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Sm2 Social Media Marketing
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Sm2 Social Media Marketing


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The basic tenets of social media marketing by Aaron Newman, CEO of Techrigy Inc., developers of SM2.

The basic tenets of social media marketing by Aaron Newman, CEO of Techrigy Inc., developers of SM2.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Aaron C. Newman Founder, Techigy January 2009 PRSA – Rochester Social Media Marketing 101
    • 2.
      • Social Networks
        • Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Orkut
      • Blogs/Wikis
        • Blogger, WordPress
      • Microblogs
        • Twitter,, Tumblr
      • Photo/Video sharing
        • Flickr, Youtube
      • Message boards/Forums
        • Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups
      What is Social Media? Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. -Wikipedia
    • 3.
      • Other buzz words to understand (all highly-related)
        • Word-of-mouth
        • Viral marketing
        • Grassroots marketing
        • Buzz marketing
        • Conversational marketing
      What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is about building ways that fans of a brand or company can promote it themselves in multiple online social media venues. -Wikipedia
    • 4.
      • SMM is not just about advertising on FaceBook
      • Astroturfing or Shilling
        • DON’T DO IT – you will be exposed
      • Lack of Transparency
        • Blogging for the CEO
        • Fictional characters
          • Walmarting Across America blog
      What is NOT Social Media Marketing?
    • 5.
      • Why has SMM becoming relevant?
      • The Year 2000
        • Blogs were people talking about their cats
      • The Year 2009
        • Social media is people talking about your brand
      • Critical mass of people participating
        • Facebook added 20 million users in past 3 months
      Why do I care? Who owns your brand? Your brand is the conversations occurring through word-of-mouth
    • 6. Old World: Advertising was shouting as loud as possible to reach a mass market. What happened: People learned how to tune your message out New World: Renaissance in WOM Tapping into the conversations Evolution in Marketing
    • 7.
      • Typical initial thoughts on social media
        • Can I stop those evil negative opinions?
      • Not the BEST reason to engage
        • Wouldn’t you rather listen and learn
      • Decreased effectiveness of traditional marketing
        • We have learned to ignore advertising/PR
      • Reaching your customers where there are
        • Can’t always bring them to your site
      Should I Engage?
    • 8.
      • First Consider Your Social Media Strategy
        • What are you try to accomplish?
        • How will you measure it?
        • How does it fit in with your overall strategy
      • Get commitment from management
        • Half hearted participation is not effective
        • Need to build social capital and credibility
      Getting Started
    • 9.
      • Social Media creates 1-to-Many Conversations
        • 1-to-1 Conversations are expensive
        • Social media broadcasts to many readers
        • Social media is indexed and searched later
      • Finding Influencers with the highest 1-to-Many
        • Dunbar’s Law places limitations on number of relationship we can maintain at ~150
        • Malcolm Gladwell’s Connectors
        • Albert Laszlo’s Network Hubs
      • Social Media Optimization (Rohit Bhargava)
        • Like SEO for social sites
        • Increase Linkability/Get communities Connected
      Getting the Most Value
    • 10.
      • Step #1 – Listen to what people are saying about your brand.
      • Step #2 – Listen to what people are saying about your competitors .
      • Step #3 – Listen to what people are saying in your industry.
      Stage 1: Listening
    • 11.
      • Step #4 Start your company blogging
        • CEO blog or employee blogs?
      • Step #5 Comment on other blogs
        • Participate, don’t pitch
      • Step #6 Participate in conversations on tools such as Twitter .
        • Create conversations
      Stage 2: Engaging
    • 12.
      • Step #7 Engage your customers through social networks
        • Setup your own + find existing ones
      • Step #8 Contribute to sources such as Wikipedia.
        • Delicate balance – not for brochures
      • Step #9 Encourage your customers to talk about your product, good or bad.
        • Address problems, show them you care
      Stage 2: Engaging
    • 13.
      • Books
        • “ Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day” By Dave Evans
        • (originally from Webster)
        • “ The New Rules of Marketing and PR” By David Meer Scott
      • Blogs
      • Podcasts
    • 14.
      • Social Media Monitoring and Analytics: SM2 from Techrigy Provides Visibility Into Social Media
      • Designed for PR and Brand Professionals
      • Monitors Blogs, Wikis, Microblogs like Twitter, Social Networks, any User-Generated Content
      • Analysis includes tone, sentiment, demographics, location, share of voice and more
      • Fully functional listening and engagement tool, Freemium version at http://sm2.techrigy
    • 15. Questions?
      • Social media marketing will be a central function of any marketing strategy going forward.
      • Contact information:
        • Aaron Newman - [email_address]