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Social Media Marketing: Have It Your Way


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Presentation to PRSA Entreprener SIG - developed on questions asked.
The backstory is I had developed a presentation for PRSA but scrapped it based on the questions the members asked pre event. PPT Links: GeekMommy, - JNJ BTW - i am bossy - Goodwill of Greater Washington - Frozen Pea Fund - Shel Israel - Darren Rowse - gapingvoid - Zappos/Twitter - Donna Tocci

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Social Media Marketing: Have It Your Way

  1. What’s Old Is New Again Building Corner Grocery Store Relationships With Social Media Marketing Have It YOUR WAY Toby Bloomberg October 24, 2008 © 2008 Bloomberg Marketing
  2. The power of social media isn't in the 'rock stars' it's in the entirety of the people. We all form our own connections - 1-to-1. Lucretia M. Pruitt GeekMommy
  3. What You Wanted Strategy; how companies are mixing new media w/ traditional PR, and what’s moved to mainstream. State of and future direction of micro-blogging (Twitter, et al). How to determine a “value” for social media in order to charge appropriately and quantify results.
  4. Is it possible that the new consumer driven social networks - consumers connect through concepts, ideas, values and icons, created and related to other people through electronic interchanges filled with pictures, words, music and the like, not by marketers and manufacturers and the communication experts – will be the new 21st century brand? Don E. Schultz, Northwestern University
  5. Strategy – Online Supports Offline
  6. A Road Trip To Visit Blog Friends A Sponsored Road Trip To Visit Blog Friends Online Supports Offline Supports Online
  7. From Thrift To Vintage: Goodwill of Greater Washington Uses Social Media To Reposition Blog MySpace YouTube ebay Store Online Supports Offline Supports Online
  8. Donna Tocci, Director Web/New Media - Ingersoll Rand Micro Blogging / Twitter
  9. Green Peas: Twitter Community Lends Support Widget . $3500 collected in the first 15-hours
  10. Controversy in Twitterville
  11. Why Micro Blog? Status alert Source of business news Fast responses to quick questions Tap experts on a variety of topics Relationship building Keeping in touch with stakeholders Less time than other social media initiatives e.g.. blog posts, podcasts, vlogs Web page holds history Promote events, blog posts, Fun Strategy
  12. Define The Risks 6. Is it worth the additional time? 7. Do you have the people resources needed? 8. Can you afford the additional operational (software, hosting) expenses? 9. What happens if your competitor is less risk adverse than you and steps into the space first? 10. How do you safeguard against getting quot;blown- up?quot; Strategy
  13. Social Media Marketing: New Value Proposition The New Questions: o What is the value of the perceived “halo” effect about your company/brand from the “influencer?” o What is the value of longevity of social media in any type of medium (text, audio, video)? Strategy
  14. Social Media Marketing: New Value Proposition The New Questions: o What is the value of a mention on a traditional media blog that includes a link back to your site/blog/podcast/video? o What is the value of a post/podcast,video that is linked and includes extended commentary by “influencers” in your space? o What is the value of the community that the “influencer” brings to you through links and extended commentary? Strategy
  15. Define The Risks 1. How do you ensure the brand is not comprised through comments? 2. How do you measure ROI? How do you know if you succeed? 3. How do you ensure the brand is not compromised through the company's bloggers' posts 4. Will we need to promote the blog/social media programs and how will they impact our current marketing strategy? 5. What do we do if IT does not have time to be involved? Stragtegy
  16. Enterprise Social Media Strategy 1. Supports business objectives 2. Integrates into master corporate marketing/communication plan 3. Developed for your target audience 4. Defines “success” goals 5. Sustainable - takes into consideration resources (time, people, money) 6. Supported by a “champion” 7. Crosses silos 8. Internal and external guidelines 9. Includes listening to the conversation 10. Includes participating in the conversation Strategy
  17. What You Wanted Internal perspective of social media for companies. New, innovative ways the technology is being used to bring employees together, build groups/teams on the fly and create unique communities within the larger corporate community. How companies are dealing with employees who use social media outside of the corporate reach, especially when they are saying things detrimental to the corporate reputation.
  18. Zappos On Twitter, people can tell whether you are actually passionate about connecting with other Twitterers, whether they are your customers or employees. Tony Hsieh, ceo Zappos Tweets Tweets About From Zappos Zappos Internal
  19. Blogger/Social Media Relations: The Kindness of Strangers A good pitch because… Prior relationship Personal Targeted to my community Reason to post Value added Contact information Blogger Relations
  20. Social Media Benefits Pulls Away the corporate Experiential marketing curtain Viral marketing Reveals the people who are Builds community among your company people with like interests Encourages relationship Value added Humanizes Your Company building content/information Creates opportunities for Less disruptive marketing conversations messaging Builds trust Information not able to distribute any other way Customer touch point/s Brand building
  21. A Low Risk Entrée Whisper Campaign 1. Subscribe to news readers/aggregators e.g., Bloglines, Google, Yahoo 2. Listen to the conversations 3. Identify, subscribe & read blogs 4. Watch a few consumer generated videos 5. Listen to a few podcasts 6. Participate by commenting 7. Create a ‘throw away blog” 8. Create A Twitter account 9. Join a community 10. Develop A Social Media Strategy
  22. Business as usual … The question is not, “Should we blog? The question is, “Do we want to NOT. talk to People differently from how we did in the past?” hugh gapingvoid
  23. Toss Of A Pink Boa From Diva Marketing To You!