Social Media and it's Impact in the Business World


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  • Social Media and it's Impact in the Business World

    1. 1. Social Media And it’s impact in the business world
    2. 2. Learning Proposal • Topic: – I wanted to learn more about how social media is used in the work place and successful business. This topic was very relevant to my studies and possibly in future job positions • Plan of Study: – I studied the way social media effects costumers and how it makes an impact on society. I also studied the possible advantages social media provided to businesses.
    3. 3. Areas of Study • Facebook – a social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. 1
    4. 4. Areas of Study • Twitter – a real-time information network that connects users to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what they find interesting. Users simply find the accounts they find most compelling and follow the conversations. 2
    5. 5. Areas of Study • LinkedIn – A social networking website for people in professional occupations. It is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn currently has more than 225 million users. 3
    6. 6. Areas of Study • I chose these three social media sites to cover a very wide area. These tools are very different, but they all have the same purpose.
    7. 7. How to be successful with FACEBOOK
    8. 8. FACEBOOK: • provides businesses with the opportunity to create and grow a community of customers and potential sales leads. • is the biggest social network with many users still joining. With a business account, it is very easy to promote and sell your company with the work at your finger tips. • offers a completely different user experience for companies business owners. • Facebook allows you to: • • • Create a separate page from your personal account. Link your personal account and other types of social media Use tools to promote your business such as display of email, website, hours, pictures, events and description of company. 4
    9. 9. FACEBOOK DOWNFALLS • Negativity • Facebook is used as an outlet to opinions; whether they be good or bad. As much as Facebook could be helping your business, it can also destroy your business with negative content. • False Fan-base • Offers and promotions often require a potential customer to “Like” the business’s page. However, Facebook allows it’s users to “Unsubscribe”. This means all content a business may post will be hidden from a users news feed. • Time-consuming • Most large companies have hired a number of employees to keep track of their social networking. However, keeping up with questions and posting can be difficult for small companies. Failing to keep up with customers can make the company look bad. 5
    10. 10. How to be successful with TWITTER
    11. 11. TWITTER: • Provides businesses with a very direct approach to selling their business and allows companies to be all about connecting with others. • Is growing quickly and is the next biggest social network next to Facebook. Twitter is seeing almost 1 million accounts open every single day, which gives companies and businesses great exposure. • Allows you to post links to other social media platforms to engage other users that follow. • Provides tools for businesses such as • • • Tweets: a short, direct statement that can be seen by a user’s followers. Hash tags: (#) allow users and companies to tag topics of interest. Re-tweeting: (RT) allows users and companies to share other tweets or interest with their own followers. 6
    12. 12. TWITTER DISADVANTAGES • Busy Twittersphere: • Since many users follow several pages and tweet more than once a day, a tweet may get buried very quickly. The only way a user will be able to see what you posted after that has happened would be to visit your page. • Visually Impaired • Twitter was made to allow users to share their thoughts in a very short and sweet way. However, Twitter does not work with visual aids very well. Any picture you may post will be posted in link form. • Advertisement Not Guaranteed • Twitter allows for certain tweets to be “promoted”, but first you must be approved by Twitter. You cannot just buy advertising space like Facebook. • Limited Space • A disadvantage known not only to businesses – a tweet can only be 140 characters, limiting your ability to advertise. 7
    13. 13. How to be successful with LINKEDIN
    14. 14. LINKEDIN: • Provides businesses with a large professional network to promote themselves, establish connections and build relationships. • Is used for promoting a business for potential employees rather than advertising for potential customers. • Is considered the largest professional network in the world. • Provides users with tools similar to Twitter such as: • • • Re-posting another users posting/article. Updates that allow you to share what users want. Pages dedicated to connecting, news, jobs, and communities. 8
    15. 15. LINKEDIN DISADVANTAGES • Popularity • LinkedIn stands as being the largest professional network in the world, but still is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter. Many social media users are still not engaged in LinkedIn. Companies may not be so successful if LinkedIn is their only networking tool. • Time-Consuming • Along with Facebook, LinkedIn pages can be very time-consuming. A page can become very unsuccessful if a page is not well maintained. 9
    16. 16. Learning Goals 1. I learned all about how different social media platforms are used to promote businesses. I have even come to conclusion that well promoted business would invest their time in all three of the social networks I have mentioned.
    17. 17. Learning Goals 2. Along with my research for this project, I had the opportunity to learn about social media in a Web Design course. I was able to make a test business page for each one of these social networks and test out each tool the site had to offer. Personally, I like Facebook’s platform better because it is very user friendly.