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Noriyasu Sugimura






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    Noriyasu Sugimura Noriyasu Sugimura Document Transcript

    • OT2012 PUNE DECCAN Conf. Japan After Tsunami and Nuclear Power Station’s disasters and the role of PMI Japan Chapter in Helping Mitigation 5th Feb, 2012 Noriyasu Sugimura Director PMI Japan Chapter PMI Today 6/2011 2
    • Prerequisite for PMIJ’s Post Disaster Reconstruction Program 1. Phase consideration from Disaster to Reconstruction 2. Emergency and Importance 3. PMI’s Experiences and Assets 4. Offering Program for practice 1. Phase consideration from Disaster to Reconstruction Usual Time Quick and Short Term••• Disaster•• Emergency Phase Before Disaster Support Disaster then Phase Recovery Cycle Emergency Action Functional Reconstruction Recovery Phase Phase Long Term Intermediate Term • • • • • • •
    • 2. Emergency and Importance Emergency Emergency High High Importance Importance Low High B A D C PMIJ Emergency Emergency PMMPDR Focus on this Low Low Quadrant Importance Importance Low HighGovernment, Municipal office, Police department, Fire department, Defense Forces should support A and B (These supports need commitment.)3. PMI’s Experiences and Assets PMMPDR APPLIED on
    • 4. Offering Program for practiceAIM of PMIJ PMMPDR Provide procedures for successful project conclusion of the disaster reconstruction with leadership and reconstruction vison. Users would be related Governments, NGO, NPO and Disaster support organizations. (Not for emergency apply and big scale projects, either) Practice training by referring downloaded Operation instructions and Training materials (slides, guide books). Checklists and Templates will be used in projects. Need to send copies of translated version into local language to PMI. Need to get authorization of PMI for customized deliverables. Ok for non profitable usage as training material by display, print out and distributions or personal usage. Steps 1. PMI Japan Post Disaster Reconstruction Program 2. Projects 2.1 PMMPDR (Project Management Methodology for Post Disaster Reconstruction) translation into Japanese 2.2 Japanese Course development and PM training 2.3 Infrastructure preparation 2.4 PMO (with applicable NPOs) 2.5 Trial run with small/medium organizational support activities 3. Recruitment voluntary member Not stated here) 3.1 Organization 3.2 Recruitment condition
    • 1. Post Disaster Reconstruction Support Program in PMI Japan Chapter1.1 Purpose of the Program PMI Japan will contribute for reconstruction from the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster as much as possible. Focus on continuous support activities as PM professional volunteers teams. Emergency and recovery activities are out of scope. Cooperate with NGOs, NPOs, Government and Local governments. Can’t clarify everything at planning stage. Iteration process would be adopted for projects and program execution.
    • 1.2 PMI Japan organized Post-disasterreconstruction support program Organized by Four projects, one PMO and Pilot adaptation PMMPDR Education Perform Translating Facilitation Education Project Project Project Pilot Adaptation PM Tools Adapting Project NGO/NPO Channel PMO Maintaining Project Stakeholder Management Benefit managementDonate Free PM Educations by PM Professionals Program Governance1.3 Road Map 2011 Governance March-April May-Jun July August ~ Closing / Pre-Planning G1 Initiation G2 Planning G3 Execution G4 Operation PgM PURPOSE PgM Charter PgM Planning Initiate Individual Achievement (Understand - Legitimacy of the PgM Requirements projects Design – Evaluation Strategic Benefit) - Vision Architecture Develop - Operation - Scope WBS/Components - Resources Schedule Transfer to Non Synchronize - Prerequisite/Condition Communication Apply Governance Project between Program - Initial Risks/Subjects Risk Management - Performance Monitoring Operation & Organizational - Road Map Procurement rule - Issues Mgt Financial Plan - Change Mgt objectives Customer Support Identify Stakeholder Stakeholder Requirements Governance Risk Monitoring Make up Higher - Identify Env. Change Contimnuous level Business Feasibility Assess - Dependencies between Improvement PgM Organization Cases - Board for Governance Components - Sponsor Business case for (Program Closing) Agree with Check - PgM manager each Project Stakeholder point Review Communication Project Trial Prep. For Infra. (Potential Components) Support Initiation (Standard/Tool/Criteria) Planning
    • 1.4 STAKEHOLDERs Training Course NPO/ Municipality/Small Business PM Training DevelopmentNPO PM PMI Japan Chapter PMO PMI Japan Chapter as Gateway Corporate Sponsors PMIJ’s Volunteers Supporting Companies R.E.P.s PMIJ REP REP1.5 How to approach Joint support with NPOs to Project Managers If necessary, ask support from Municipalities, Business organizations or Government) At first, focus on IT related Projects At some time if possible, supports Education/Training , Urban development) Co-work with business organizations who provide PM tools or IT infrastructure Co-work with several organizations Practice PPFM/PGM/PMO
    • 2. Overview of PMIJ PMMPDR Support PGM2.0 Organization 2.0 PMIJ PMMPDR SUPPORT PGM.Done On going On going Not yet 2.2 2.1 2.3 Develop PM 2.4 PMMPDR Training Not yet Infrastructure PMO Translation /Organization Courses 2.2 ChannelTranslation PM Trainingcommittee workedUnder PMI EF authorization On going Trial of Pilot cases
    • 2.1 PMMPDR Japanese Edition Project Management Methodology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction 2.1 Why chose PMMPDR? Many advantages For project members Only one day training enough for non project managers Easy to understand with sample scenario based training For project managers Project managers can initiate their projects easily Easy schedule management, easy cost management For organizations Common words, common term, common process among multiple organizations and stakeholders When organizations have project management methods, PMMPDR can support them
    • 2.2 Adopted Infrastructure Offering by CA Technologies <Center> Project Plan 1 Clarity Portfolio MGT Program schedule MGT Index of Supports CLOUD Project Y Program resource MGT Project X Plan / Actual report Delivery IT Equipments to Disaster Site Internet Connection Recovery Common Risk/Pro Docum Info. blem ent Individual: <On sites> Schedule MGTOpen Work Bench Project MGT Project master Resource MGT schedule TASK PC Clients Plan / Actual report RESOURCE2.3 Why Chose CA Tech. offering? CA Tech. has offered below solutions with free to support iSPP (NPO) Disaster Recovery Project. Open Workbench and Clarity connecters Term: No time limitation No. of users: No number of users limitation How to use: DL from DL site provided by CA Technologies Support: Offer WEB forum (registration needed) CA Clarity PPM On demand Term: Not defined time peoriod No. of users MAX 20 to 30 users How to use: Cloud services (Access specified URL) Support: Help Desk
    • Initialization meeting (Brainstorming) 1 of 3Initialization meeting (Brainstorming) 2 of 3
    • Initialization meeting (Brainstorming) 3 of 3Tokyo is normal and safe, now! Radiation in air as of Sep. 9, 2011 0.0566 micro Sievert/Hr in Shinjuku, Tokyo In nature over the world, we get 2.4 mm Sievert per year in average. 2.4 mmSv/Y = 200microSv/month = 6.7microSv/Day = 0.28 microSv/Hr 5% damage danger zone >= 2SV/Hr = 2000mmSv/Hr. = 2,000,000 microSv/Hr
    • Tokyo is normal and safe, now!PMI Japan Disaster reconstructionSupport Program Interviewed byCA Technologies Japan as of 29 Sep., 2011
    • PMIJ rgani ation PMI GOC Regional Services Committee Group SIG Program Project 27Statistical Information PMI Japan Chapter is stablished in 199 ,0 Chapter members 2, 00 PMPs in our chapter , PMI members in Japan 0, 1 PMPs in Japan Chapter with branch model one branch ansai branch was established Dec., 2009
    • PMIJ Directions1. Improve services for PMIJ Members, PMI Members2. Contribute for ast Japan Disaster ecovery econstruction and help for getting over uclear Power Plant Accident. . Cooperate with other ramewor s ITI by itSM J, A by II A J, Ce by JSC A, IT coordinator by ITCA . Contribute lobali ation of Japanese Private Companies . ig charts are needed for Post PM . ocus on Portfolio Management, Program Management, and PMCD . If you have any questions, please ask PMIJ_Fukkou_PGM@pmi-japan.org