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Coverage profile for BCP/Risk
Many companies have an increased requirement for Risk Management tod...
•   Risk Management
    •   Business Continuity
    •   Disaster Recovery
    •   Crisis Management
    •   Contingency Pl...
Coverage Ltd and Andrew Durieux have many Clients across 4 continents. Some of the key
clients are highlighted bel...
Provided a generic BCP system and training for senior management. Provided Risk
Assessment for reporting to International ...
Within the broad process above there are a number of options that can be provided to the
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Coverage Bcp Profile 200904


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Coverage Company Information - BCP Consulting Services

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Coverage Bcp Profile 200904

  1. 1. Coverage profile for BCP/Risk Management Introduction Many companies have an increased requirement for Risk Management today. Some companies face an increase legal requirement from actions taken by the Thai or Foreign governments. These include: • the new SEC rules for listed companies in Thailand requiring adequate Risk Management and IT Disaster Recovery Planning • Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX) legislation impacting US listed companies and all subsidiaries anywhere in the world • Basel 2 for the banking industry • J-Sox – Japanese version of SOX • APRA and Australian government legislation Other companies face other challenges requiring improved Risk Management practices. These may include those facing: • Increased competition from the expansion of international trade • Increased shareholder or stakeholder activism • Expanding terrorism risks or awareness • Increased insurance premium costs or lowering of coverage • Pressure from lenders or customers • Increased likelihood of natural disasters Risk Management will raise awareness of these concerns and allow a means to minimise the possibility of risk events occurring. In some cases the Treatment of risks will require preparation of plans that can be used if the risk event occurs. These are known as Business Continuity Plans. Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning are activities that require specialist experienced and qualified skill sets to complete appropriately and efficiently. To date these skills have been provided to the Thai market by the big 4 accounting firms – but this is both expensive and impractical now, due to a potential conflict of interest issue for accounting firms performing audits. Coverage can provide the Risk Management and BCP services required in Thailand today. What we provide? Coverage Ltd is a Thai company that can provide services that assist International and Thai companies prepare for Risk Events or disasters, as well as achieve compliance for requirements such as Basel 2, SEC IT-BCP rules, BOT Pandemic Planning, SOX and others. The Coverage process complies with international standards such as AS/NZ4360:2004 and BS25999. Coverage Ltd provides comprehensive services in Thailand and the wider Asian region to all types of business and many NGO’s in the areas of:
  2. 2. • Risk Management • Business Continuity • Disaster Recovery • Crisis Management • Contingency Planning Coverage can also provide testing, training or auditing of any of the above, either for new or existing plans. Coverage also offer desktop simulation exercises for Business’s in Bangkok. The exercise will typically take 3 hours to run, and will test your management teams preparedness for risks such as those that may be caused by Global Warming, as well as the “normal” risks such as fire, flood, bird flu pandemic or terrorist bomb attack. At the end of the exercise your managers will be better prepared for a crisis. Coverage will also provide a written report along with any recommendations for improvements. The Coverage services assist clients comply with: • SOX (US Listed companies and their subsidiaries), • Basel 2 (Banking and Finance), • APRA (Australian Financial Service providers), • BOT requests (Thai Banking and Finance require BCP and Contingency plans for Human Influenza Pandemics) • SEC requests (new requirements for IT-DRP) • Internal and External Audits Our Consultants Mr Andrew Durieux is an Australian Citizen, Director of Coverage and is the Principle BCP Consultant. For more than 10 years Andrew has focused on BCP, Crisis Management and Risk Management. He has provided these services on 4 Continents and for a wide variety of clients – including Banking and Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Engineering, Business Services and others. His clients have ranged from small Thai operations to US Stock Market listed companies operating across many countries. Andrew has developed his own unique fully integrated approach for quickly training or implementing a program to minimize and prepare clients for any major event that may occur, and then using this system to develop detailed plans to manage specific events. His system complies with various international standards such as BS25999 and AS/NZ4360:2004. Andrew is a qualified member of the Business Continuity Institute of the UK (, and is a regular consultant to the UN, WHO, International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, ASEAN Ministries of Health, and the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre ( in the area of Human Pandemic Influenza, similar scenarios and Crisis Management in general. Prior to specific BCP activities, Andrew worked for 15 years in the IT areas across Telecommunications, Logistics and Insurance industries In addition to Andrew, Coverage have a number of experienced BCP, Risk and SOX consultants. Most of these are Thai nationals, so all deliverables for any projects can be provided in both Thai and English as required. Language is no barrier for Coverage. Training can also be provided in either or both languages.
  3. 3. Clients Coverage Ltd and Andrew Durieux have many Clients across 4 continents. Some of the key clients are highlighted below: Some of the recent projects have included: Meinhardt’s Thailand – Engineering Consultants, Thailand. Coverage provided a complete Generic BCP and management system within 2 months. This included Policy development, training of all senior managers, and conducting 2 table top exercises. Mayne Nickless Express – Australian Transport and Logistics provider Andrew Durieux provided BCP development, Crisis Management training and development of specific plans for a number of high-risk possibilities. Staff and Management were trained, and were required to use the BCP on 2 occasions. SCCC – Manufacturing and Sales of Cement and associated products Provide BCP training to a newly appointed BCP Co-ordinator. Assisted the BCP Co-ordinator develop company wide BCP incorporating risks assessments, contingency planning and crisis management training. Also provided Table Top Exercise to senior management as awareness exercise. Siam Ocean World – Operator of Aquarium facility – Tourism and Entertainment Industry, Bangkok, Thailand
  4. 4. Provided a generic BCP system and training for senior management. Provided Risk Assessment for reporting to International parent company. Provided detailed training and 2 table top exercises to all levels of management, and a BCP Policy. This project was completed over 2 months. Red Cross – International Aid and Disaster Management Society – West and Central Africa Zone Provided generic BCP systems, as well as detailed Human Influenza Pandemic Plan for West African regional office incorporating 27 countries with have the worlds worst affected countries in the areas of hunger, diseases such as HIV and Malaria, wars and natural disasters. This project was completed within 2 weeks including full BCP Policy and Plan documentation, 2 table top exercises and management training. UN/WHO/ADPC – International Government Organizations Provide private sector expertise and consulting in the Avian and Human Pandemic Preparedness. This includes regularly attending meetings to provide input to such activities as Community Awareness and Preparedness across South East Asia, Government Planning Activities and systems used by groups such as Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Oxfam, Care and many others. Process The following is a typical process performed by Coverage for clients developing a BCP for the first time. The items in italics are options that most customers request. Task Review any existing material such as crisis management plans, Human Pandemic BCP, policies, organizational structure and management culture Recommend policies as required to support the project Review the key risks identified by the management team Determine the Business as Usual activities that would need to be performed during any Incident or Event, as well as determine the priority and timing of the other Business Activities that need to be recovered and provided Determine the Assets and Resources required to provide the Business as Usual and other Business Activities Conduct a 4 hour exercise with key staff to assist determine local and cultural considerations Document the Generic Crisis Management Plan Document a template for Specific Contingency Plans Develop and deliver a training presentation to the management Develop and Facilitate a TTX scenario exercise to key managers and staff to provide education in the use of the GCMP Provide recommendations for improvements based on the TTX Provide training to key resources to ensure an ongoing maintenance plan is implemented Develop and document 1 or more SCPs Develop and Facilitate a TTX scenario exercise for the SCP to key managers and staff to provide education in the use of the SCP Coverage understand that the senior managers are busy, and cannot assist with BCP activities on a full-time basis, so the projects are typically performed on and off-site, and are not full-time. Coverage consultants will work with clients based on their availability and needs. This process typically takes between 2 and 3 months to complete depending on the number of staff that need to be interviewed, and trained, and how many Specific Contingency Plans need to be developed. For some complicated or large organisations a maximum time of 6 months may be expected.
  5. 5. Options Within the broad process above there are a number of options that can be provided to the clients: • Development of a BCP or Risk Management Policy • The Generic Model may be provided or not provided • Specific Plans. Plans that have previously been developed for clients include (but many others can be prepared): o Human Influenza Pandemics o Fires o Floods o Terrorist Attacks o Death of Key Individuals • Specific Plans can also be developed using client models or systems • Training can be provided on a regular or one off basis and can be provided to managers only or across many staff. • Auditing of specific components or plans or the full Risk Management and BCP system • Testing/Exercises can be performed on a table top basis or can be real simulations to test/exercise under real life situations In the event of an actual crisis event, Coverage consultants can be provided to assist client responses. Coverage Ltd can be contacted on +66 2 261 8485 or +66 83 714 8111