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Communication Theory slides for CSU Long Beach

Communication Theory slides for CSU Long Beach

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  • ‹ #› ‹ #› ‹ #› ‹ #› ‹ #› 11 Use graphics to emphasize key points Use video embedded in your slides Use Google Images or Flickr for pictures Use graphics to emphasize key points Use video embedded in your slides Use Google Images or Flickr for pictures
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Communication Research
    • 2. Translate your topic into communication theory conceptsWould I still have friendsfrom high school if there was no facebook?
    • 3. Translate your topic into communication theory conceptsWould I still have friends Social networks from high CMC school if Relationship maintenance there was no friendshipsfacebook?
    • 4. Constructing your search connect your variables Friendship w1 formation and social w1 networks facebook and friend*Relationship w1 maintenance and (computer mediated communication or cmc) Disclosure and friend*
    • 5. Scholarlypublications EMPIRICAL Peer reviewed contain theories or primary dataCommunication Studies Research
    • 6. Reading Scholarly info
    • 7. Search for articles with the theory Tips for name findingCommunication Search for articles by the Theories author of the theory sometimes scholars refer to a theory without using the word “theory”
    • 8. PsycInfo Use subjects to narrow your search Limit by publication type, methodology or age group Email using APA formatType communication in the “journal articles” search box to eliminate psychology journals
    • 9. Communication & Mass Media Complete Try the “times cited” option Some full text ALWAYS click on the “Scholarly Peer Reviewed” option
    • 10. 2 Ways to Search Not every search is alike!The new interface of thelibrary allows you to findinformation in anexpansive search. One Search Searches for books, articles and reports across many databasesThe databases by topicallow you to find articlesin a specific discipline Databases by Topic:and use more advance Communication studiesterminology USE THIS FOR Finding Best information!!!!
    • 11. Getting the ArticleFull Text HTMLArticleReach
    • 12. If the record isn’t full text Click on Get@CSULB to determine availability
    • 13. Get it @CSULB box pops up
    • 14. If it says… Look at the record and get it!
    • 15. makes getting an article as simple as saying, "I want it!"
    • 16. Citing with EBSCOHOST Click here to get the APA Citation formatted
    • 17. ALannutti, P., & Camero, M. (2007). Womens Perceptions of Flirtatious Nonverbal Behavior: The Effects of Alcohol Consumption and Physical Attractiveness. Southern Communication Journal, 72(1), 21-35., doi:10.1080/10417940601174686 B Lannutti, P., & Camero, M. (2007). Womens perceptions of flirtatious nonverbal behavior: The effects of alcohol consumption and physical attractiveness. Southern Communication Journal, 72, 21-35. doi:10.1080/10417940601174686
    • 18. APA Format Help Owl Purdue APA Guide This is the best site for viewing sample APA paper formatsYou will also find a variety of helpful APA tipssuch as in-text citations, citing conferencepapers etc.
    • 19. Get a Library PasswordGo to Coast in your name, CSULB I.D. #, and a Password of your choiceConfirm Password by typing it twice moreIf the screen shows your name- it worked! If you forgot your password call: 562 985-5512 and get it erased so you can create a new one!
    • 20. Become a Fan of the Library on Facebook!
    • 21. !!! Hours:Updated weeklyEmail: Put thecourse and yourname in the subjectlineInstant Message: ifthe chat box saysonline- ask me aquestion!
    • 22. Photo Credits