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COMM 301


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For Communications 301 at CSU Long Beach

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COMM 301

  1. 1. Commun ication 301 Tiffini Travis
  2. 2. HOME PAGE NEW LIBRARY cc: M i x y -
  3. 3. What’s new? 1. Most important links are under big search box 2. Big search box replaces our old library catalog 3. You can now get items from every single CSU Campus
  4. 4. No more Library Password! Library now uses Beach ID
  5. 5. cc: armadillo444 -
  6. 6. Searching for bOOks
  7. 7. Contains the databases: SocIndex, Sociological Abstracts, Psycinfo and ERIC ONESEARCH
  8. 8. Artifact
  9. 9. synonyms related terms Select a socially relevant artifact Background Information Scholarly research Genre Major Themes
  10. 10. Scholarly and popular the difference is the content! Movie review vs. Film criticism Speech in the news vs. Speech analysis Book review vs. Literary criticism Music review vs. music criticism
  11. 11. Use this to connect different variables. For example: racism and rhetoric and
  12. 12. Place your terms in the same search box DO NOT USE THE “OR” OPTION IN THE PULL DOWN MENU OF THE DATABASE!!! or Rhetoric or Discourse
  13. 13. Use this to look for root endings. For example: rac* looks for racial, race, races,
  14. 14. “Quotes” Use this to search for phrases. For example: “social dating”
  16. 16. Finding Rhetorical analysis USE YOUR THIS BOOK Rhetorical criticism : exploration and practice / Sonja K. Foss. Find an article citation at the end of the chapter of your method (samples of XX method) Type the TITLE of the ARTICLE into the big box
  17. 17. Searching for ArticLes
  18. 18. Getting the Article PDF BeachReach Get It @ CSULB
  19. 19. Citing with Comm Mass Media Complete Click here to get the APA Citation formatted
  20. 20. Ctrl+ T Creates paragraphs with hanging indents in Microsoft Word.
  21. 21. Click on Get It @ CSULB
  22. 22. Links to the OneSearch Page
  23. 23. Takes 48-72 HOURS We deliver it to you via link in your email BeachReach
  24. 24. Common Citation Errors. 1. Part of the citation is in ALL CAPS 2. Every Word Of The Article Title Is Capitalized 3. The journal title is not italicized 4. The ending page number for your article is missing 5. There is no hanging indent Before
  25. 25. Fixing the Errors. 1. Change any words that are all caps 2. Make the appropriate words lower case 3. Italicize the Journal Title 4. Look at the PDF of your document and find the ending page number 5. Create a hanging indent After
  26. 26. Citing with EBSCOHOST Click here to get the APA Citation formatted
  27. 27. Tiffini Travis Please put your course, Professors name and name in the subject line!