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  • After watching, what felt like, hundreds of Indie music videos, theconventions became pretty clear and I was able to come up with a listof typical conventions to be found;Acoustic soul with hip-hop influencesRelatable lyricsClose up of the instrumentSmooth transitionsTransitions between performance and narrativeFairly ominous, low key lighting with some high key lightingDistinctive clothesInstrumentsSet in a house or on the street
  • CONCEPTAfter deciding on my chosen song, I carried out further research into theartist and the conventions of the genre. Researching the conventionshelped me to establish that I wanted to create a music video with anarrative and a performance element. Aside from taking a shine to the Mumford and Sons Ben Howard ‘Only Love’use of two different elements, it is becoming quite conventional and I ‘I Will Wait’wanted to promote this idea. I wanted to create a bridge between thelyrics of the song, using the performance section, and the story I wantedto tell, using the narrative section. The idea of having a link between thetwo is reinforced by Andrew Goodwin’s theory of music videos.The narrative section within my music video is highly conventional, as itshows the audience the development of the couple’s relationship, taking My music videothem on a journey and making them feel a part of it, therefore beingrealistic and relatable. This idea is also portrayed in Daniel Powter’s‘Cupid’. Additionally, the performance element is conventional. Themusic videos for Aiden Grimshaw’s ‘Curtain Call’ and The Scripts’ ‘For theFirst Time’ have the performance element coming from live footage ofthe artist(s). I felt this would work really well with our song and wassomething I was personally a fan of, as I wanted to develop upon an Daniel Powter Aiden Grimshaw ‘Cupid’ ‘Curtain Call’idea that is growing in popularity, rather than something which has beenseen done previously. This was due to the fact that I was creating a musicvideo for an Indie artist who is already breaking away from traditionalmusic stereotypes, so wanted to convey this new and upcoming sensewithin the concept of the music video. In the music video for Mumfordand Son’s ‘I Will Wait’ there is also an element of live footage as well asBen Howard’s ‘Only Love’. My music video
  • SOUNDSome Indie artists break away from convention and write songs which wouldnot be typically associated with the Indie genre. I feel I followed the true My chosen songIndie genre by choosing a song that had conventional meaning for the Indiesub-group, as it talks about how little the couple have. In order to representthis in a conventional way, the scenes within my music video link very closelyto the lyrics in the song. Thus telling the audience a story that is believableand relatable. Once we had chosen the song that conveyed this idea, therewasn’t much else we needed to focus on to follow convention, as we had Ed Sheeran ‘The A Team’ensured the song itself was a typical Indie song.(click album icon to hear the song) Daniel Powter ‘Cupid’ Aiden Grimshaw ‘Curtain Call’ Ben Howard ‘Only Love’
  • CAMERAWORKThe opening shot of my music video is an extreme close up of the male talent playing theguitar. The idea of the close up follows convention as it used in numerous Indie music videos;they generally a close up of the main instrument used to construct the music. The musicvideo for The Script’s ‘Hall of Fame’ uses a close up of the piano, which is the main The Scriptinstrument within the song. However, despite this being a conventional shot I feel we ‘Hall of Fame’developed it by choosing it as the first shot of the whole video because it gives theaudience a real insight into the artist. The acoustic guitar is associated with really raw andreal music, which is the message of the music video- to convey to the audience abelievable and relatable story through the bridge between the narrative and performance.I think this is successful as it engages the audience who can then immediately connect thenarrative to the song. My music videoThroughout the music video I use a number of long shots, followed by close ups. I chose todo this in order to show the location and the setting, then the characters therefore allowingthe audience to place themselves in the shoes of the actors and to create a relationshipwith them, to make it realistic and relatable. This is conventional of music videos, as seen in Aiden GrimshawAiden Grimshaw’s ‘Curtain Call’. I chose to use long shots more often because I felt it was ‘Curtain Call’vital for the audience to familiarise themselves with the characters, the settings and whatthey were doing in order to express the narrative in a true and relevant manner.I decided to film the live footage from the ‘front row’ of the audience, not only to followconvention as seen in The Script’s ‘Fall of Fame’, but to create a bond between theaudience of the music video and the artist, therefore allowing them to connect with the My music videosong.Another camera angle which I used that followed convention was a slight high angle shot ofthe couple when they’re sat in the empty room. I wanted to convey the lack of money,which I felt was best interpreted through the use of a high angle as it shows they are smallerand therefore not as powerful, in purely money terms. However I didn’t want to use anextreme high angle as it may have made them look vulnerable or weak as a couple. So withthis shot there is only a small high angle so the audience feel sympathy for the lack of moneybut do not feel pity for their relationship. My music videoI chose to use straightforward camera angles as opposed to tilts as they represent a strongand focused sense, therefore promoting how strong the love between the couple is.
  • EDITINGSimilarly to numerous Indie music videos, I cut each clip in time with the music in orderto keep the music video sequential and to ensure that it flowed, therefore enablingthe audience to follow the narrative smoothly. My music videoI chose to keep the editing very simple resembling most Indie music videos, due to thefact that if there is too much going on it distracts away from the message of the musicvideo and can become confusing for the audience. I chose to use only one type oftransition, ‘cross dissolve’, from the narrative to performance and performance tonarrative. I feel I developed this as a convention because usually in Indie music videosthere is a just a simple cut between narrative and performance. The main reason Ichose to include a transition was due to the change from black and white to colour,without a transition I felt it looked messy and unsystematic. I feel it merges the twodifferent elements really well and highlights the reasoning between the choices inincluding both narrative and performance.Furthermore, another editing choice I made was the use of black and white for the The Scriptnarrative and colour for the performance. This is an editing technique that is ‘For the First Time’becoming more conventional to Indie music videos and so I chose to use it in order toconvey the ‘independent’ idea behind Indie music- I didn’t want to use conventionsthat had been seen over and over again. The change between black and white tocolour is a convention used in The Script’s ‘For the First Time’. The black and whiteeffect on my music video is very conventional to the Indie genre as videos such as EdSheeran’s ‘The A Team’ use this composition. I believe this effect is simple yet veryeffective in conveying a traditional relationship that every person desires for, thereforeenabling the audience to place themselves in the music video, making it realistic. My music video
  • MISE-EN-SCENEMise-en-scene played a significant part in my music video because when watchingother music videos it is the mise-en-scene that allows the audience to connect withthe actors and believe what is happening. The locations, the costumes and the Ed Sheeranprops are what make a music video look realistic and convey the genre in a true ‘The A Team’manner. Nonetheless, it is difficult to judge how conventional a location or certainprops are because it depends on the meaning behind the song and what the artist istrying to convey.I specifically chose to film my music video in the Autumn/Winter time due to the low My music videosunlight and stereotypical romantic Winter whether. I wanted the sun to be low in thesky in order to shine onto the couple, I felt this was a stereotypical romantic featurewhich would convey to the audience the warm glow couples get when in love.Autumn/Winter seemed like a conventional season for my Indie music video to befilmed due to numerous music videos for Ed Sheeran and Aiden Grimshaw being seton quite dull and cloudy days. I liked the romantic mood that both of these music Typical Indie clothesvideos created so wanted to follow convention and use this myself.The costumes I chose for the actors were extremely significant, as they were a keyprop in order to portray the Indie genre truthfully. Additionally, as I was representing adeveloping relationship, it was vital that I ensured the actors were wearing differentcostumes in each scenario, representing a different day. Furthermore, I had to ensurethe costumes were within the demographic of the target audience in order for a My music video costumesconnection to be made between the narrative and the audience, consequentlymaking it believable and realistic. I believe this was successful as the femalecharacter wore quite typical Indie clothes and the male character did the same.
  • There was only one element of my music video that can be deemed asunconventional for Indie music videos; I chose to create a music video whichhad minimal lip synching. It is clear from watching music videos, not just Indie,that lip synching is a fairly common factor. However, I wanted the narrativeand performance to be completely separate in order to create the idea that My music videothe artist was singing in the present but the song was about the past, and the performance with lipnarrative takes the audience on that journey to the past. There are very few, synchingbut still some, Indie music videos which have previously broken this convention,such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A Team’. This has no lip synching throughout, justtells a narrative which I particularly warmed to when I watched it, therefore Ifelt it was a very effective element to include.In my opinion challenging conventions is a vital part of creating a music videoor in fact any media text, because it is this that makes the music videoindividual to each artist. Especially taking into consideration the fact that Icreated an Indie music video, the idea that it supposed to be represented isthat the artist is ‘individual’ and doesn’t want to follow other artists.Nonetheless, I am aware, as a fan of music videos myself, that people likefamiliarity. There is an element of knowing what is going to happen thatpeople have a connection with. In this respect, I believe that the convention Ichallenged was successful and did not, or will not, completely throw theaudience from what they’re used to as challenging one convention in a videois useful. This is because if conventions weren’t challenged then every music My music video narrativevideo, or other media text, would just be the same and never adapt tochanging circumstances, it is the small but effective changes that bringvariety and diversity to a music video, keeping the audience interested.
  • Overall, comparing my music video to already existing ones I feel theconventions I used, developed and challenged were all extremely successful. Ibelieve they created a conventional Indie music video which still remainedindividual to the artist whilst conveying the message I had intended.