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  1. 1. textual analysis
  2. 2. The masthead is written in a speech bubble; this, The celebrity has a direct mode of A menu bar is used down the side along with the use of the address, looking directly into the of the magazine, following personal pronoun ‘we’, camera. convention of general magazines. instantly connects with the This lets the reader know what they reader and makes them will find in the magazine. The fact feel involved. that the subheadings are highlighted subconsciously lets the reader knowSell lines are used all over the what the best information is.cover of the magazine, but thisone particularly stands out The name of the celebrity that thebecause it uses a direct quotation issue focuses on is written acrossfrom the celebrity. This makes the the cover, almost used as a splash.reader want to buy the magazine This draws the attention of thebecause they know the line of reader and shows them the focus.focus of the interview. Some of the sell lines have no This image of Little Mix is capital letters; this is effective used to interest the because it attracts a younger readers because they are a audience, due to the fact that new upcoming band, capital letters are something which showing that the magazine a younger audience would prefer is aimed towards the not to use, making it appear more younger generation. casual and relaxed- conveying an informal tone. A banner of images is used A rule of three is used below across the bottom of the cover to The barcode, price and issue the splash; this is good because it attract the reader and quickly number are written in the is easier for the reader to show the various celebrities that bottom corner of the magazine, consume the information, will be involved in the magazine, showing that they are less therefore being a lot more therefore attracting a range of important. effective. people.
  3. 3. The heading of the contents page The logo of the magazine is used doesn’t say ‘contents’ as you would on the contents page, it appears to expect, instead it sets the page as a almost finish the heading of the There is a short block of text general information page, making contents page and leave the written by the Editor of the appear more informal. magazines masthead in the readers’ magazine, it is written in first person minds. It reads ‘We love this…We and uses a conversational tone. This love pop’ which seems to instantly makes the readers feel at subconsciously tell the reader that ease and guides them through the they love the magazine. magazine knowing that it is chatty and informal. The use of an ellipsis shows continuation and gently leads the The page is signed by the Editor; reader to the main body of the this adds something more personal page. to the magazine. Images are placed in a backwardsThe empty spaces within the ‘L’ shape down the side of theletters of the subheading are filled magazine to highlight the bestin; this connotes doodling and is the sections of the magazine.sort of thing that students would do,showing that the magazine is aimedat younger audience of teenagers Quotes are placed below theaged around 13-16. images to show a snippet of what the article is going to be about and to engage the reader quickly before they’ve read the magazine properly. A box is drawn around the section which numbers the different pages. This conveys good organisation and A banner of images is placed along makes the page look neat and less the bottom of the contents page to cramped. It also directs the reader The page numbers are written in a show the posters which are included to the most important part of the different colour and use a bigger, in the magazine; this instantly contents page, the contents. bolder font so they stand out. This makes it appear like the reader is makes it easy for the readers to find getting more for their money certain pages and certain articles. because they have things included,
  4. 4. A pull quote is used as the mainA colour scheme is clearly heading of the article, making it onefollowed throughout the double of the main focuses of the page atpage spread; black, yellow, white first glance. The use of this isand purple are all used, even on the effective because it quickly showsclothes the celebrity is wearing, Some of the spaces in the what the body of the article is aboutwhich shows continuity and looks heading are coloured in and the direction that the articlevisually appealing. which portrays informality. takes. The name of the celebrity is writtenThe questions are written in the top corner so the readers arein a different colour and are clear on who she is and to conveyin a bold font so they stand the focus of the article.out against the answers,which, are written in a more A large image is used to coversimple serif font. By using a the second page of the doubleserif font I think it adds a page spread, to show who themore serious tone to the focus of the article is and toarticle because Jessie J is highlight the continuity from thetalking about her past. cover. The celebrity has a direct mode address, again showing Certain parts of the article continuity from the cover page. are ‘highlighted’ to convey the key pieces of information. They show the most emotive parts of the interview and are almost highlighting the more serious The web address and page parts. A dotted line is placed down the number are both written across the The columns of the article are left hand side of the picture, very bottom of the page of each page of placed at a slant on the page to close to the spine of the magazine, the magazine. This use of certain show quirkiness and a bit of edge, so the readers can cut the picture graphics portrays continuity and making it aesthetically pleasing. It out if they want to and use it as a provides useful information to the makes it look less serious and more poster. This is a good idea because audience, whilst still ‘selling’ the informal, therefore appealing to a instead of it just being a magazine, company as a whole. younger audience. it includes activities for the readers too, making it better for the money.
  5. 5. In Conclusion…Now that I have looked at a second magazine, the conventions of music magazines in generalare definitely much clearer and the features of the genre of music magazine I would like toproduce are becoming more apparent.‘We Love Pop’ is, obviously, a Pop magazine which has many features I think are very effectiveand grab the attention of the readers. I like the house style used on the cover because it sticksto a clear colour scheme and uses typical conventions of a music magazine that I would haveexpected to see. However, in my opinion, I don’t like the use of no capital letters on some of thesell lines because I think it looks careless and messy, rather than informal and conversational.Staying positive though, I like the use of quotes on the cover because it lets the readers knowthat there are interviews and actual opinions from the celebrities themselves.Like ‘Top of the Pops’ this magazine includes fashion and gossip pages, which shows that Popmagazines target a certain social group. This group is girls who are fully into Pop music andlisten to what is in the charts, they also concentrate on their appearance and boy bands aredefinitely a big focus. I think that this is something which I will need to remember whenproducing my own music magazine.The contents page of ‘We Love Pop’ is again one that I like. It is simple and concise yet isaesthetically pleasing. I like the idea of writing something from the Editor because it personalisesthe magazine and makes the reader feel as if they are in a conversation, allowing the magazineto flow better. The use of personal pronouns helps to emphasise this. I like the simple colourscheme which the contents page uses because as they say, less is more. It doesn’t lookoverhauled with information and pictures, and it doesn’t look too understated, which shows thatcareful attention to detail has been paid. Therefore, I think this is something which I will need tofocus on myself.I like the double page spread because it seems to have good proportionality, pretty much like‘Top of the Pops’. I am considering uses a whole, or the majority of a whole, page for a pictureof my model because this appears to be something which a lot of Pop magazines do, and I wantto use these as inspiration because they are successful magazines.Overall, by analysing these two magazines I have a much better idea of what features I want toinclude and how I am going to present my own music magazines. ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘WeLove Pop’ have proved very useful and have given me a greater insight into what I will need tofocus on when producing my magazine.