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A2 the evaluation


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A2 the evaluation

  1. 1. A2- The evaluation Music Video Amy Pass
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. <ul><li>My music video uses the conventions and develops them as well, however it also tries to challenge these conventions of real media products on the media market. Research into the musician and the song I picked, Daniel Powter- Bad Day. I carried out further researched in to similar artist, but also explored the genre its self to see the variety of ‘pop’ there is and also to see what they all had in common and what they didn’t, this then allowed me to apply certain music video features to my own project. </li></ul><ul><li>On the left are the first shots of my music video from 0 – 22 seconds to show that my music video has incorporated different shots of the actress but also different positioning of my character as well, locations has also changed as well and the mise- en – scene. Through my presentation I will showing you how my music video follows music video conventions but showing that it also shows that my music video challenges the conventions as well. As you can see from the first 4 shots that my video beings to follow the conventions but also at the same time challenging them . </li></ul>
  4. 4. Andrew Goodwin's music theory <ul><li>I am going to analysis my music video products through the criteria of Andrew Goodwin's music video theory . Which is the main theory that I will focusing on and evaluating my own music video against the Andrew Goodwins theory . Which states that: </li></ul><ul><li>There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals used in the music videos, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics in the song. </li></ul><ul><li>There is a relationship between the music and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music. Such as the beats in a music video seeing the sound. </li></ul><ul><li>Genres are complex and diverse in terms of music video style and iconography </li></ul><ul><li>The record companies will demand a lot of close-up shots of the main artist or vocalistin the music video. This is called Star Image. The star image is another vital aspect of music videos. The narrative in which is a big story that describes the development of the star over time, it has an important part to play in the music video production process. </li></ul><ul><li>There are likely to be intertextual references, either to other music videos or to films and TV texts, these provide further gratification and pleasure for the viewers/fans. This also adds humour as well. Also throughout the video reference to intertextuality in terms of existing products such as a digi pack (poster, CD cover and back , inside sleeve etc.) or existing music videos. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Is there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals used in the music videos, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics in the song?????? <ul><li>In my music video I have tried to tell a story through my music, song and lyrics. I have used the lyrics to lead the narrative of my music video and to link to the visual imagery throughout such as the mise-en-scene of my actresses. Also I used the lyrics ‘bad day’ although my music video as my actress is having a bad day so this amplifying the bad day theme through the situation and I used the visuals such as the letter, so that means that my visuals on the screen link to the lyrics that are being sung all through the music video. </li></ul><ul><li>Throughout the video I have made the lyrics correspond with the imagery chosen, mainly to emphasise certain points in the song and also to add impact on the nature of the video such ‘Bad Dad’. </li></ul><ul><li>However, I have tried to contradict the lyrics in my music video through my visuals as near the end of my music video my actress is having a good day when the song says ‘bad day’ which amplifies the heart warming scene at the end, so therefore it will be amplifying what I think the lyrics mean and how I have interpreted the lyrics. </li></ul><ul><li>The lyrics and the visuals have a relationship all through my music video and they are used to first illustrate a point but in my music its further amplified both through the use of the locations and the weather when the music video is shot as it amplifies having a bad day but then is further contradicting by the fact it’s a lovely sunny day ad my actress is having a bad day on a good day. Showing that there is a direct relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. </li></ul><ul><li>This shows that my music video is both conforming to the conventions of a music video but at the same challenging the conventions that Andrew Goodwin had set. </li></ul>
  6. 6. There is a relationship between the music and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music.?? <ul><li>In my music video there is a relationship between the music and visuals as the actress and character are at a slow beat all through the same type of beat of the music until the end where everything comes together it becomes faster the story unfolds as at the beginning it slow staring and when everything is happier everything seems the unfold when the music becomes louder and bit faster so does the story it becomes faster. This is trying to portray that the emotions of both my actress build up throughout my music video and at the end it comes bursting through. </li></ul><ul><li>Another link between the music and the visuals is that I have my actress is walking at one point which is in a slow beat and the music speeds up which is contradicting the music showing that the emotions of the actress and showing my music video is challenging the conventions of the ‘stereotypical music video’ </li></ul><ul><li>The lyrics are very much open to interpretations as the lyrics do tell a story but the story is a vague and it the story could be used for anyone and anything so this is why I took the approach I did which made me create a story video than an actual stereotypical ‘pop’ video. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Genres are complex and diverse in terms of music video style and iconography <ul><li>In my music video I have tried to break the normal pop conventions and also I have tried to break out from the original music video for this song as I did take some ideas from the original but added my own twist on to it . I was also going against what the artist normally does as he normally has shots of himself playing the piano and almost all the time and I wanted to show the music side instead of the artist himself. And I wanted to reflect more on the lyrics than the artist as well. </li></ul><ul><li>The genre is pop is all about the glitter and glamour and dancers and the original music video of the song goes against this stereotype so it was already unconventional and this shows what Daniel Powter was all about, however I wanted to break away from the original and the genre as well to tell a story which is modern and actually relates to the audience something that is realistic. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Record companies will demand a lot of close-ups of the main artist or vocalist <ul><li>In my music video this is something that really challenged as the artist is never shown as the only the actresses character is shown showing that the music, song and lyrics are more prominent than close ups of artist. However the there are close ups of the actress which could show that my music is conforming to the record company as there are some ( not very many) close up of my actress to show the emotions of the story and its not the artist who is being shown and this shows my music video is challenging the conventions of the both the theory and the stereotypical ‘pop’ genre. </li></ul><ul><li>Unlike the original music video of the song which has a lot of close up of the artist which is shown in the image below of the original music video which shows that the official music video conforms where mine doesn’t </li></ul>
  9. 9. There are likely to be intertextual references, either to other music videos or to films and TV texts, these provide further gratification and pleasure for the viewers/fans <ul><li>There aren't any really intertextual references to any film or television but how the story that I am telling in the music video both male and female teenagers which creates the sympathy the audience have with the character and the situation she is in. So then the end is heart warming and will appeal to the audience. </li></ul><ul><li>The only real intertextual reference is the fact that the actress is used in the video is on the front cover and poster, which makes all the products and digi pack products link together and all relate to one and other and so that when they watch video and then see the CD cover they will be able to tell that the two products are together and not separate and able to actually recognise the products apart and together. </li></ul><ul><li>However it can be seen that the video itself is an intertextual reference to the original music video as its in some ways similar to the original e.g. the beginning as the characters in both videos wake up and it starts of the story and both the characters have a bad day. ( seen below the orginal on the left and mine on the right) </li></ul>
  10. 10. <ul><ul><li>How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ? </li></ul></ul>
  11. 11. <ul><li>Intertextuality is vital when creating a music video as there really needs to be clear, specific and successful links between the products promoting the music itself and the music video, but an also must the ancillary text to compliment my main product. This is because the target audience will be able to recognise the products and make clear links between the products easily. This is a very effective selling tool used in industry, meaning that the products will benefit from this greatly as it will be more effective. This is something that is great for the music audience to have a link between the products so there are able to relate to the main the product which is the video and also the CD cover and poster . </li></ul>The fonts on all the products must link as well together linking the CD cover and poster together as well, as the font style is a big eye catcher on all of the products as the title of the song is big bold and is meant to catch the audiences eye. I have used the same actress in my picture on my CD cover as I have on my poster as this will allow the audience to relate the products easier thus being more effective . Also the images used of my actress she is wearing the same clothes, hair and make up showing the link and the images are in colour showing that the image will stand out with the effects used on both products. The pictures used play a vital role in the selling and promoting of the products as the picture is almost on everything the main item on the cover further linking the products together. The audience will after viewing my music video would know what they are looking for, if they wished to buy the poster and or the buying of the CD album ,as they would be able to link the picture and actress with the music video. Then making the products have strong links between all three of my products, the audience will be able to link all the products together. The colouring of my font styles used on all of my products link which is another link; that the audience will make . It will make searching for the products easily as the colours are exactly the same. The colour scheme is firstly on the song title black and also blue showing the emotions of the video and that the colours represent dark and light which contradicts one another which is something deeply shown in the music video, also the blue shows the weather as there are blue skies which thus emphasises emotions and the contraction in the music video and highlights the irony in the music video as well. The colours of the effects used are always bright and colourful to show the childlike side to the video as it about the young girl which is shown with the bright colour effects and writing , also the colours show the genre of the music and music video.
  12. 12. As you initially tell from the CD cover and poster you can see that they are connected together and the intertextuality between them is shown to work well together as products and the audience can easily identify them and shows that the two products are from my music video. Both of my products were created in both Macromedia Fireworks and also Adobe Photoshop. This enabled me to keep the font styles the same and also the same doodle effects the same as well. This is because I am able to make sure that both products fit together and link with the main product which is the music video. Also using these photograph editing software I am able to manipulate both and effects and the image itself to fit in with pop genre. The products also themselves are a direct intertexual link to the music video as on the products I have included lyrics on both the front cover and poster to directly link to the music through the lyrics, and through using the software I am able to align my texts and fonts and to make the other lyrics stand out as well with the bright colours as well.
  13. 13. <ul><ul><li>What have you learnt from your audience feedback? </li></ul></ul>
  14. 14. My feedback I was able to learn a variety of things as my audience was a wide variety but I believe my music video and other items are aimed at female and male teenagers between 13- 20+ and I was able to gain feedback from my class as well as other outside people to gain a wide variety of peoples opinions. The feedback I thought was positive, the feedback said that they really liked my products but they also added it with ideas on how to improve my products and what they would like to see as well so it helped me to improve my products to my audiences likening and enjoyment. As they will be the ones watching it. The feedback enabled me to see the strong parts of products but also the weaker aspects so then I was able to improve my products effectively . The audience feedback I had received was what to change, improve or even add to my music video and the rest of the digi pack. The audience knew what they expected from a music video and digi pack and really liked the abstract view from which I had taken the three products. Through the feedback I am able to make my product exciting and engaging to look at and see. My audience told me different components I should include to make the video more exciting by adding new and different transitions to in with the music video and also to make sometimes the beats of the music itself amplified , but also the different effects I could included to develop my CD cover and poster further and make them more electrifying and more appealing to them as they are the people actually watching and buying the product. I found they gave very good advice. Feedback is and essential part of creating any product as influences the sell and purchasing of products and if they don’t like it they wont buy or see the products so by asking for feedback you are able to get a insight into the audiences thoughts as well. The feedback I have received from audience saying that I have taken a professional approach and creating things that they really like and would like to buy themselves.
  15. 15. The audience I asked for feedback commented on everything from things such as locations, actress and the font effects used on my poster and showing that the audience don’t just have influence over the main products but also have input on what I am doing in the planning process by giving ideas and thoughts on my own ideas also giving something I never thought of before as well. Meaning that I am able to get the best reaction out of my audience on my products because I have been listening them all the way through my creation and planning stage as my initial ideas stage. Feedback is essential to anything and it also very good because its great to have other people look at your work and give constructive criticism on your work which is what my feedback as been like and I have been able to develop my ideas and my audiences ideas as well. Feedback is very beneficial to me as I am able to create things that people will actually like and want to see. From my products you can actually see that audience feedback as helped me and also created my products with my own raw ideas. They have helped me keep my products linked together all the way through and also keep my product a little bit abstract to, so its different from the conventional pop genre.
  16. 16. This is showing the development of my product through the feedback I have received throughout my creation stage and also from the first initial ideas I had the feedback I have received from audience I have created this. Showing the what a huge influence and how effective feedback is when creating something.
  17. 17. Before: This is from feedback I have received when I uploaded my first music that was basically very little editing and the feedback I got from it that people actually liked the music video and enjoyed what I was trying to do and how I taken the music video in a different way. However they some people said that they liked it but I would need to improve my music video with better editing and transitions in the music and also to make the music last as long as the footage itself. There were a few people who disliked it but said that it was only my first draft and it just needed some improvements. After: From the feedback had received I added more editing techniques and transitions, also making sure the music and the footage to fit together and work well together with each shot. So I asked the same people and others as well to have some more ideas and input and the result was, that my video was very much liked by my audience. They thought that I taken the feedback well and that my hard work was shown as the music video looked impressive and professional and they really got the story that I was trying to portray. They thoroughly enjoyed it.
  18. 18. <ul><ul><li>How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? </li></ul></ul>
  19. 19. I have used very new technology whilst creating my products this really has help and expanding my knowledge about the software and the new technology of today. I have to thinking a lot more about the photographs I take and what resources are available for to complete my three products. I really think more now about how my work is represented and what it looks like to my audience. I really enjoyed using new software so I was able to express my ideas clearly through the use of the technology and able to express my creative talents in this projects and go deeper. I also now I have more knowledge about using the computers than I did before, as using the internet was the best way for my to do my research on the CD covers and the music videos themselves as well by using YouTube and Yahoo music videos when actually doing my research on actual music videos used in real life. As I thought they would give me a wide variety of music videos which they did and able to see the different genres and music out there. I have also used blogger which I have used to upload and post my work onto and this is very easy way for me to upload my creations and its quick and easy to use as you post your images you are able to preview and edit them is you have a correction to make and also are able to easily type up any work or any thoughts I had and created new posts
  20. 20. Through my project I have had to use a variety of programmes and software to make my product look very professional . For my project I had upload my work and choice suitable website to upload all my work and the main place I uploaded most and near enough all of my work uploaded to the website blogger. Where I am able to upload pictures and videos to so it easy for people to see my project work for marking and others to make feedback on my work. Its easy to upload pictures and it also allows me to add text to a post with pictures on it so I can easily talk about the pictures or video etc. I also used to upload my anamatic which was quick and easy to and I was also allowed to type text in the same box so I can easily talk and type about what my anamatic was showing. As blogger can upload videos I thought it would be easy to upload my music video, however this wasn’t the case as it would slow down the computer or even wouldn’t upload so I had to find a way of uploading my music video so I could post it on my blog. This is where on a chance discovery is the website vimeo and it was very easy to upload the video and then I was able to get the embedded code so I could copy it and paste it onto a post and then it would appear on my blog and it was very simple to use showing that blogger is a very useful way of presenting things . However it can be seen that blogger needs more work on it so I can upload bigger files such as the music video or that blogger needs more than you actually thing and need websites so that things can be viewed.
  21. 21. For my creations and editing but also planning as well I have used Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks to create my CD covers and Poster. I have used windows movie maker for my anamatic and video diaries. Then I used pinnacle to upload and create my music video. The screenshots of the programme is Windows movie maker that I have been using. It is important programme which made my animatic good. It enable me to see how my music video would actually look and I was able to see how it would fit in with the music and it’s a very good programme for creating an anamatic it’s a little bit basic compared to the likes of Pinnicale. But I was able to develop my own knowledge on Windows movie maker as it’s a programme I had never used before and it also helps to gain the basic skills as I needed them for Pinnacle. The screen shot above shows the different transitions but also shows that the anamatic can easily be edited and you clearly see the different stages. Also are bale to preview the effects added before adding them to the main thing which is great as you are able to see if they are suitable. Pinnacle is a very good programme to use for editing a music video as there are a lot more transitions and effects which makes it better than Windows movie maker and also as a clearer timeline as well so its easier for me to see which bits I need to change and which buts to cut out its an in depth time line which allows you to mute all the sound if you wanted. On pinnacle which I thought was a very useful was the tool where you can slow don some part of the clip and then make it quicker which was very useful in keeping up with the beat of music as well. Pinnicale. Pinnacle 12 has a lot more professional features such as a toolbar filled of new effects, allowing you to take still pictures of the moving footage. This programme is a lot more professional and therefore would create a more professional product and outcome.
  22. 22. Another new programme I have used all my project is this website called Dafont. I think is a really good website to use and very easy to use as well as you just download and open the file and then use them. I did this was because I felt the font styles on Photoshop and Fireworks didn’t have what I was looking for in a font this then meant that my song title and other fonts were unique compared to other students products and other real life people products because of more fonts to choose from. This means that I can use this programme in other creative subjects now as well to make my work and products stand out and look more appealing. I have also used fireworks and Photoshop throughout the planning stage and the whole project . From using fireworks and Photoshop I was able to locate all the tools and effects that were of a wide variety that I could use for my media products to make and have a more professional look and able to create new and exciting things as well. The use of Photoshop and fireworks I was able to explore different effects and use different brush styles as well. Fireworks is a good programme as you change the photographs I have taken and also change the background of it, but also use the magic wand tool to get rid of things as well easily which is a very good tool to use. The screenshot below shows the tool bar which is easy to use and can easily find the tools to use. The use of Photoshop is very good as you change the layers of placing things on and changing them to give you a faded effect on top or something entirely different . However I think this programme is a lot better than fireworks as it products a higher quality outcome but also looks more professional as well. The screen shot to the left shows how easy it is to use as the effects are shown as well as the wider variety of tools when compared with Fireworks. Overall both programmes really helped me to create my products and I am able to take what I have learnt and develop it further in other subjects as well. Photoshop overall is the better software though because its able to do more things with images and the brushes as well changing them from normal things to abstract brushes which I have used something called doodle brushes.