Country maths comes to the city


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Presentation to #tmACmaths

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  • Here’s a story of a teacher named Borgy Who was moving all over the place…. Over the last 15 years have worked in a wide variety of schools and organsiations Gives context to my talk!
  • Views from the windows! Often asked why would you move - family & challenge & opportunity Found myself settling into the North Coast way of life - positives and negatives
  • Move due to opportunity to refocus – less on the Whole School Jobs at Coffs - more on family and teaching Mathematics Loving that discussions at Killara HS are about Mathematics & teaching - not behaviour
  • o Here ’ s to the crazy ones! – all the Maths teachers who a just a bit different to other teachers oo Is it just me that complains about all the excursions and interruptions
  • In all schools I have worked programs gather dust on shelves – they are static – seperated from resources – designed to satisfy audits
  • Reliance on Text books - The textbook is the syllabus – right? – Nice and safe – answers are always in the back
  • I joined Twitter in 2008 – It is a fantastic place to share ideas – but limited to those who make the leap – LMS’s for connecting okayish – already had more Killara HS maths teachers joining!
  • At Coffs I was often just a lone nut – looking forward to the opportunities for creating movements at Killara HS You need to know your faculty very well and target those that will support transitional change
  • • Change by stealth- effective o Introduced scope and sequence with syllabus outcomes = fights over the syllabus book- no units initially o Expectation that technology is integrated – Anne complaining about not being able to check her emails
  • – It needs to be a collaborative document oo Electronic version didn ’ t work o Printed out copies
  •  Unit plans had resources electronically linked o But people were using the paper versions – and links don ’ t work well on paper o Reflection statements were tokenistic o Annotating the programs didn ’ t work – no one did it
  • New curriculum offers an excuse a Line in the sand Less time to get to know the staff and their strengths at a new school Learn from previous mistakes
  • Before commencing programming at Killara HS workshoped Rich Tasks, PBL & PrBL with faculty – think differently – some teachers very keen
  • • o How good would it be if programs were truly collaborative the units of work were dynamic documents with interlinked resources Unfortunately the BoS programming tool doesn ’ t yet allow true collaboration
  • • Scope and Sequence generated by a team of 3 o A long term staff member o A newly qualified teacher (retrained engineer) o A teacher with experience but new to the school o Given free reign – with no reference to the textbook!
  • Use of Program builder to generate scope and sequence - even colour coded for different strands Nice to produce templates into which outcomes and descriptors are automatically generated Export format a bit icky
  • • Set Up of [email_address] - Google Drive account Not waiting for rollout across DEC All staff created their own gmail acouunt (If they didn ’ t have one) o Units generated from Program Builder reformatted, uploaded, and covereted to Google Docs
  • Staff nominated which unit they wanted to create for Year 7 o Warning Google Drive doesn ’ t really work on IE8 – was on most of our staffroom computers! Solution get the local administrator password and install Chrome!
  • • Many year 7 units are now finished! - Next phase is to get people looking at each other ’ s work and adding to the ideas & resources o Concept of Learning Activities – individual teacher planning choosing activities from within the unit that suit the learning needs of their class Now for Year 9, Year 8 & Year 10
  • Included in our programs Assessment Of, For and As learning to allow an easy Gap analysis of where we are focusing on predominately one type of assessment o Needs a change in pedagogy and focus to succeed
  • Country maths comes to the city

    1. 1. Country Maths comes to the City Simon Borgert Head Teacher Mathematics Killara High School (& casual snake handler)
    2. 2. Moving.. Why?
    3. 3. Refocus
    4. 4. Resources
    5. 5. NSW SYLLABUSNSW SYLLABUSfor thefor the AustralianAustralian CurriculumCurriculum
    6. 6. Lone Nut 1st Follower Movement
    7. 7. Change by STEALTH........
    8. 8. Use familiar tools!
    9. 9. Old Pedagogy 2014 21st Century LearnerAustralian Curriculum
    10. 10. Rich Tasks PBL PrBL In the Mathematics Classroom Direct Instruction?
    11. 11. I’ve been teaching for quite a while @killarahs I’ve been teaching for quite a while @killarahs I’m new but teaching for a while I’m new but teaching for a while I’m pretty new to teaching I’m pretty new to teaching HT - I’ll just hang around HT - I’ll just hang around A new scope and sequence
    12. 12. ≠ RHS = Google Drive killarahighmaths
    13. 13. ≠ Google Drive
    14. 14. Assessment for learning as learning of learning @simonborgert