Exceptional Family Member Program


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Exceptional Family Member Program

  1. 1. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)Location: 375th Medical Group (Building 1530)Address: 310 West Losey, Scott AFB, IL 62225Hours of Operation: 0730-1600 hrsSpecial Needs Coordinator (SNC): 618-256-7114/7684 DSN: 576-7114/7684Family Member Relocation Coordinator (FMRC): 618-256-7014, DSN: 576-7014EFMP Program InformationThe Exceptional Family Member Program helps identify and document special medical and/oreducational needs of active duty family members and factors those needs into the assignmentprocess. Family members who require special medical or educational services based on adiagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional handicap must be enrolled in this program.Identified disabilities may range from mild to severe. Special needs may include specialmedical, mental health, developmental or educations requirement, wheelchair accessibility,adaptive equipment, or assistive technology devices and services.EFMP enrollment does not harm one’s military career. The goal of the program is to consider afamily member’s special need during the assignment coordination process. Sponsors are stilldeployable according to the needs of the Service.Mandatory enrollment for family members with any of the following medical/educationalissues: 1. Family member requiring specialized medical care more than once annually. 2. Family member with current or past diagnosis of Asthma within the 5 years. 3. Family member with current or past cancer diagnosis within last 5 years. 4. Family member with current or past diagnosis of behavioral health within last 5 years. 5. Special education services/have Individualized Educational Plan from school. 6. Early intervention services: i.e., speech, physical or occupational therapy, etc. 7. Medical equipment needs: i.e., wheelchair, hearing aids, assistive devices, nebulizer, etc.
  2. 2. Forms needed for enrollment in EFMP program:DD Form 2792, Exceptional Family Member Medical Summary (used for medical issues onlyand must be completed by medical provider).DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary (used for educational issuesand must be completed by School District).Once forms are completed, please contact the SNC or FMRC to schedule an enrollmentappointment.For additional information/resources go to www.militaryhomefront.dod.milFamily Member Relocation ClearanceFamily member relocation clearance is a mandatory screening process that must be completedbefore Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders are received for: 1. ALL family members traveling OCONUS with their sponsors 2. Family members with special medical or educational needs traveling CONUS with their sponsorThe checklist and information below should help ensure the process goes smoothly. Pleasekeep in mind it does take time to collect the required documentation, schedule appointment withmedical providers and the sponsor should contact the FMRC coordinator ASAP. This processshould be initiated up to 6 months prior to your report no later than date. All forms are availablethrough the FMRC office or on www.e-publishing.af.mil or www.afspecialneeds.org (requiresCAC access).If you have a family member with a diagnosis of Asthma, ADHD/ADD, depression, anxietydisorder, bipolar, etc, or who is receiving care from a specialist (i.e. pulmonary, neurology,cardiology, or mental health provider) a DD form 2792 MUST be completed by the medicalprovider providing care. If your family member has never been seen in the Military TreatmentFacility, then a DD form 2792 will need to be completed by their assigned primary care provider.If you need an appointment with a military provider please call 618-256-9355 to schedule.Medical records maintained at the MTF will be reviewed for all family members needingclearance. Medical records from civilian providers must also be available for review for allfamily members needing clearance (sponsor, spouse, or majority age child will need to providerecords).At the Relocation Screening appointment, all family members will meet with the FMRCcoordinator, medical provider, and Special Needs Coordinator to review documentation andmedical needs. If a family member requires special services from the gaining base then aFacility Determination Inquire (FDI) package will be sent to the gaining base for review of
  3. 3. available medical/dental/educational services. The gaining base has 14 days to review thepackage and submit recommendations for approval/disapproval on family member travel. Oncethe FMRC coordinator receives travel recommendations back from gaining base the sponsorwill be notified.Documents Needed for Family Member OCONUS Travel AND for EFMP Family Members’CONUS Travel are the same: 1. AF Form 1466 request for family member clearance 2. DD Form 2792 (medical summary) completed by provider for any ongoing medical conditions 3. AF IMT 1466-D (dental summary) completed by dental provider for dependents over 2 yrs old 4. DD 2792-1 (educational summary) completed by school district for children over 3yr old (attach copy of IEP or 504)Contact Family Member Relocation Coordinator once ALL forms are complete to scheduleappointment for family clearance clinic. Relocation clinic occurs every Thursday morning 0800-1100 at the 375th Medical Group (2nd floor/TOPA conference room). 1. For OCONUS travel: ALL family members traveling overseas must be present for screening. 2. For CONUS travel: Only the family members with special needs (medical/education) must be present.Special Instructions Regarding Remote, Unaccompanied, and Follow-On Assignments:When the sponsor is on a remote/unaccompanied assignment, the MTF where the familyresides will assist with the relocation process. All documentation and screening requirementsare the same. Once screening is completed, documentation is forwarded to the FMRCCoordinator inside the MTF where the sponsor is assigned.IMPORTANT: Sponsor WILL NOT receive orders until the above process is completed.Please start the medical clearance as soon as you receive your RIP (up to 6 months priorto reporting date) to ensure a smooth and timely transition.