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23rd Medical Group                                                                         Medical Right Start Information...
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23rd mdg welcome info update 2012


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Here is some useful information about the 23rd Medical Group.

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23rd mdg welcome info update 2012

  1. 1. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start Information Welcome to the 23rd Medical Group Moody Air Force Base, GeorgiaThe 23rd Medical Group would like to welcome you to Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. Our mission is to providemedical and dental services to maintain the highest degree of readiness for the 23rd Wing and the 93rd Air GroundOperations Wing. Our group supports the health and morale of over 11,000 beneficiaries by providing or arranging healthcare in an extensive community-based system.As a primary care facility, there are no emergency services available at the 23rd Medical Group (MDG). For a medicalemergency requiring an ambulance, either on or off Moody AFB, call 911 immediately. Our ambulances onlyrespond to emergencies on Moody AFB. Depending on the nature of the emergency, patient(s) will be transported viaambulance to a local civilian emergency department.General Clinic Information: 257-2778 (Area Code 229 and DSN is 460)The main telephone number to the MDG is 1-229-257-2778, or toll free at 1-800-889-3041. Updated information willbe available at this number to assist beneficiaries with care options. It is very important to always have one of thesenumbers with you: memorize it, enter it in to your cell phone, write it down and keep it in your wallet or purse – justmake sure it is available when you need it! SAVE THESE NUMBERS.Regular duty hours: Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1630 (Pharmacy until 1700).Closed on weekends, Federal holidays, ACC Family days and Wednesday AM until 0900, due to MDG training.The MDG operates in accordance with TRICARE access standards: We provide an appointment for acute issues within24 hours, 7 days for routine appointments and 28 days for specialty and wellness appointments.On-line appointments are available. To schedule an appointment on-line go to www.tricareonline.com. Each familymember will be prompted to create their own account.During a normal duty day, when a beneficiary calls for an acute care appointment, the MDG appointment clerks willfirst try to schedule an appointment with the patient’s Primary Care Manager (PCM) or a MDG provider. If all of ourappointments are booked, information pertaining to the nature of the call will be sent to the PCM’s registered nurse (RN).The RN returning the call will provide clinical guidance or consult with the beneficiary’s PCM to determine the bestcourse of action and ensure the care needed is rendered as quickly as possible. This may include walking patients into theclinic schedule, booking them for the next day or referring them to a network provider.Active duty service members (ADSM) with acute care needs will be taken care of within the 24-hour standard by a nurseor MDG provider. Priority is given to ADSM during normal duty hours.Unless it is a true emergency, all TRICARE Prime beneficiaries enrolled at the 23rd MDG are required to contacttheir PCM team during normal duty hours (0730-1630) before seeking medical care from a network provider.After hours, weekend and holiday care advice through the PCM On-Call is available by calling 257-2778.If medical care is inappropriately used or not properly coordinated through the PCM team, the beneficiary will bebilled.What is a Medical Emergency? A medical emergency is defined as a THREAT TO LIFE, LIMB OR EYE-SIGHT.Examples of conditions that would require emergency care at an ER include but are not limited to: severe bleeding, chestpain, shortness of breath or inability to breathe, allergic reactions, spinal cord or back injury, or eye injuries. If you have atrue emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER. Authorizations for true emergencies are honored, however, a followup with the MDG is necessary the next duty day to let us know what happened and to avoid potential billing problems.Revised 13 Jan 2010 1 of 8
  2. 2. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationCalling 911 While on Moody AFB: The Ambulance Service is Moody’s primary flight line response and should onlybe used in a true medical emergency. Calling 911 on base for minor problems can risk delaying response to an in-flightemergency or major medical crisis. Please do not call the ambulance if there is no medical emergency or if you do notintend to be treated or taken to the ER in the ambulance. If activating 911 while on Moody AFB, please be certain to stateyou are calling from a location on Moody AFB.Urgent Care Center (UCC) vs. Emergency Room (ER) Care: UCCs are an excellent alternative for those faced with acondition that requires urgent care but is not a true life threatening emergency. UCCs are open late hours and onweekends. They are equipped to handle most urgent medical situations efficiently at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit.Urgent care is for an illness or injury that would not result in further disability or death if not treated immediately, butdoes require professional attention within 24 hours. Urgent care may have the potential to develop into an emergency iftreatment is delayed longer than 24 hours.Examples of urgent care conditions include: minor injuries, high fever, severe headaches, sprains, broken bones, smallcuts requiring stitches, excessive vomiting, eye pain/infections, severe colds and/or flu, earaches/infections and sorethroats.The ER should only be used when emergency care is required for serious medical, maternity, or psychiatric conditionsthat would result in loss of life, limb or sight without immediate medical attention.UCCs are the preferred option for conditions that are not life threatening. In either case, beneficiaries must contact theirPCM before being seen. If seen out of the area, a follow-up call should be made to PCM team regarding whatfacility and treating physician was used for care, completes the referral process and helps avoid unnecessarycharges that would result from Point of Service Care as described in the TRICARE rules.If traveling outside of the Moody AFB area, contact Humana Military at 1-800-444-5445 or www.humana-military.comfor help locating a provider and obtaining a referral. A list of local UCC and ER is provided at the end of this handout.Medical In-processing: 257-2917Our Medical Right Start (MRS) program is designed to orient newly assigned members and their families to medicalservices and assist in completing a comprehensive review and update of all active duty medical readiness requirements.In accordance with AFI 41-210 and Wing direction, each active duty member is scheduled for this mandatory formation(uniform required) and spouses are encouraged to attend. MRS is incorporated into Base Right Start for members PCSingfrom another base. First term Airmen coming from their technical training school will attend MRS at the MDG and willbe scheduled for a PHA on the same day. All members in-processing the MDG will be informed of their PreventativeIndividual Medical Readiness or PIMR status and given a 30 day window to complete the required items. Supervisorswill be notified of those not completing requirements. Family members who choose not to attend MRS will need to enrollat the TRICARE office.All medical records are sent certified mail from the member’s previous base. All enrolled beneficiaries are asked tocomplete a Health Summary upon arrival to assist the PCM teams with updating medical history and identifying healthconcerns. The PCM teams review the Health Summaries of all newly enrolled beneficiaries.Medical Records: 257-2917The Medical Records Section is located in the MDG main building across from the pharmacy. To ensure the integrity ofyour private medical information, medical records are government property and may not be “hand-carried”.Request copy: If you would like to request a complete copy of your medical record, stop by the medical records sectionand complete a request form. Please allow at least 30 days for copy completion.Out-processing: Members are required to complete Out-processing Questionnaire for self and family members 30 daysprior to final out day; members are also required to provide a copy of their orders NLT 10 duty days from their final outdate.TRICARE Service Center: 1-800-444-5445The TRICARE Service Center is located in a separate building on the west side of the MDG campus. TRICARE contractpersonnel provide specific services to expand and/or supplement the capabilities of the MDG. Services include:TRICARE Prime enrollment, disenrollment, PCM assignment, assistance with routine or specialty appointments, casemanagement, recruiting network providers and pharmacies, claim processing assistance and complaint resolution. Moreinformation is available at the TRICARE website: www.tricare.mil.Updated 13 Jan 2012 2 of 8
  3. 3. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationHours: Service is available on a walk-in-basis from 0800 to 1700 Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.Beneficiary Counselor: Serves as beneficiary advocate and problem solver, providing dedicated services to all militaryhealth care beneficiaries. For assistance call: 257-4355.Debt Collection: Assists beneficiaries in determining the validity of collection agency claims received for debts resultingfrom medical/dental care delivered under TRICARE. For assistance call: 257- 4932.Benefits and Referrals: 257-2778The Benefits and Referral Management Center is located in the MDG main building across from the Pharmacy. TheMDG has allied with the local medical community to meet your healthcare needs. We will consult with your PCM andassist in accessing civilian specialty healthcare services not available at the 23 MDG. TRICARE Prime enrollees musthave a referral authorization from their PCM prior to receiving off-base healthcare. An authorization letter is mailed toyour residence, as listed in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), providing detailed informationon location, contact information and the number of visits you are authorized.Hours: The Benefits and Referral staff are available to answer questions from 0730-1630 on a walk-in basis.Aerospace and Operational Medicine: 257-2778The Aerospace and Operational Medicine Clinic is located on the MDG campus directly across the parking lot from theMDG main building’s west entrance. The Aerospace and Operational Medicine Clinic provides medical care for allpersonnel on flying status or special duty status and their family members. This includes personnel from the 38th, 41st,and 71st Rescue Squadrons; the 74th, 75th,76th Fighter Squadrons,347, PRP personnel, 23 OSS; Retraining andCommissioning Physicals for all Moody personnel and Det 150 and 172 AFROTC Cadets ; 93rd AGOW members onjump status and all firefighters, as well as their family members ages 14 years and older. Dependents under the age of 11years old are empanelled to the Pediatrics Clinic.Clinic hours: Monday, Tue, Thurs, Friday-0730-1630, Wed- 0900-1630; Return to Fly (RTF) 0730-0830, 1300-1400.Family Health: 257-2778The Family Health Clinic is located in the MDG main building. The Family Health provides medical care for all eligibleenrolled active duty and retired members and their dependents. Please refer to the General Clinic Information section onpage 1 for additional information.The clinic will work hard to ensure all ADSM with acute care needs are seen by their enrolled clinic within the 24 hourstandard. To prevent extended wait times, we recommend calling first to scheduled appointment.Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) Clinic: 257-3294The PHA Clinic is located within the MDG main building across from the Family Health waiting area. The PHA clinic isfor ADSM assigned to a Family Health PCM; those on flying status will go through Aerospace and Operational. Toschedule PHA appointments please call the central appointment line. Members will be contacted with directions to go toan approved AF website to complete an on-line assessment prior to scheduling their PHA appointment. For additionalinformation about PHA completion please check with your Unit Health Monitor.Women’s Health Clinic: 257-2778The Women’s Health Clinic is located in the MDG main building, right side at main entrance. Services include annualwell woman exams, family planning, dysplasia, emergency contraception, breast cancer screening, pregnancy testing,infertility counseling and other gynecological exams.All women enrolled to the 23rd Medical Group can be seen in the Women’s Health Clinic without a referral.Appointments are available through the centralized appointment line at 257-2778.Pregnancy Testing: walk-in service Monday through Friday 0900 to 1100 and 1300 to 1600.Repeat Depo Provera injections are available on Wednesdays 0900 to 1100 & Fridays 1300 to 1500 on a walk in basis.Pediatrics: 257-2778The Pediatric Clinic is located in the MDG main building. The Pediatric Clinic provides medical care for all eligible,enrolled dependents from birth to 18 years. In addition to the General Clinic Information section on page 1:Clinic hours: Monday to Friday 0730 to 1630.Screening for strep throat: Parents wanting their children checked for strep throat may obtain a throat culture without anappointment (the culture will be done by the technician, NOT the provider, and they will be contacted re: results andUpdated 13 Jan 2012 3 of 8
  4. 4. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start Informationtreatment). Throat cultures are indicated if symptoms (sore or irritated throat +/- fever, HA, stomach ache or rash) havebeen present for less than 72 hours.School attendance form: The State of Georgia requires completion of a Form 3300 for school attendance. The visionand hearing screens for this form are completed on Monday and Friday from 0730 to 0830 on a walk-in basis.School and sports physicals: The MDG conducts two weekend sports physical clinics per year, otherwise these specialexams require a scheduled appointment. Sports physical days are announced several weeks prior to the event and areopen to all 23 MDG beneficiaries.Preventive care: Your child should be seen as a newborn during the first week of life, at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months,6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, and then annually during their birth month.Pediatric immunizations: Your child’s immunizations must be up to date for base childcare and school registration.Pediatric patients’ ages 6 months to 18 years are considered high risk for influenza. An annual flu shot is highlyrecommended for all family members and pregnant women. BIRTH Hepatitis B 2 Months DTaP-IPV-Hep B #1 (Pediarix) Rotateq #1 Hib #1 (Pedvax) Pneumococcal conjugate #1 (Prevnar) 4 Months DTaP-IPV-Hep B #2 (Pediarix) Rotateq #2 Hib #2 (Pedvax) Pneumococcal conjugate #2 (Prevnar) 6 Months DTaP-IPV-Hep B #3 (Pediarix) Rotateq #3 Pneumococcal conjugate #3 (Prevnar) 12 Months MMR #1 Hepatitis A #1 (Havrix) Varicella #1 (Varivax)-chickenpox 15 Months Hib #3 (Pedvax) Pneumococcal conjugate #4 (Prevnar) 18 Months DTaP #4 (Infanrix) Hepatitis A #2 4-6 Years MMR #2 Varicella #2 (chickenpox) DTaP #5 IPV #4 (polio) 11 years Tdap (Td & Acellular Pertussis) Meningococcal (Menactra) Boostrix Females/Males 11-26 years HPV (Gardasil) 16 Years Menactra BoosterAllergy/Immunizations: 257-4317The Allergy and Immunizations Element is located in the MDG main building across from the Family Health front desk.All recommended childhood immunizations are offered through the Immunizations Clinic.Walk-in hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0730 to 1600; and Tuesday and Thursday 0830 to 1600.Smallpox immunizations: Administered after 1600 on Thursdays.TB skin tests: every day except Thursdays and Fridays before a holiday due to mandatory 48-72 hour follow-up exam.Clinic hours: Monday, Tue, Thurs, Friday-0730-1600, Wed- 0900-1600Allergy shots: Monday and Thursday 0730-1530Laboratory: 257-3887The Laboratory is located in the center of the MDG main building across from Diagnostic Imaging. The lab providesservices for all eligible enrolled active duty members, retirees, and their family members. For more information, pleasecall 257-3887.Diagnostic Imaging: 257-3295Diagnostic Imaging is located in the center of in the MDG main building across from the laboratory. Diagnostic Imagingprovides services for all eligible enrolled AD members, retirees and their family members. For more information, pleasecall 257-3295.Physical Therapy: 257-2778The Physical Therapy (PT) Clinic is located in the MDG main building adjacent to the main entrance. Services areavailable for assigned ADSM with a referral from their PCM. The PT clinic reserves the right to see ADSM without areferral on a case by case basis. The AF physical fitness uniform is mandatory attire for all scheduled therapy sessions.Updated 13 Jan 2012 4 of 8
  5. 5. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationExceptions to this policy will be made on a case by case basis. All other beneficiaries will be referred to a local networkprovider for physical therapy services.Optometry: 257-2778The Optometry Clinic is located in the Aerospace and Operational Medicine building directly across the parking lot fromthe MDG’s west entrance. The Optometry Clinic provides comprehensive eye care and glasses/gas mask inserts forADSM. Diabetic retinopathy screening is available annually on a limited basis. Contact lens prescriptions can only beupdated if the member wears contact lenses to their appointment and has the contact prescription information.Clinic hours: Monday 0730-1630; Wednesday 0900-1630; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 0730-1500.Family members of AD may receive one routine exam each year by a network provider who accepts TRICARE. Retireesmay receive one routine exam every 2 years by a network provider who accepts TRICARE. For more information onnetwork providers call Humana Military at 1-800-444-5445.Pharmacy Services: 257-3221The Pharmacy is located in the center of the MDG main building. The MDG pharmacy uses an automated system, toreduce wait times and give priority to our ADSM in uniform needing to get back to work.For service, customers will need to take a ticket from the electronic device located at the records window and wait for theautomated voice to call out the number. Once the number is called, the patient will go to the service window identified.The automated system prioritizes customers based upon the category and service being requested. Please understandduring hours of high volume, you will experience longer wait times. We ask for your patience during such times. Ourobjective is to accurately process each request in a timely manner, while ensuring all questions are adequately addressed.To Fill New Prescriptions: Monday through Friday 0800 to 1630. To activate or pickup prescriptions: Monday throughFriday 0800 to 1700. *The Pharmacy will open at 0900 every Wednesday due to mandatory training.To Refill Prescriptions: All refills must be requested through the call-in refill system by calling 257-3455 or 1-800-292-8458. When calling for a refill, the automated system will prompt you through a series of questions. Please haveavailable the prescription number and the last four of the sponsor’s social security number. Unless otherwise specified therequested prescription will be available for pick up at the refill pickup pharmacy.Refill Pickup Pharmacy is located in the Base Exchange mall area next to the Cleaners and across from the Barber Shop.Walk-in hours: Monday through Friday 1000 to 1730 and Saturdays/ACC Family days 0900 to 1300. Closed weekendsand Holidays.Public Health: 257-3610The Public Health Flight is located in the Aerospace and Operational Medicine building directly across the parking lotfrom the MDG’s west entrance.Public Health services include: Occupational Health, Community Health, and Force Health Management.Occupational Health programs include: Hearing conservation (audiograms), fetal protection, hospital employee healthand occupational illness investigations.Community Health programs include: Communicable disease education, reporting and follow-up, entomology, food andpublic facility sanitation, disease surveillance and investigationForce Health Management programs include: Profile management; medical standards (i.e. AIMWTS Management,retraining); flying class I – III, commissioning, DoD MERB and ROTC physicals; pre and post deployment services, andIndividual Medical Readiness (IMR) reporting.Walk-in hours: Staff are available to answer questions from 0730-1630 on a walk-in basis.Dental: 257-2778The Dental Clinic is located at the east end of the MDG main building. Services are limited to assigned ADSM only.Clinic hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0730-1630; Wednesday 0900-1630To schedule or cancel an appointment, please call the MDG central appointment line at 257-2778.For additional information, please call 257-2104.TRICARE Dental Program (TDP): This is a voluntary, premium-based dental insurance plan available for active dutyfamily members. It is administered by United Concordia Companies, Inc. If you would like information about thisprogram and/or enrollment, contact a United Concordia/ TDP representative at 1-800-866-8499, or go online atwww.TRICAREdentalprogram.com.Updated 13 Jan 2012 5 of 8
  6. 6. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationHealth and Wellness Center (HAWC): 257-4292The Health and Wellness Center is located inside the Fitness Center at 4851 Burrell St., Bldg 404.The HAWC is dedicated to ensuring active duty members are physically fit while promoting healthier lifestyles forMoody’s active duty, dependents, retirees and civilian employees.Classes are available for physical fitness, healthy nutrition, health risk management and tobacco cessation.Standard business hours: Monday through Friday 0730 to 1630 (Wednesdays 0900-1630).Bioenvironmental Engineering: 257-4747The Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight is located in Bldg 909, a separate building directly behind the MDG mainbuilding. Bioenvironmental Engineering ensures a healthy and safe workplace environment for Moody, AFB personneland their families through operational health risk assessment expertise. They conduct industrial hygiene surveillance forindustrial work centers by investigating, documenting and recommending adequate controls for potential health hazards inthe work center.Office hours: Monday through Friday 0730 to 1630 (Wednesdays 0900-1630)24/7 On-call technician: (229) 563-3063Respiratory Protection: Respirators may be required in some industrial shops or for certain emergency responsepersonnel. Check with your shop supervisor if you are unsure if this applies to you. If you wore a respirator at yourprevious assignment, you will need to re-accomplish a Medical Questionnaire and fit testing prior to respirator use atMoody AFB. 1. If you are required to wear a respirator, obtain a Medical Questionnaire and Workplace Specific Written Respiratory Protection Plan from your shop supervisor. Fill out the questionnaire and take both documents to Aerospace and Operational. 2. If cleared by Aerospace and Operational, schedule an appointment with Bioenvironmental Engineering for a quantitative fit test. Respirator fit tests are performed by appointment only on Tuesdays from 0800-1500. 3. Do not eat, drink, or smoke anything for 30 minutes prior to showing up for your fit test. This includes candy, gum, etc.Gas mask fit-testing: Gas mask fit test frequency requirements have changed. To determine if you require a fit test,answer the following questions:  Is your current fit test for a different mask than the mask issued at Moody AFB? (example: MCU-2P vs. M-50)  Is the gas mask size on your fit test different than what you will be issued at Moody AFB?  Have you gained or lost 10% of your body weight since your fit test?  Have you experienced extensive dental work, facial surgery, scarring, or disfigurement?If you answered “yes” to any of the above, or you have never had a gas mask fit test, you require a gas mask fit test. 1. Gas mask fit tests are performed on a walk-in basis every Thursday from 0800-1500. 2. Do not eat, drink, or smoke anything for 30 minutes prior to showing up for your fit test. This includes candy, gum, etc. 3. If you wear spectacle inserts, you will need to bring your inserts with you to be fit tested.If you do not need a new gas mask fit test and you have a fit test from a previous base, bring a copy toBioenvironmental Engineering.Mental Health: 257-3898The Mental Health Clinic is located at the east end of the MDG main building across from the Dental Clinic.The Mental Health Clinic is available by appointment or on a walk-in basis to assist in meeting the emotional andpsychological needs of Airmen and their families.Services include evaluation and treatment for mental health, substance abuse and marital/family concerns. Mental Health staff conducts a variety of classes and workshops on topics such as Anger Management, Parenting,Healthy Sleep, Stress Management and Responsible Choices with Alcohol.Additional services include a New Parent Support Program for families expecting the birth of a child or those withchildren under the age of threeUpdated 13 Jan 2012 6 of 8
  7. 7. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationMH Important phone numbers: After-hours: Mental Health 257-3898 Ambulance Dispatch 911 Family Advocacy 257-4805 Command Post 257-3501 ADAPT 257-3898 Security Forces 257-2720 Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 257-7272 24 hr. Crisis Hotline 257-2747 Military Family Life Consultant 834-6888 Moody-DAVA 548-9363 Chaplain 257-3211 Other resources: Military One Source 1-800-342-9647Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP/Oversees Clearance: 257-2892The EFMP provides support for military families with special needs, through the development of appropriatepolicies, enhancement and dissemination of appropriate information and support for such families in obtainingreferrals/services. EFMP is for ADSM who have family members that require special medical, mental health oreducational services.Family Member Oversees Clearance process begins when an active duty member receives a RIP for an upcomingassignment. Members should print information required on vMPF, and then contact the Family Member RelocationClearance Coordinator at 257-2892 to initiate the clearance process.Drug Demand Reduction: 257-5900The Drug Demand and Reduction Center is located in building 150 across from the Commissary parking lot, the DrugDemand Reduction (DDR) Center offers a variety of drug prevention initiatives both on the base and throughout the localcommunity. The DDR program provides base leadership with an ongoing drug threat analysis and conducts random drugtesting of active duty personnel and civilian employees.Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 0800 to 1330, closed weekends and Holidays.Urgent Care Centers and After-hours Walk-in Clinics in the local TRICARE network:Parrott Medical Clinic -- (229) 249-7888Mon – Fri 8 a.m.-8 p.m.Sat 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Located at 804 Northwood Park Dr, Valdosta GA 31602Smith Northview Youth and Pediatric After Hours Clinic -- (229) 333-9722Mon – Thurs 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.Located at 4280 N. Valdosta Rd, Valdosta GAAfter hour you may call (229) 333-9722 to speak to a nurse on duty.South Georgia Medical Center Youth Care -- (229) 333-1196Mon – Fri 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (registration begins 0530-0830)Sat – Sun 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Located at 2501 N. Patterson St, Valdosta GA 31602After hour (Mon - Fri from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., and 24-hours a day on Sat/Sun)You may call the Pediatric Phone Triage line at (229) 259- 4905 or (888) 942-4453Valdosta Family Medicine – After-hours Walk-in Clinic -- (229) 244-1400Mon – Fri 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.Sat 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Updated 13 Jan 2012 7 of 8
  8. 8. 23rd Medical Group Medical Right Start InformationLocated at 2412 N. Oak St, Valdosta GA 31602Greystone Medical Clinic--229) 219-7826Mon-Fri 9AM- 5PMLocated at 3386 Greystone Way Valdosta GA 31605Grant Medical Clinic, LLC--(229) 253-0715Mon-Fri 9AM-9PMLocated at 415 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Valdosta GA 31602Healthsource Medical ClinicMon-Fri 9AM-7PM; Sat 9AM-3PMLocated at 1733 Gornto Rd Suite 101-C, Valdosta GA 31601Emergency Rooms in the local TRICARE network:Louis Smith Memorial Hospital -- (229) 482-8440852 West Thigpen Ave, Lakeland, GASmith Northview Hospital -- (229) 333-9722Located at 4280 N. Valdosta Rd, Valdosta GASouth Georgia Medical Center -- (229) 333-1000Located at 2501 N. Patterson St, Valdosta GA The 23rd Medical Group has an outstanding staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians and administrative professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of patient care possible. We hope you will have a great experience here at Moody AFB and we look forward to taking care of your health care needs. Save these phone numbers and keep this information handy at home!!! MDG: 1-229-257-2778 or 1-800-889-3041 Humana Military: 1-800-444-5445Updated 13 Jan 2012 8 of 8