Dhims Trifold 2012


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Dhims Trifold 2012

  1. 1. A Message from LeadershipMany question the future electronic health record, its release TRAINING RESOURCESand its impact. I can tell you the departments of Defenseand Veterans Affairs work diligently to achieve this solution. DHIMS incorporates a wide variety of training and communication measures to educate andMeanwhile, the current EHR serves as the system of record inform our system users.and will continue for the next few years. As a result, theDefense Health Information Management System commits EHR Showcaseto serve you, ensuring we provide the knowledge required to http://dhims.health.mil/events/ehr-showcase.aspxuse the current EHR at its fullest capability. “EHR Insights” Training SupplementThe EHR Showcase provides one of many opportunities to To download copies, go to http://dhims.health.mil/increase user knowledge. We bring the products, the trainers resources/ehr-insights.aspx”and our support staff to your facility, ensuring the opportu-nity to discuss issues, ask questions and share information. Medical Communications for Combat Casualty CareWe understand your experience is our success; therefore, http://www.mc4.army.mil/index.aspyou are our priority. Through improved quality assurance Space and Naval Warfare Systems Commandprograms and enhanced training initiatives, we ensure our http://www.public.navy.mil/spawar/pages/products not only meet your needs, but you receive the default.aspxnecessary information to use the products effectively. Like us on FacebookMy team stands ready to support you, and we appreciate http://www.facebook.com/mhs.dhimsyour support of our beneficiaries. Working together, we willcontinue to provide complete health care documentation forthose who serve this great nation. One Team! Defense Health Information Management System 5109 Leesburg Pike, Suite 701 Falls Church, Va. 22041 (703) 681-7143 http://dhims.health.mil U.S. Army Colonel Aaron Silver Program Manager
  2. 2. The military’s electronic health record, AHLTA, serves as an Beneficiary Services... The military’s EHR interfaces with Service members andenterprise-wide clinical information system used to generate,maintain, store and provide secure online access to beneficiaries for improved access to health care resources,comprehensive patient records worldwide. including health information, assistive technologies and personal health records.In September 2011, the Defense Health Information Management TOL (TRICARE Online)System released AHLTA 3.3.6 Service Pack 1 to the Services. ...an online portal for health care services, benefits and healthAHLTA SP1, the most significant release since AHLTA 3.3, containsnumerous enhancements, bug fixes and improved stabilization. information for the DOD Military Health SystemThe EHR Showcase serves as one of several efforts DHIMS eForms Documentation Toolconducts to close the knowledge gap and ensure EHR system ...allows providers to associate eForms to a patient’s medical recordusers and technicians fully-leverage the power of AHLTA today,tomorrow and well into the future. Sharing Patients withOn the Battlefield... On the Home Front... Health Partners...The military’s EHR supports current contingency operations in Iraq, The military’s EHR supports a transient patient and provider As of May 2012, the DOD transmitted health data on more thanAfghanistan and onboard Navy ships to enable health care docu- population. Our clinicians electronically document patient 5.8 million retired or discharged Service members to the VA. Nomentation, medical supply and equipment tracking, patient move- encounters throughout the continuum of care, and our patients’ two other organizations share more non-billable health carement visibility and health surveillance in Theater environments. records are electronically available worldwide. information today than the DOD and VA.AHLTA-MOBILE AHLTA 3.3.6 Service Pack 1 BHIE (Bidirectional Health Information Exchange)...first responder’s documentation tool ...stateside outpatient documentation solution ...secure, bidirectional and real-time display of viewable ESSENTRIS ® health dataAHLTA-THEATER...deployed outpatient documentation solution ...inpatient documentation solution in acute care hospitalsTC2 (TMIP Composite Health Care System Caché) HAIMS (Health Artifact and Image Management...deployed inpatient documentation solution Solution) ...global awareness and access to essential health care artifactsTMDS (Theater Medical Data Store) and images...central Theater medical data collection and distribution point NCAT (Neurocognitive Assessment Tool)MSAT (Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater) ...enables screening of possible mild traumatic brain injuries...common operating picture for assessing risks