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    Assignment 10 Assignment 10 Presentation Transcript

    • PURPOSE Of documentary (consider you target audience)
    • What is the purpose of the documentary ? The purpose of the documentary is to: Educate people on the topic Teach them important facts Inform them of the impact on culture
    • What would people learn about this topic from your documentary ? People will learn about Social media – the different types Culture - subcultures The positive and negative impact
    • INSPIRATION Other Documentaries, forms and conventions
    • How did other documentaries inspire you ? Don’t Blame Facebook: Forms: • 1) non-diegetic background music • 2) voiceovers • 3) cutaways Conventions: • 1) public interview • 2) expert interview • 3) archival footage + photos • 4) narrator • 5) reconstructions I liked the way in which they used transitions to link to the next case study In the documentary they had a lot of interviews which made it really interesting to watch, so in my documentary I would like to have a lot of interviews.
    • How did other documentaries inspire you ? Breaking the Taboo: Forms: 1) background sound 2) handheld camera movements 3) voiceovers 4) cutaways 5) sound bridging Conventions: 1) archival photos and footage 2) statistics 3) expert interviews 4) narrator 5) credits I like the fact that it uses the convention of statistics because it is really hard hitting and I would like to use this in my documentary because of that. I also liked the way in which they used background sound to heighten the mood.
    • How did other documentaries inspire you ? The Culture Show: YouTube – The Future of TV: Forms: 1) Cutaways 2) Handheld camera movement 3) Voice overs Conventions: 1) Presenter 2) Interviews 3) Credits 4) Archival footage I liked this documentary because it relates to my topic and gave me ideas on how I should make mine. The presenter had loads of interviews with famous YouTuber's and some expert interviews
    • MODE Which applies to your documentary
    • Which Documentary mode applies to your documentary ? Mode Conventions & Examples How it applies to your documentary Expository mode (voice of God) Narrator to address audience directly to present exposition. e.g Blue planet I will be using a presenter who will address the audience directly asking them questions. Observational Mode (window of the world) Objective reality with filmmaker as neutral observer. E.G Skint n/a – This is not relevant to my topic or any footage that I will be getting. E.g I would not have to rush to get footage. Participatory Mode (filmmaker and subject together) Direct engagement between filmmaker and subject E.G Sicko I would like to do an experiment in my documentary so he filmmaker will be taking pat in this. Reflexive Mode (aware of process) Acknowledges construction of documentary e.G Catfish n/a – I don’t think that this would be needed as it is not something which is related to my topic. Performer Mode (filmmaker as participant) Emphasises emotional and social impact on the audience It relate to my topic and the filmmaker will be participating in the documentary.
    • Which mode will I use? Expository mode: The presenter will be addressing the audience directly asking them questions. Performer mode: It relates to the topic of my documentary which is to show the impact of social media The filmmaker will be participating in the documentary by presenting and through public and expert interviews