Assignment 21 draft 2


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Assignment 21 draft 2

  1. 1. Assignment 21: Basic Episode Planning Topic: Does social media influence our Identity Chelsea Fashole-Luke Rosalin Zein Russ victoria Monocillo Marisha Inoke
  2. 2. Topic & Subtopics Does Social Media Influence our Identity Age Gender Sexuality Ethnicity
  3. 3. Basic Plan for Episode Episode Topic: Age 1. 2. 3. Influences of age on usage Different age groups online Stereotypes of age groups on social media sites
  4. 4. Detailed Plan For Episode Episode Topic: Age Influences of age on usage: - Data/statistics of different age groups on different social networks Public interviews (Adults + young people) ‘what do you mostly use social media for?’ ‘what do you think other generations use social media for?’ ‘what do you think other generations think you use social media for?’ Found footage – young people and adults on different social networking sites ~ 1 minute - Different age groups online: - What attracts them to different social media platforms How different ages express themselves online Do people become hyperreal online? How do people want others to see them online Stereotypes: • - Which social sites each generation stereotypically uses most Which they statistically use the most Youtube, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkdin, pinterest etc. What do people like about social media Expert interviews (social media staff, business brands)– how do you attract different age groups to social media
  5. 5. Basic Plan for episode Rosalin Zein Episode Topic : Social Media and gender Subtopic 1 : Gender Representations in the Media Subtopic 2 : Gender Issues in the Media Subtopic 3 : Males VS. Females
  6. 6. 1. Gender representations in the media Different media platforms: Gender representations: what are they? Masculinity and Femininity: (Cut away to archival photos of gender representations with voice overs) Gender representations: Are they Changing? (Montage of masculine and feminine images in the media) Advertising, Magazines, Films, Online social networking. (Archival Footage and Photos comparing the similarities and differences between 20th and 21st century) 2. Gender issues in the media workplace Gender bias: Sexism and Inequality: (Case Study of someone who has faced sexism in the media industry) (Quoted material – comparing two news reports one written by a man/female) (Statistics comparing the amount of men and women working in the media industry) Does our gender make us bias? 3. Males VS Females Social Media Use: How do they present themselves online? (Statistics comparing the usage of social media by men and women) Social media use: Hyper – reality Why do the different genders use social media? How do the different genders use social media? (Public Interviews) Does this help to reinforce gender stereotypes of challenge them? (Public Interviews asking people if they present themselves differently to real life) Do they reinforce/develop/challenge their gender stereotypes within the media
  7. 7. Basic Plan for episode Episode topic: Does social media influence Identity Subtopic 1 : Over sexualisation of females/ males Subtopic 2 : Lesbian+ Gay+ Bi +Straight Subtopic 3 : Challenging stereotypes Russ
  8. 8. Does social media influence Identity 1: Over sexualisation of females/ males. Sexualized images of women who are considered ‘Sexy’ by modern standards. (images from social networking sites ie, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc) Negative impact towards younger generation. (public interview) Body dissatisfaction/ eating disorders amongst men and women and girls. 2:Lesbian+ Gay+ Bi +Straight Discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender people ( expert interview) Positive impact towards LGBT (footage of Youtubers ‘ coming out of the closet’) Role models: homosexuality taking over dominant roles in social media. 3: Challenging stereotypes Is Homosexuality a definition of our identity? (public interview) How homosexuality is presented through social media.
  9. 9. Basic planning – Ethnicity Subtopic 1: What are the effects when negative stereotypes addressed on social networking sites? Subtopic 2: How do different ethnicities/cultures represent themselves online Subtopic 3: Can social networking sites challenge the negative stereotype through educating online users?
  10. 10. Detailed planning – Ethnicity What are the effects when negative stereotypes are addressed on social network? Conduct a social experiment on whether people know what are the stereotypes of AfricanCaribbeans, East Asian, White (Europeans, Americans) ? Should there be restrictions on online democracy, in terms of expressing extreme views on ethnic minorities? Public interviews (conducted online) with How do they feel about these issues being addressed on social networking sites? How people online deal with prejudice comments on social media? Representation of ethnicities/cultures on social media Does social integration between different ethnicities and cultures are able to integrate, via social media? How does different ethnicities/cultures represent themselves online? Expert interview Does social media influence identity? Or does it alter someone's identity? Public interviews on how they feel about certain cultures being portrayed Can social media distort our own identity? And to what extent do they influence our identity? The future of social networking Can social networking sites challenge the negative stereotype through educating online users? Public interviews - Will social networks begin to help portray positive stereotypes in 10 years time? Quoted material and public interview on whether social media educates users on cultural appropriation? Statistics on what the dominant ethnic groups on social networking sites? Twitter audience is predominately non-white. Expert interview (tumblr/twittter staff) answering the previous question Public interview How people from ethnic groups challenge the stereotype?
  11. 11. The end.