Assignment 10


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Assignment 10

  1. 1. Assignment 10: Purpose & Inspiration & Mode Theory Abigail Menzies
  2. 2. Purposeofdocumentary What is the purpose of the documentary? The purpose of my documentary is to aware and educate my target audience which are parents of the different effects video games can have on an individual and the rest of society What would people learn about this topic from your documentary? • My target audience (parents) will learn: ₋ The different views on either or not violent video games create violent kids ₋ How video games have advanced over the years and become more interactive and therefore addictive ₋ The negative and positive effects video games can have on the human body - How video games are used differently around the world - How the disposal of video games contributes to the environmental of today
  3. 3. Inspirationaldocumentary#1–HumanSwarm Use of Cutaways There is range of cutaways used throughout this documentary to support what is being said, I would apply this to my documentary as it keeps the audience interested Scene starts off with the interviewer and interviewee talking Then cuts away to videos and pictures that relate to what is being discussed in the interview Then goes back to interviewee This inspired me for my documentary as the variety of visuals keeps the audience in what is being said as one thing isn’t on the screen for too long
  4. 4. Public Interviews Interviews are used in this documentary to show the public’s opinion/views on the topic of the documentary This convention inspired me as these interviews are conducted in a natural setting instead of in a specific room so its more realistic These interviews are done through mid shots, I would apply this to my documentary as it keeps the audience focused on what is being said
  5. 5. Inspirationaldocumentary#2–GoodHair Wide camera shots In this documentary range of shots and angles are used to establish the setting, I would apply this to my documentary as through this I would be able to show my audience the different locations I’d visit while filming Low angle wide shot to show to the outside of the location the presenter visits High angle wide shot to show the entire inside setting
  6. 6. Participation of the presenter Throughout this documentary the presenter participates and interacts with a range of people, this inspired me as the presenter’s views and opinions on the topic is shown. This is participatory mode as the presenter/filmmaker engages with his different subjects directly The presenter interacts with a range of people of different ages Presenter takes part in different experiments Presenter also conducts each of his interviews himself
  7. 7. Inspirationaldocumentary#3–OneMileAway Archival photos of newspaper articles  This conventions inspired as I thought it would be good evidence to support my topic of documentary Archival photos of past newspaper articles with different titles are used to support the topic of documentary Kens burn is used to focus on the title of the newspaper, I would apply this to my documentary as it focuses the audience’s attention to the title
  8. 8. Use of titles  This documentary inspired me as it uses titles to introduce the different people taking part in the documentary and also to show the change of date Here titles are used to introduce the names of people and their roles Titles are also used to describe what is being said on the phone as there is background noise Use of titles to tell the audience the date
  9. 9. DocumentaryMode Mode Conventions and examples Explanation of how it applies to my documentary Expository mode (voice of god) Conventions: -Voiceover of a narrator to explain what is onscreen Example documentaries: -March of penguins Observational mode (window of the world) Conventions: -Filmmaker remains hidden behind the camera Example documentaries: -Lifers -One mile away Participatory mode (filmmaker and subject together) Conventions: -Filmmaker is present throughout Example documentaries: -Human Swarm -Sicko This applies to my documentary as the filmmaker is present throughout the documentary and participates so the audience will be able to hear and see the filmmaker’s views on the subject
  10. 10. Reflexive (aware of process) Conventions: -the construction part of the documentary is shown Example documentaries: -Catfish -Man with a movie camera Performer mode (filmmaker as participant) Conventions: -Filmmaker is a participant in the documentary Example documentaries: -Supersize me