IBM SBB  25th April, 2012
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IBM SBB 25th April, 2012



Here are the slides and questions from the lastest IBM Social Business Briefing hosted by Collaboration Matters and our partners

Here are the slides and questions from the lastest IBM Social Business Briefing hosted by Collaboration Matters and our partners



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IBM SBB 25th April, 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. #ibmsbb 25th April 2012
  • 2. Forum Format
  • 3. Introductions Rooven Pakkiri is a veteran of the revolution, social business evangelist and Head of Rooven Pakkiri Social Business at leading IBM Business Partner Collaboration Matters. Collaboration Matters Rooven is an author and speaker on the way in which Social Business technology , adoption and @roovenp usage will transform the enterprise. Mike Morrison Mike Morrison is an established interim manager, coach, business adviser, mentor instructional designer and trainer, on occasions he writes, blogs, twitters and takes the odd day off. Rapid BI Mike has over 20 years experience in HR/OD and in the last 10 has been designing and delivering @rapidbi training programmes. Before founding RapidBI he worked as a Management Development Adviser with Business Link for London and prior to that as a Training Manager for a large private hospital where he developed training for a wide range of staff, managers and coaches. Will McInnes Will McInnes is Managing Director of NixonMcInnes, a social business consultancy, and author of Culture Shock which provides an inspirational guide for better ways to do business in the 21st Nixon McInnes century (published August 2012). NixonMcInnes itself is constantly experimenting with its own @willmcinnes radical management practices and has been recognised by WorldBlu as one of the most democratic workplaces in the world. Clients include Barclays, Cisco, Channel 4, O2, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, RSPCA and WWF. Dale Roberts is half way through his second decade helping organisations make better decisions. Dale Roberts Much of this time was with Business Intelligence giant, Cognos where, as a Director, he oversaw Artesian Solutions hundreds of business intelligence solutions. Most recently he is part of the Executive team of Artesian Solutions, an innovator in social media monitoring and analytics. He is a commentator, @decisionhacker blogger and regular speaker on the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management circuit. Angela Ashenden is Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors where she leads the Collaboration Angela Ashenden practice. In her 12 years as an industry analyst, Angela has researched a range of technology areas that deal with the issues around managing unstructured information and knowledge, and so is a MWD Advisors primary authority on collaboration technologies and effective working practices in business today. @ aashenden As part of her role, Angela acts as an advisor to large IT user organisations about technology and management strategies for implementing collaboration.
  • 4. Introductions Marie Wallace has spent the last decade building content analytics technology @ IBM, working Marie Wallace across the various software, hardware, and research divisions to transform how IBM’s enterprise IBM solution portfolio understands and integrates with people and content. Marie also supports IBM’s @marie_wallace global consulting organization in advising clients on potential application and business benefits of analytics across geographies and industries. Marie also spent time as content analytics evangelist for IBM Marketing, and is currently Social Analytics Strategist for IBM Social Business. David Terrar David Terrar is CEO of cloud services provider & social business consultancy D2C. With 30 years of experience operating in the trenches of the software business, he started in IBM and then worked in D2C management and director roles for companies like, Interactive, Brook Street Computers, DataWorks, @DT Indus and CODA. He is passionate about the intersection of cloud computing, mobile technology and social media, how these tools can be deployed to make business more effective, and the way these trends are changing the world of work. David is part of the Enterprise Irregulars blogging group which includes leading Social Business luminaries like Dion Hinchcliffe, Susan Scrupski and Paul Greenberg. Léon Benjamin is a social media practitioner and has managed social implementations with Léon Benjamin organisations counting BA, Microsoft & BT. He is co-founder of Sei Mani, an enterprise social Sei Mani media adoption consultancy that helps large organisations transform the way they work. Léon is @lfbenjamin the author of Winning by Sharing, a book about the impact of social media on the future of work first published in 2005 predicting the use of social media in the workplace and its transformative impact on the nature of work.
  • 5. 4th SBB - if include the Diner - Time to move to practical footing
  • 6. A 60 page report in 6 slides “The technology is the easiest piece: finding the right technology for your specific use case is challenging, but Community Management is going to be the hardest piece because that skill set and experience does not reside within most companies right now. “Which begs the question – do you develop those skills inside orsource them outside your organisation?Hold on to that thought - it has a number of interestingramifications…Let’s get to grip with the role and these new skills first …
  • 7. The Job Description“A Community Manager is NOT an IT person, it’s not a ‘Web Expert’, it’s not even someone whoclaim to be a ‘Social Media’ expert. They don’t exist by the way. Don’t let them fool you, please!”“The Community Manager might look something like the spider in the web, weaving the web. Yes,there you go, it’s a Weaver – A Weaver Of Relationships!”“The Community Manager is more like a networked journalist or extremely clever and creativeperson who can take an idea from nothing and create something beautiful or smart.”“We see community leaders as explorers, builders and translators – charting new paths for theirorganisations in a complex new environment” Wow! That’s some job description
  • 8. The ExplorerThe pace of change has become dramatically faster as networkedcommunications on a massive scale flatten the access to information.Community leaders need to excel at and relish the role of explorer – not only discoveringemerging environmental factors, but also exploring the behaviour, interests, and goals oftheir community members.This curiosity is critical to helping communities and the organisation that sponsor them.
  • 9. The BuilderCommunities and relationships will rarely , if ever, be perfect.Successful communities are built by those who have a predilection for action and who willexperiment instead of waiting for perfect timing . While planning is important…. trying to predict what a community will do and be before it exists is impossible.”
  • 10. The TranslatorEnsuring that different constituencies can understand each other and makingsure stakeholders know how to evaluate the opportunity and risks in a community approach. New technologies often seem like fads to enterprise stakeholders. They need to have a discussion of realistic opportunities and risks in their own language in order to effectively understand and offer support in this space.
  • 11. The rise and importance of the Community Manager
  • 12. GardenerPiñata CheerleaderConcierge Traffic CopSculptor MediavoreSpam Warrior EmpathSponger CRUSH TROLLSCRUSH TROLLS
  • 13. Those leaders that can evangelise and bring the value of communities into organisations are seeing their work rewarded with increased budgets, recognition and new opportunitiesMy goal from the output of this discussion is to create the first cut of our ownCommunity Manager Job Description - this will be an on-going, iterative creation which I willtransplant to the Talent Management Orchard where it will hopefully grow and develop.
  • 14. The Collaboration Garden
  • 15. QuestionsTo get things going here are some questions I would like you to consider:Q- Do you agree with the report that the Community Manager is the hardest piece of the Community Management puzzle?Q - If the corporate cupboard is bare, how will companies solve the problem of sourcing of Community Managers in the short term?Q - Who will the Community Manager report to?
  • 16. Socialytics(making sense of the plethora of social data inside and outside the firewall)
  • 17. Q1 Is the Enterprisemissing the wholepoint of the Social Web?
  • 18. Q2 Why is Social Analytics a missed opportunity for the Enterprise?360 degree view of the Enterprise
  • 19. Q3 Activity StreamsCan applications &business processes “be social”? Social Aggregation