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Here is an introduction of our team

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Our Team

  1. 1. S pojená Škola, O slobodenia č. 165, B el á
  2. 2. Our team is divided into two groups – one group is from class 6.B (six students) and another group is from class 8.A ( five students). This is our team.
  3. 3. We are students from Slovakia. We are all Slovak nationality. Slovakia is a small country situated in Central Europe. Slovakia in Europe
  4. 4. We live in a small village Belá or surrounding villages. Belá is situated in the northern part of central Slovakia.
  5. 5. We all go to school “Spojená škola Belá”.
  6. 6. Hi! My name is Erika Mažgútová . I am eleven. I haven’t got brothers or sisters. I have got fish. I have got long brown hair. My mum´s name is Erika and my dad´s name is Juraj. Mum is thirty-six years old and my dad is thirty-seven years old. My favourite number is six and my favourite colour is yellow. My favourite book is “Temné hmoty”. I like pizza. My favourite group is DESMOD and my favourite TV-programme is VIVA. My favourite animals are monkeys and I don’t like spiders and snakes. My favourite subject is English. I like skiing, skating, swimming, playing table tennis and tennis. I don’t play a musical instrument. In my free time I go skiing, skating and swimming or I play with my cousin and friends. My cousin´s name is Adrian and he is five years old. I study English, German, Spanish and Russian.
  7. 7. H i ! My name is Elizabeth Hanuliaková. I am from Slovakia and I live in Belá. I have got two sisters. Their names are Ann and Mary. Mary is twenty and Ann is eighteen. My mother´s name is Ann too and my dad´s name is Marián. I have got a dog. He is male and his name is Rony. My hobbies are skiing, snowboarding, swimming, playing ball games and chatting with friends. My favourite school subject is break, of course. No, my favourite subjects are languages. I like listening to music. My favourite groups are Jonas Brothers, Metro Station and more. My favourite singers are Lady Gaga, Pink, Rihanna, Shaun Beker, Usher, Ne-yo, Akon and more. My favourite food is pizza and my favourite programmes are MTV or HBO.
  8. 8. Hi! My name is Kate. I am twelve years old. I am from Slovakia. I live in Belá, in a family house with my parents, brother and grandparents. Grandparents live downstairs. I have got one brother. In my free time I go out with my friends. I play the guitar. In my free time I play volleyball and chat with my friends. I like pizza. I don’t like tomato soup. My favourite colour is pink. My favourite number is seven. My favourite animal is horse. I don’t like snakes and spiders. I haven’t got a pet. My favourite singers are Mika, Ferggie and Pink. My favourite pop group is Black eyed peace. My favourite subjects are Music, PE and English. My favourite sport is volleyball.
  9. 9. Hi! My name is Tatiana Bačinská. I am 12 years old. I am from Slovakia. I live in a village near the town Žilina. I speak Slovak. I haven’t got a pet. I have got two brothers - Oliver and Boris. My brother Oliver is 4 years old and my brother Boris is 2 years old. My favourite programme is High school musical. My favourite subject is English. I also like Music and PE. My favourite sport is football. My favourite group is US5. My favourite mo n th is January, because I have got my birthday. I play an accordion. In my free time I play football, I play accordion, read books and play computer games. I and my family go on trips, to the cinema, to a restaurant for pizza and we spend holiday together. I often chat with my friends when I come home from school.
  10. 10. Hi! My name is Kristina Vrablová. I´m from Slovakia and I live in a small village called Bela. I´m 13 years old. I have got one sister, her name is Katka. She is 10 years old. My favourite colour is pink. I like cats. I have got a cat and I have got 2 dogs, too. I like cats and I have got a cat, I have got 2 dogs, too. My favourite singers are J.HOLIDAY, CHRIS BROWN,MARIO,NE-YO and my favourite groups are THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS,BLACK EYED PEACE. My favourite magazine is IN. My favourite sport is WRESTLING and my favourite wrestling players are CHRIS JERRICHO, RENDY ORTON and REY-MYSTERIO. They are great. I don’t like Monday, because school starts, but I like Friday, because school finishes. I don’t like spiders, snakes and mice. I like chocolate, ice cream, chewing gums and HOLIDAY. My favourite meal is chicken with chips. When I grow up I want to live in LONDON, because London is a beautiful city. THIS IS ME!
  11. 11. Hi! My name is M á ria Stevankov á . I´m from Slovakia and I live in Belá. I’m 13 years old. I have got one sister and her name is Anna. She is 16 years old. She goes to pedagogical and social academy in Turcianske Teplice. My mum’s name is Helena and father’s name is Peter. I go for holiday to my grandparents in Kovarce. In Kovarce I have a lot of friends. My best friend is Kristina. She is 12 years old. I like exotic animals for example lions, monkeys, elephants, but my favourite pet is my dog. His name is Timo. However I don´t like spiders because of fear. I like listening to music. My favourite song is Save me. My favourite actor is Orlando Bloom and my favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean. I like Slovak´s kitchen. My hobbies are playing volleyball and badminton and I like going out with my friends. We go shopping and we also go to a restaurant. I like going to swimming pool during summer.
  12. 12. Hi! My name is Miroslav Bielka. I am 13 years old. My family is quite big. I have two sisters and two brothers. In fact I have three brothers but the youngest one has not been born yet. I am looking forward to him very much. I like animals. We have a black little dog Ricky. He is very active. We have two aquariums with many fish. I have a hamster but my mum is afraid of hamsters so she doesn’t like it. You can see animals are my big hobby. I like books. My most favourite book is Narnia and I like this film, too. In my free time I play football with my friends, dad and brother. It´s very funny. During winter I go skiing and during summer I go to a swimming pool. Each year we go to a holiday somewhere where there is sea. I like swimming. I love good food. My grandmother cooks very delicious meals and I taste them. I spend lots of time with my friends and I hope I will find some new friends in this way.
  13. 13. Hi! My name is Mária Danišková. I am thirteen years old. I live in Slovakia in a small village Belá. I have got one sister Dominika and one brother Dušan. I have got a dog. His name is Bady. My favourite song is Morandi-Save me. My favourite school subject is History. My favourite singers are CHRIS BROWN, T-PAIN and LADY GAGA and my favourite groups are THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS and BLACK EYED PEACE. My favourite colours are orange, green, and blue. I like chocolate, apple cakes. I don’t like spiders, school and Maths. My favourite drinks are cola, sprite, orange juice and I don’t like apple juice. I play volleyball and basketball. I like my friends, because they are cool. My favourite film is Pirates of Caribbean. In my free time I go out with my friends.
  14. 14. Hi ! My name is Andrej Káčer . I am fourteen years old. I was born in Žilina, but I live in Belá. My family and I live in a yellow house with garden. I have got three brothers. Their names are George, John and Thomas. I go to 8 th class. My favourite subjects are English and Physical education. Why those subjects? Because at Physical education I can use my energy and we play sports and g o to gym. I know that I can use English language all over the world and we have got the best teacher in the world. I have got dog Eddie and cat Mikuláš (Nicholas). In my free time I read books, play computer games, take my dog for a walk, watch TV and play sports. In summer I play football, table tennis, go cycling and go swimming but I do lots of other activities and sports as well. In winter I go snowboarding and sledging and I play ice hockey. My favourite kind of food is Italian food like pizza and spaghetti and Slovak food like “halušky”, but I like many kinds of food. I also like pancakes with chocolate. Rock is the best music style but I also listen to punk and metal music. The best groups are Guns and Roses, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit.
  15. 15. Hi! I’m Michaela Kadlecová. I live in Belá. I’m 12 years old. I’ve got one brother. His name is Tom. He’s 9 years old. My mum is Mary. She’s 41 years old. I like them very much. I haven’t got a dad. I like my granddad and my grandma, too. I haven’t got a pet, but I want to have a dog. Its name will be, for female Fozy and for male Hary. My favourite Slovakia’s group is H16 and my favourite America’s group is Sugarbabes. My favourite food is spaghetti with cheese. I like it very much. My favourite film is Let’s dance 2. My favourite magazine is Kamarát. I sometimes read books. My favourite sports are volleyball and swimming. I go to language school. In my free time I play computer games.
  16. 16. Hi! My name is Adriána Šugárová. I live in Belá. I am 12. I have got two brothers. I haven’t got a sister. My brother’s name is Richard. And my second brother’s name is Damián. Richard is 13 years old and Damián is 3 years old. My mum’s name is Monika and my dad’s name is František. My mum is 33 years old and my dad is 36 years old. I have got a dog. Its name is Daffy. My favourite group is Pussy cat dolls. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite film is Let’s dance 2. My favourite TV channel is Markíza. My favourite comic is Bravo girl. My favourite sports are tennis, swimming and volleyball. I play volleyball in my free time.