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A project about Italy.

Published in: Travel, Business
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  1. 1. Official Name is Republic of Italy.. The area of Italy is 301 323 km2. The population is 57 283 000. In Italy People speak Italian. People live 77 years old. In Italy are many islands. Example : Sardinia, Sicily, Capri, Ischia... Highest Mountains are Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Monte Cervino-Matterhorn, Corno Grande. The capital of Italy is Rome. Other cities are Milan, Parma, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Naples... In Italy are many monuments. Colosseum is famous. Colosseum is amphitheater. Vespasianus built Coloseum.
  2. 2. The longest river in Italy is the river Po. It is long 652 km. Other river is Adige, Tiber, Arno. Famous lakes are: Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Trasimeno. Pizza is Italian food. They invented it in Italy. Here they are doing a lot of pizza. they also invented pasta and Lasagna. This dish is known around the world. In Italy they grow olives. Olives on olive trees grow in plantations. Olives are grown for shampoos, creams, cosmetics. Olives are also in foods, or eat alone, too. A nice project 1