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  1. 1. <br />Official name of Slovakia is Slovak republic. Slovak republic is in the middle of Europe. Slovakia is neighbour with Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Ukraine. <br /> <br />Slovakia has an area of 49 035 km2. The population of <br />Slovakia is 5 424 925 mil.<br />This is Slovak state seal: <br />This is Slovak state flag: <br />This is Slovak state symbol: <br /> <br />Dunaj is the largest river and<br />Vah is the longest river in Slovakia<br /><- Dunaj and Vah -> <br />In Slovakia there are mountains. <br />The most popular are High Tatras. The tourists <br />Visit them. <br /> High Tatras... <br />In Slovakia we have a lot of caves, castles, and interesting<br />sights. <br />In Slovakia we have 8 regions: Bratislava, Trnava,<br />Trencin, Nitra, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Presov and <br />Kosice. <br />Capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava. <br />This is Bratislava:<br />You can see in Bratislava: Bratislava Castle, a lot of <br />museums, zoo, New bridge and more and more...<br />The president of Slovak republic is Ivan Gasparovic. This is he and his wife.<br />They live in Bratislava´s castle. <br />This is it:<br /> <br />Slovak traditions...<br />Very important Slovak tradition is when somebody <br />important for example Queen Elizabeth will come <br />Slovak president will welcome her with a salt and a slice<br />of bread. <br />Slovak food...<br />The traditional Slovak food are ,,Bryndzove halusky,,.<br />And to the finish Slovak state song:<br />1. verse<br />Nad Tatrou sa blýska,<br />hromy divo bijú.<br />Zastavme ich bratia,<br />veď sa ony stratia,<br />Slováci ožijú.<br />2. verse<br />To Slovensko naše<br />posiaľ tvrdo spalo.<br />Ale blesky hromu<br />vzbudzujú ho k tomu,<br />aby sa prebralo.<br />3.verse<br />Ešte jedle rastú<br />na krivánskej strane<br />Kto jak Slovák cíti,<br />nech sa šable chytí,<br />a medzi nás stane.<br />4. verse<br />Už Slovensko vstáva,<br />putá si strháva.<br />Hej rodina milá<br />hodina odbila,<br />žije matka Sláva!<br /> <br /> So, this is my project <br /> Betty.<br />A nice project,Betty,I like it. 1*<br />