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Prezentare 7 B


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Prezentare 7 B

  1. 1. My name is Andrei Dumitrescu and I`m fourteen years old.I am tall,I have curly hair and brown eyes.I like walking in the park and playing football.But most I like going trips,specially climbing in the mountains.My favourite subjects are Maths,English and History. That`s me! This is me in Greece.Also I like Me and my best friend,Vlad. mountains.
  2. 2. My name is Raluca Barbu and I`m in the seventh grade.I  am 14 years old.I`m very friendly,funny and nice.I like to swim,to learn,to dance,to read and to sleep.I like very much the flowers,the children and I like meeting new friends.I love to spend my summer holidays at the seaside and to take photos.My favourite school subjects are Romanian,Math,English and Italian. Every year I go to the contest of Latin Union and get prises. By the way, I have just won the first prize on Saturday 14 th of March. My best friend is my mother and I love her very much.I like eating chocolate and whatching movies. This is me in the What do you think about me? classroom.
  3. 3. Hello, My name is Andreea Dumitru,I am thirteen years old. I like to learn, that’s why I have good marks at school. My favourite subjects are: maths, history, and English and Italian language. During the summer holiday we play handball and football and we also organize matches. I like to meet new friends. I am sociable and ambitious. My dream is to become a scientist because I like very much physics. In my free time I like to swim, to go out, to read and to speak with my friends via messenger. And also I like to travel and to visit different places. This is my description. Best wishes,Andreea. This is me in the classroom.
  4. 4. Hi,my name is Cristian Munteanu and I`m a  thirteen year old boy.I have brown eyes,short,brown hair and I wear glasses.I`m 1,70 m and I play basketball.I like to play at the computer,to read,to listen to music loudly and to wear sport clothes.I could say that I`m smart because I have good marks at school.I have two sisters.I have many friends who help me anytime I need.  My hobby is to make models of warships.Iove museums and cats. That is my passion to build ships.
  5. 5. My name is Andreea Popa and I am 14  years old.I study in the seventh grade,too. My favourite school subjects are Math and History. I like meeting new friends even from other countries and to participe at school activities.I love the music,to dance and to swim.At school we go very often to travel in many places from our country.Our last travel was at Sibiu and Sighisoara wold cities in Romania. I like to walk with my friends,to learn and to stay with my family.This is all about me. That is me in my free time.
  6. 6. My name is Valentin Velicu.I`m  14 years old.I`m an active student and a good friend.My favourites school subjects are Math and History.I am 1.72 m tall, brown hair and black eyes.In my free time I play computer games,I like skating or going by bike,I play tennis and I swim.I love the mountains and the trips,but also I like opera and theater. I like very much the music and the films with Jim Carrey. That`s me.
  7. 7. My name is Cezara Radu and I am 14  years old.I`m happy all the time andlove laughing.I like very much to travel,to see new places and to make new friends.I have visited many places in my country and I liked best the monasteries in the Northern of Moldovia.I like studying. My favourite school subjects are Math,Italian,Sport and English. My last , but not the least prize I won was on March, 14 at the Italian contest. In my free time I like to listen to music,go out with my friends,to learn and to play football. That is me in one of my travels.
  8. 8. Hello!My name is Andreea  Vingarzan and I am 14 years old.I get very good marks at school. The subjects I like the best are Math,History,Geography.I like to talk with my friends .In my free time I paint,dance,read and listen to music. My painting
  9. 9. Hi!My name is Andrei Ion and I  am 13 years old.I like the school.I like to learn and my favourite subjects are:History,Romanian,English and Italian.In my free I like to play football,to play on the computer and go travels. Nice to meet you!
  10. 10. Hi!My name is Gelea Mihai and I am  14 years old.I like to play football with my friends and to listen to music.My favourite subjects are Italian and History.Last summer I visited the Cathedral in Alba Iulia, the town where modern Romania was born. My favourite movie is Madagascar 2.  That`s me. That`s me in the Village Museum, at Paltinis, Sibiu with my family.