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Feedback from participants in our two day Introduction to Urban Design and Placemaking Module - Redlands City Council. In summary, 69% of participants provided feedback:
- Broad participation - including two Councillors
- The average score for the quality of the program was 9.4 and the presenter was 9.3 out of 10.
- 100% of participants said the course met or exceeded their expectations, with 88% stating it exceeded their expectations;
- 100% of participants said the course content was good to excellent; and
- 100% of participants said it was relevant to their job and would recommend it.

“Blistering pace of 'light bulb moments'. Couldn't recommend it enough to all.”
“Eye opening, braining opening and heart opening experiences.”
"An amazing tool set – direct access to proven and demonstrated interventions that work”
"Loved the videos & pictures, they gave real world examples.”
“Really excellent course, provided excellent examples of protocol methods to improve our centres and areas."
“Being in local government the content is very relevant. Whilst I am aware of urban design principles, its really great to undertake activities with colleagues to reinforce principles”.
“Instant solutions and ideas. Fantastic”

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Redlands City Council Feedback

  1. 1. COURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: Introduction to UrbanDesign + Placemaking▸ Client: Redlands City Council▸ Location: Redlands CityCouncil▸ Date: 2-3 May 2013▸ Number of participants: 29▸ Feedback received fromparticipants 20 (69%)▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸ www.placefocus.comMiddle St, Cleveland, QLD, AUS
  2. 2. Empathy Map, IUDP Redland City CouncilBROAD PARTICIPANT BACKGROUND▸ Planners▸ Councillors▸ Civil Engineers▸ Architects▸ LandscapeArchitects
  3. 3. Walking Tour, IUDP Redland City CouncilYOU RATED US HIGHLY▸ The average score for thequality of the program was9.4 out of 10▸ The quality of the presenterwas 9.3 out of 10.
  4. 4. Preparing Place Proposals - IUDP Redland City CouncilYOUR EVALUATION - RELEVANT▸ 100% of participants said theUrban Design + Placemakingmet or exceeded theirexpectations▸ with 88% stating it exceededtheir expectations▸ 100% of participants said theUrban Design + Placemakingcontent was good to excellent▸ with 60% stating it was excellent▸ 100% of participants found theUrban Design + Placemakingrelevant to their job▸ 100% of participants wouldrecommend the Urban Design +Placemaking to others
  5. 5. Preparing Place Proposals - IUDP Redland City Council▸ “Blistering pace of light bulbmoments. Couldntrecommend it enough to all.”▸ “Couldnt have asked formore.”▸ “Good course, I would highlyrecommend it.”▸ “Excellent content, excellentpresentation.”▸ “Eye opening, brainingopening and heart openingexperiences.”▸ An amazing tool set – directaccess to proven anddemonstrated interventionsthat work”WHAT YOU SAID...
  6. 6. Preparing Place Proposals - IUDP Redland City Council▸ “Loved the videos & pictures, theygave real world examples.”▸ “Really excellent course, providedexcellent examples of protocolmethods to improve our centres andareas.▸ “Really good course highly relevant tocurrent day where economics doesntprovide great push for development tooccur but allows change to happen.”▸ “Lots of examples, experts and relatedto local area. As an infrastructureplanner it gives me the ability tointegrate urban design principles ineveryday projects. It was easy to learnand interesting.”▸ “It was great to be able to walk straightout to Cleveland as a field trip.”WHAT YOU SAID... GREAT EXAMPLES
  7. 7. ▸ “Very relevant and engagingcontent.”▸ “Good thorough content.”▸ “Very effective andinformative. It brought outknowledge I had intoexamples for applications. Itwas above my expectationswith good documentationand presentation. Veryengaging.”▸ “Being in local governmentthe content is very relevant.Whilst I am aware of urbandesign principles, its reallygreat to undertake activitieswith colleagues to reinforceprinciples”.WHAT YOU SAID... ENGAGINGRedland Business Park, Place Proposal, IUDP Redland City Council
  8. 8. WHAT YOU SAID...▸ “Instantsolutions andideas.Fantastic”▸ Placemakingreally the key toimplementingour masterplans andstructureplans..”▸ “Goodinformation,thought buildingand sources forfurtherresearch.”Capalaba Central Place Proposal, IUDP Redland City Council
  9. 9. IDEAS FOR THE OFFICERedland City Module, The Briefcase, Redland, QLD, AUS
  11. 11. FEEDBACK DURING THE COURSE6 Thinking Hats, Feedback, Redland City Council, QLD, AUS
  12. 12. FEEDBACK DURING THE COURSE6 Thinking Hats, Feedback, Redland City Council, QLD, AUS
  13. 13. Victoria Point Shopping Centre, Place Proposal, IUDP Redland City CouncilPLACE PROPOSAL – VICTORIA POINT
  14. 14. Kinross Road, Place Proposal, IUDP Redland City CouncilPLACE PROPOSAL – KINROSS ROAD
  15. 15. Cleveland Place Proposal, IUDP Redland City CouncilPLACE PROPOSAL – CLEVELAND
  16. 16. Bloomfield St, Cleveland, QLD, AUS▸ Placefocus: training andinformation on urban designand placemaking▸ “We are passionate aboutcreating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds(0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter,Facebook and Instagram(Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watchour PPTs on SlideshareOUR DETAILS