Course Evaluation Summary Melton


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Course Evaluation Summary Melton

  1. 1. COURSE FEEDBACK▸ Module: Introduction to Urban Design + Placemaking (two day)▸ Client: Melton Shire Council▸ Location: Melton, VIC▸ Date: 4-5 February 2013▸ Participants:28▸ Feedback participation: 20/28 (71%)▸ Facilitator: Andrew Hammonds▸ Westwaters Hotel, Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  2. 2. BROAD PARTICIPANT BACKGROUND▸ Planning – statutory & strategic▸ Urban design▸ Engineering▸ Urban and regional planning▸ Environmental Management▸ Community development▸ Marketing and finance▸ Open space planning▸ Sport and recreation management▸ Cultural heritage▸ Tourism The Strand, Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC, AUS-2
  3. 3. YOU RATED US HIGHLY▸ The average score for the quality of the program was 8.6 out of 10▸ The quality of the presenter was 8.5 out of 10. Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  4. 4. YOUR EVALUATION - RELEVANT▸ 90% of participants said the course met or exceeded their expectations▸ 90% of participants said the course content was good to excellent▸ 95% of participants found the course relevant to their job▸ 90% of participants would recommend the course to others Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  5. 5. WHAT YOU SAID... PLACEMAKING EXPLAINED▸ “Excellent! I enjoyed the session and have been more aware of the importance of placemaking.”▸ “Exposed [me] to a very valuable and unknown area.”▸ “Attending the course provided a great overview of UD and how it affects everyone”.▸ “Provided insight into urban design principles.”▸ “Good introduction to urban design.”▸ “I would recommend the course [you get a] better understanding of placemaking”.▸ “Good knowledge of topics and explanation of principles and process”.▸ “Small things can save big money.” Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  6. 6. WHAT YOU SAID...INFORMATION, TOOLS & TIPS▸ “Good range of tools and tips.”▸ “Really enjoyed the sessions; Useful Manual”.▸ “Andrews knowledge is very thorough. I appreciate hearing someone in UD talk without jargon so that it becomes a language that is shared and second nature.”▸ “Covered a lot of information in a short period of time.”▸ “Mix of theory and practice. Walk and local examples was good.”▸ “Very informative and well organised.”▸ “Well organised. Clear answers given to all questions, even the most left of field.”▸ “A lot of information covered in a short time.” Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  7. 7. WHAT YOU SAID...GREAT EXAMPLES▸ “High level of detail and lots of great examples both local and overseas. Interviews with professionals and films very interesting and informative.”▸ “Well presented. Tried to engage in interactive discussion at every opportunity.”▸ “Knowledge of urban design around the world with an ability to focus learning to provide local solutions”.▸ “Content was good - lots of different examples (local and international) to complement the theory.” Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  8. 8. WHAT YOU SAID...MULTIDISCIPLINARY▸ “Helpful for providing basic and practical theories of urban design and placemaking for a range of disciplines.”▸ “Introduction to urban design and placemaking provides the opportunities for a range of disciplines to understand that we all have a role to play in creating communities.”▸ “Nice to share so much UD thinking with such a broad section of council.”▸ “Enjoyed the sessions and think these are great for both council and public”. Place Proposal Melton City Council Module
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES▸ “Not enough time spent on our proposals and actually practising what we have learnt.”▸ “More time discussing around the table, questions.”▸ “More practical skills, sessions and mini designs.”▸ “Some of the concepts/examples were hard to make relevant with city of Melton”▸ “Well done, would have liked specialised course on specific contexts (eg. town centre, residential areas)”▸ “More specific examples in Victoria, particularly in growth areas”.▸ “More pictures of good and bad Victorian examples.”▸ “Not interactive enough, didnt use the skills of those in the room.” Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  10. 10. EMPATHY MAP Warner Way, Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  12. 12. OUR DETAILS▸ Placefocus: training and information on urban design and placemaking▸ “We are passionate about creating places for people”▸▸ Andrew Hammonds (0407466615)▸▸ Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Placefocus)▸ Connect on Linkedin or watch our PPTs on Slideshare Leakes Road, Rockbank, VIC, AUS-2