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QI on Place presentation - March 15


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Looking for a quirky, funny and meaningful session on place, planning and urban design? Email Andrew about QI Place for your next event or conference.

Based on the British comedy television quiz show QI hosted by Stephen Fry, four attendees test their “Quite Interesting” knowledge on places and planning.

Obscure or twisted questions will get you thinking about the relationship between planning and place. Yes, panellists get points for the right answer, but top points go to an interesting perspective or joke answer... we’ll deduct points for pathetically wrong answers.

We won’t just accept anyone - you’ll have to be “an ace on place” to nominate for the panel. You’ll score yourself with our skills audit on placemaking during the session. Don’t worry - we’ll give you a little bit of background first.

"Andrew's hosting of the QI style session on placemaking was informative, witty and very engaging. Many attendees spoke with me after the session advising that the humour kept them engaged and subsequently learning. Great session Andrew and well done" Dyan Currie, National President Planning Institute of Australia

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QI on Place presentation - March 15

  1. 1. i place
  2. 2. THE WHAT, WHY OF PLACEMAKING Flinders St, Townsville, QLD, AUS
  3. 3. Coronation St, Bardon, QLD, AUS 1.1 PLACEMAKING ▸ “Placemaking is enabling and empowering people to create attractive place”
  4. 4. ENABLING Warner Way, Caroline Springs, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  5. 5. EMPOWERING Royal Croquet Club, Victoria Square, Adelaide City, SA, AUS
  6. 6. Flinders St, Townsville, QLD, AUS STANDARD PLACEMAKING ▸ Incrementally creating quality places through independent urban design projects which enable activities and sense of place.
  7. 7. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD, AUS STRATEGIC PLACEMAKING ▸ Larger-scale transformative projects, strategies and activities for a location.
  8. 8. Ruthven St, Toowoomba, QLD, AUS CREATIVE PLACEMAKING ▸ Partners from public, private, non-profit, and community sectors shape the physical and social character of a neighbourhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities
  9. 9. Ballarat Street, Yarraville, VIC, AUS POPUP PLACEMAKING ▸ Lighter, quicker, cheaper
  10. 10. PLACEMAKERS PLACE MANAGER ▸ Is a Placemaker who manages a defined area of significance ▸ Proactive intervention which maintains the qualities of a successful place and responds to change.
  11. 11. THE VILLIAN? 'City of Light' by the Hilltop Hoods I'm from the city of light, with a sky of vanilla, Known as the city of churches home of the serial killer... Cans and markers, Country Road parkers, Hands of an artist left the landscape enchanted, Until the government pigs had all the paint washed, From our city walls, end of the renaissance, And so walls where the colours once played, Were replaced by the buff, now a sullen blunt grey, White washed, shitty, all grey, all black, Waiting for the kids of this city to take their walls back.
  12. 12. Woodsons Lane, Adelaide City, SA, AUS CHANGE IS HAPPENING
  13. 13. URBAN DESIGN Uruk (4,000–3100 BC) Source:,_Iraq_MOD_45156521.jpg
  14. 14. THE VILLIAN
  15. 15. BP City Road, Southbank, Melbourne, VIC, AUS PLACES FOR PEOPLE NOT JUST CARS
  16. 16. ▸ Urban design creates authentic, sustainable and quality places for people across the range of urban environments. Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC, AUS INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS URBAN DESIGN?
  17. 17. QUALITY PUBLIC SPACE ▸ William H Whyte : “It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished .” Melton, VIC, AUS
  18. 18. SENSE OF PLACE ▸ Built environment (urban design) ▸ +++ features, events, people and activities (Social Fabric) ▸ Emerging attributes: opportunity, identity, innovation, creativity, authenticity – more powerful attractors Hibberson St, Gungahlin, Canberra, ACT, AUS
  19. 19. Parap Markets, Parap, Darwin, NT, AUS 1.9 INTRODUCTION: URBAN DESIGN V PLACEMAKING? ▸ Urban design: ▸ The Stage ▸ House ▸ Hardware ▸ New buildings and infrastructure ▸ design ▸ Space ▸ Very good ▸ Experts? ▸ Enables placemaking? ▸ Placemaking: ▸ The Show ▸ Home ▸ Software ▸ Existing buildings and places ▸ Activities ▸ place ▸ Remarkable ▸ People ▸ People watchers?
  20. 20. PEOPLE MAKING PLACES Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  22. 22. NO COST TO COUNCIL Section 8 Bar, Tatersalls Lane, Melbourne, VIC, AUS ▸ “Improving social connection is not necessarily hard or costly. In many cases, big returns can come from small outlays.” (Grattan Institute 2012)
  23. 23. REDUCES COSTS – POPUP PLACEMAKING Yarraville, Melbourne, VIC, AUS, ▸ Open Streets ▸ Play Streets ▸ Build a Better Block ▸ Park(Ing) Day ▸ Guerilla Gardening ▸ Pop-Up Retail ▸ Pavement To Plazas ▸ Pavement To Parks ▸ Pop-Up Cafes ▸ Depave ▸ Chair Bombing ▸ Food Carts/Trucks ▸ Site Pre-Vitalization ▸ Pop-Up Town Hall ▸ Informal Bike Parking ▸ Intersection Repair ▸ Ad-Busting ▸ Reclaimed Setbacks ▸ Park Mobile ▸ Weed Bombing ▸ Mobile Vendors ▸ Micro-Mixing ▸ Park-Making ▸ Camps
  26. 26. NEW SYSTEMS
  27. 27. Latrobe Tce, Paddington, QLD, AUS REDUCE COSTS – ENABLE THE LOCALS
  28. 28. ▸ AusHomes Villa House ▸ 320 m² (two community titles – Villa + loft) ▸ $299,900 in 2011 ▸ Aiming to achieve 50 dwellings/ha in next stage on freehold title. ▸ Housing Innovations ▸ Fitzgibbon Chase Snapshot PLACE = AFFORDABLE LIVING Palmerston Lane, Fitzgibbon Chase, Brisbane, QLD, AUS ▸ AusHomes Loft Home ▸ 1 Bedroom + 1 bathroom (97m²) ▸ $199,900 in 2011 ▸ 320 m² (two community titles – Villa + loft) ▸ Aiming to achieve 50 dwellings/ha in next stage on freehold title. ▸ Housing Innovations
  29. 29. YOU CAN'T HOUSE TWO FAMILIES IN 65M²! Smart Home - Kevin Doodney and Ian Ugarte
  30. 30. 8.4 AFFORDABLE LIVING ▸ Next Generation Planning ▸ The average US family works from January 1 to April 13 just to pay for its cars. For many living in sprawl, it can be half the year. ( ta) Source:
  31. 31. PLACE = SAFETY Darwin Waterfront, Darwin, NT, AUS ▸ "Some benefits can be achieved from CCTV roll-out, but these are often misunderstood and overstated" Sydney Morning Herald ▸ “Current research has already shown that CPTED is an effective tool in reducing opportunities for crime, fear of crime and nuisance problems“ ACT Crime Prevention and Urban Design Resource Manual
  32. 32. River Quay, South Bank, Brisbane, QLD, AUS PLACE = HEALTHY + FIT Other than changes to our food production & retail system, what can reduce obesity? ▸ Exercise – yes ▸ Good food choices - yes ▸ Gym membership – no ▸ Density – no ▸ Sprawl - no ▸ Highly walkable neighbourhoods – yes ▸ Walking to shop – we don’t know
  33. 33. Sparta Place - Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC, AUS PLACE = MORE TIME, LESS CONGESTION ▸ Living car-free in walkable areas fits younger lifestyles. Fewer young people want cars. In 1995 people age 21 to 30 drove 21 percent of all miles driven in the U.S.; in 2009 it was 14 percent, despite consistent growth of the age group. [Advertising Age, 2010]
  34. 34. Lane off Winn St, The Valley, Brisbane. QLD, AUS THE BENEFITS – ENHANCE VALUES ▸ A one-point increase in Walk Score is associated with between a $700 and $3,000 increase in home values. [CEOs for Cities, 2009] ▸ NY Times ▸ 1990s, high-end outer suburbs contained most of the expensive housing in the USA. ▸ Today, it’s in the high- density, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods of the centre city and inner suburbs
  35. 35. Le Dinner en Blanc, South Banc, Brisbane, QLD, AUS PLACE = FUTURE PROOFING ▸ Ellen Dunham Jones ▸ 85% of households in 2025 will not have kids ▸ 77% of Millenniums/Gen Y want to live in urban core ▸ 75% of retiring baby boomers say they want mixed use and mixed age ▸ Combined they represent ½ of the popn in the USA ▸ “A quarter of Australian households now consist of people living by themselves and this is the fastest growing household type” (Grattan Institute 2012)
  38. 38. 8 RETROFITTING SUBURBIA? Mizner Park - Boca Raton USA ▸ New York Times - February 5, 2012 ▸ Near-record vacancy rates (11%) at malls of all kinds. ▸ There are about 108,000 shopping centres in America. ▸ A new enclosed mall has not opened in the United States since 2006.
  43. 43. The Monk Pub, South Terrace, Fremantle, WA, AUS ▸ The Australian June 15, 2011 12:00AM ▸ "The retailers that are most at risk are in the shopping strips that aren't somewhere like Toorak Road or Bridge Road in Melbourne, where there's upmarket coffee shops and lifestyle options to attract people to the area." A SLOW DEATH HERE?
  44. 44. THE BENEFITS – CREATIVE ECONOMY Murray St Mall - Perth, WA, AUS
  45. 45. THE BENEFITS – BRANDING + PROMOTION Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
  46. 46. Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD, AUS THE BENEFITS – LOCAL BUSINESS ▸ “UK research suggests that improving the pedestrian environment on ten high streets (totalling 24 km) would result in annual public benefits of up to £4.3 million a year“(Grattan Institute 2012)
  47. 47. REDUCE ADVERSE EFFECTS “The modern America of obesity, inactivity, depression, and loss of community has not ‘happened’ to us; rather we legislated, subsidized, and planned it.” Latrobe, Tce, Paddington, QLD, AUS
  48. 48. THE BENEFITS – INTERACTION Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, AUS ▸ “Loneliness can have serious health consequences, with a similar impact to high blood pressure, lack of exercise, obesity, or smoking.” ▸ “Improving social connection is not necessarily hard or costly. In many cases, big returns can come from small outlays.” (Grattan Institute 2012)
  49. 49. Rabbit + Cocoon, 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami, Gold Coast, QLD, AUS CLIMATE CHANGE: REDUCTION + ADAPTION ▸ Average urban dweller in the USA has 1/3 carbon footprint of suburban dweller. ▸ ClimateSmart: ▸ compact, self-contained regional development ▸ active and public transport-based community ▸ maintaining ecologically diverse and viable natural habitats.
  50. 50. SUSTAINABILITY Christie Walk Eco-Village, Sturt St – Adelaide, SA, AUS ▸ Any sound principles for a good urban place must be sustainable ▸ social equity ▸ economic vitality ▸ environmental responsibility ▸ Cities can make a significant contribution Good urban design is a powerful tool for achieving a higher quality of life, greater economic vitality and a more efficient use of resources. It is key to making places where talented people will want to live, and which will nurture economic success.” Urban Initiatives, 2003, p. 3
  51. 51. PLACES FOR PEOPLE AND TRAFFIC Poynton, Cheshire East, UK
  52. 52. Gore Pl, Geelong, Victoria, AUS ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU WANT? ▸ Avoid adverse effects ▸ Doesn't necessarily increase costs ▸ Reduce Costs ▸ Delivers customers value ▸ Pro-development ▸ Delivers broad benefits to society
  53. 53. CH2 Building - Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, AUS, 2015 TRENDS ▸ Placemaking - "you're soaking in it“
  54. 54. Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy 2015 TRENDS ▸ It's not Rocket Science
  55. 55. Wilson Ave, Brunswick, VIC, AUS 2015 TRENDS ▸ Some places can't be left to chance
  56. 56. Nambour Place Creation - preparing action map. 2015 TRENDS ▸ Enabling your team
  57. 57. Pompidou, Paris, France 2015 TRENDS ▸ A global trend - so act!
  58. 58. Queen St, Nambour, QLD, AUS 2015 TRENDS ▸ Empowering the locals
  59. 59. Nocturnal - City of Greater Dandenong, VIC, AUS (Jason Edwards Photography) 2015 TRENDS ▸ Problem before the solution (the other way around never works)
  60. 60. Goyder Square, Palmerston City, NT, Australia 2015 TRENDS ▸ You can't manage what you don't measure
  61. 61. 2015 TRENDS Conventional Placemaking Implement Rules Break them Regulate Create Authority Empower Work in silos Cooperate Buy expertise Enable Build projects Create places Fight vandalism Street art and graffiti Deliver very good Deliver remarkable Clean Grunge Build hard Infrastructure Support social fabric Heavy, slow, expensive Lighter, quicker, cheaper Write policy Do the story Write strategy Take action Strive for consistency Seek the contradictions Cover up mistakes Make small mistakesCave painting by Banksy - Leake Street in London, May 2008 - painted over by August.
  62. 62. Albert St Picnic, Brisbane City, QLD, AUS (Source URBNE) 2015 TRENDS ▸ Popup - lighter, quicker cheaper
  63. 63. 2015 TRENDS ▸ Moving from Popup to legacy
  64. 64. Adelaide City, SA, AUS 2015 TRENDS ▸ Show me the money
  65. 65. Fllinders St, Melbourne, VIC, AUS ( 2015 TRENDS ▸ Places as brand
  66. 66. Queensberry Street,-Carlton, VIC, AUS 2015 TRENDS ▸ Is there an app for that
  67. 67. South Bank, QLD, AUS 2015 TRENDS ▸ Be prepared to make small mistakes
  68. 68. LUCKY IT’S INTRINSIC Urbne Festival, Brisbane City, QLD, AUS
  69. 69. ii place
  70. 70. “Townsville, Capital of Northern Australia; the City with Opportunity and Great Lifestyle ”
  71. 71. ii place