Final Presentation for Motorola Smart Phone


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This is the final presentation for the course of New Media Driver License at Michigan State University.

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Final Presentation for Motorola Smart Phone

  1. 1. Strenghts 1. Significant research and development capabilities to leverage in mobile market. 2. Global brand with huge customers base. 3. Multiple product categories. Weaknesses 1. A weak product portfolio in comparison to other organization like Blackberry ie RIM. 2. Lack in the brand identity for specific phones verses the iPhone and Blackberry devices. 3. A negative credit rating. Opportunities 1.Devoting further in smart phone market in U.S.. 2. Significant opportunities in developing countries Threats 1. Intense competition among cellular industry. 2. Hard to grab additional customers in this space.
  2. 2. Marketing Mix
  3. 3. Marcoms Objectives Marcoms Objectives Brand Defining Idea “Forme” Involvement Evaluation Social Media Compaign Prime Prospect Values Brand Values Allocation Budget Timeline
  4. 4. Rebuilding Values into the Brand 1. Smartphone made easy 2. Easy to participate in social networking. 3. Access to useful applications 4. American based 5. Helps you manage your life 6. Durable and outdoor friendly Homegrown Functionality 1. I’m a simple person 2. I love my country 3. I’m committed to my career 4. I’m an outdoor individual 5. I’m committed to my family 5
  5. 5. Social Media Campaign Here I assumed that the company can conduct a campaign named “Motorola in Your Life” which encourages customers to either make video or write stories, or even take photos that narrate the stories between their lives and Motorola smart phone. How it makes live different? Or anything impressive that happens in their lives that relate to Motorola smart phone. Finally, the one who gets the most votes from publics will be the winner of this competition and earn prize!
  6. 6. How to Participate? • Players can participate this competition by releasing their works on which will be set up in advance by company. Or directly post on the company’s blog which will build a special webpage for this campaign. Let More People to Know ! • People no matter participating the competition or not, can express their opinions and comments on any entries via Facebook, Twitter or the company’s blog. • Poeple can share any of the videos, photos or written stories immediately by directly linking to
  7. 7. The company can take advantage of Youtube by two ways According to the voting results, continuously put the top ten video works that made by participants on Youtube and renew it once a hour Make a series of Youtube commercials for leveraging this campaign or emphasizing on the prize that encourages people, particularly Motorola users to get to know and participate this competition
  8. 8. Optimize the Company’s Press Releases for Search Engines To press release and news relates to the competition. Use keyworks in the title, subtitle and body copy of the release. The company should be sure to use social bookmark services such as and to archive whenever it gets online media coverage. Also, the company should use its blog as a way to reach out to other blogs in the same space to encourage coverage of company’s news. To create a strong call to action or incentive to click through on the release to destination content on Motorola’s website. Develop relationships with online publication editors and bloggers in order to leverage Motorola brand and this competition as well.
  9. 9. Media Allocation and Timeline Budget Allocation TV Commercials Social Media Campaign Outdoor Ads Magazine Ads 60% 20% 15% 5% Considering that the social media campaign only part of Motorola’s entire marketing communication strategies, and its relatively cheaper expenses, I decide to count 20% for it. Other media costs include the expensive but important TV commercials, outdoor ads and magazine ads. Bacially, the company can run the “Motorola in Your life” campaign for four months, accompanied by other traditional media.
  10. 10. Evaluation • The company should monitor how consumers talk about Motorola brand. It can provide early warning signs for product or service issues as well as promotion opportunities that can be leveraged. • How to do it? The company can start by subscribing to of search results on “Motorola” from blog and news search engines. Set up a account or use the . • The company can evaluate the result of the campaign by calculating the view volumes of its Youtube commercials, its website and blog, responses from Facebook group and Twitter group, and vote volumes for the entries. • Tracking comments and opinions about this campaign.