7 Ways to Support Your 2013 Business Needs with Social Media


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Are you finding your customers or are your customers finding you? Your customers are using Social Media regularly, and that means you should be using it too. And using it doesn't mean just being out there, it means engaging with your customers. Learn how to use Social Media Marketing to support your Business needs by following the 7 steps we have outlined in this whitepaper.

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7 Ways to Support Your 2013 Business Needs with Social Media

  1. 1. 7 Ways To Support Your Business NeedsWith Social MediaBy Lorél Marketing Group
  2. 2. Just having a social presence isnot a social strategy.Business owners arecontinuously challenged in howto grow and manage theirbusiness better, faster andsmarter.Businesses understand thatcustomer acquisition andretention is critical to theirsuccess. Underneath all of thisis the understanding that peopleconnect with companies andbrands they can relate to andhave a relationship with.
  3. 3. 1.Influence your PublicRelations Approach:Social media is one of themost direct and immediatechannels into the hearts,minds and voices ofconsumers• Develop a social medialistening plan to listen,adjust and optimize yourbrand across all channels• Communicate and interactwith your consumersdirectly
  4. 4. 2. Find and EngageCustomers and ProvideSupport on SocialSites:Social media can help providecustomer support at virtually nocost to the brand• Minimize costs andincrease the Lifetime Valueof your customer• Let customers help othercustomers; they feel moreconnected to a largerbrand community.
  5. 5. 3. Listen and GatherPrimary Market Research:While asking questions on blogs, LinkedIn,Twitter and other social media sites does notproduce statistically valid results, brands canlearn a lot from the responses.Having access to consumers who are openlytalking about their rational and emotionalneeds is a newly discovered goldmine formarket research.• Leverage your consumers to furtherresearch• Develop a research plan to test thesuccess of campaigns and gatherconsumer insight at a fraction of thecost of traditional methods forgathering information.
  6. 6. 4. Increase BrandAwareness andMarketing Publicity:92% of respondents said socialmedia marketing was effectiveat influencing brand reputationand 91% said it worked forincreasing brand awareness.• Identify your customers’journey• Show the most effectiveuse of a social mediachannel to help build therelationship
  7. 7. 5. A Vehicle forConsumer Education:Social networks present aplatform to share informationover a longer period of time• Leverage that timeeffectively to educateconsumers• Integrate educationopportunities into theirdigital/web strategies andprograms by utilizingdiscussion boards, ask-the-expert buttons, learningvideos, images andreference quotes.
  8. 8. •6. Gather CustomerRequirements andDrive ProductDevelopment:• Leverage a public pool ofcollective brainpower tohelp identify newinnovative marketopportunities and evenassist with development ofnew product concepts.• Use social media to crowdsource and driveinnovation.
  9. 9. 7. Enable ConsumerConnection and BuildLoyalty:Social media profiles tend tooutlast changing emailaddresses, job addresses,physical addresses and more.This allowed for a longerrelationship with the customer.• Extend and deepen therelationship with yourcustomers• Identify the lifecycle of yourcustomer and target eachsegment directly
  10. 10. A Closing Remark:Businesses are challenged withdetermining how to connect withthe customer, present the brandand develop the long-termrelationship with the customer.
  11. 11. Want to jump start your marketing strategyand programs?Lorél Marketing Group can help you get started with a no-costdiscovery meeting that can align your goals with a vision for yoursuccess. Care to learn more? Contact us today at info@lorel.comLorél Marketing GroupGraphc Arts Building590 North Gulph RoadValley Forge, PA 19406(610) 337-2343www.lorel.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/lorelmarketingTwitter: www.twitter.com/lorelmarketingLinkedin: www.linkedin.com/companies/lorel-marketing-group