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Album cover analysis

  1. 1. CD Album Cover AnalysisKanye West’s Graduation was released in 2007 on Roc-A-Fella records which is a subsidiary of theUniversal Music Group, it’s distributed by The Island Def Jam Music Group in the USA and MercuryRecords outside of the USA. The genre of the music from the artist is predominantly hip hop/R&B.Eminem’s Recovery was released in 2010 and is his seventh studio album making him an already establishedartist within the music industry. It was released by Shady Records and Aftermath which are ultimatelysubsidiaries of Interscope Records. Eminem usually makes music in the hip hop genre also.Nas’ Life Is Good is the eleventh studio album from Nas who is also an established artist within the musicindustry however as you will see later in this presentation their cd album covers are different (Eminem’s strayingaway from a conventional album cover) both with images they may not obviously link to the genre of musicwhich means they have relied on their name and a familiar audience recognitionBackground information on albums
  2. 2. Artist nameAlbum title in adifferent font todistinguish it fromartist name which isright next to it.Main image links totitle concept‘Graduation’ as itdepicts a collegecampus on top of acolourful speakerwhich looks like itwas drawn by ayoung child. Thegraduation hats inmid-air also reinforcethis conceptKanye West’s commonlogo earlier in his career. Itlinks to the concept of thisalbum as well as earlieralbums released by theartist (College Dropout). Aclever image as the bear isa likeable image dressedlike a mascot whichfurther links to college andhis potential alter ego.Production details onthe front which isunconventional as itsgenerally placed on theback of albums this hasbeen done to furtherpromote theproduction company, amain figure at his labelthus he is probablyrequired to do so alsothe cover art/logo(bear) may be exclusiveto Kanye West and hiscompany so this is amessage to detercopyright.Parental advisoryconveys the explicitcontent within many ofthe songs of the albumperhaps not suitable forchildrenTarget audience foralbum perhapsstudents in the lateteen phase and duringthere twenties
  3. 3. Back CoverTracklist with thelist of people whoalso featureexpanding theaudience andinterestMain image links tothe front cover’s bybeing a reverse shotkeeping the themethe same and notconfusing theaudienceMore productiondetails and companypromotion/details.Barcode in thecorner as it is a CDthat is available forpurchase in stores
  4. 4. Eminem himself is on thecover walking down aroad, links to a commonphrase that depicts theroute to recovery being aroad. Reflecting the topicof most of the potentialmusical content and lyricshowever upon a firstglance of the backgroundsome may argue that themusical genre don’tmatch.The album title has anambulance cross logo as asubstitute for the letter ‘o’ asymbol for what the title is.Main image is along shot of adeserted road withonly a man on it ,Eminem’s name isno where to beseen as he status isalready large so theaudience wouldalready know whoit’s byParental advisory to conveyexplicit language andcontent within the languageBackwards E is asymbol/logo forEminem usedpreviouslyIf the audience aren’tfamiliar with Eminemthey won’t understandthat this is his albumand how it the coverart links to theconcept, won’tunderstand why hehas to make a‘recovery’ won’tnotice subtle logo inalbum title
  5. 5. Album title, at the bottom in acentral position. Typography isfancy, crisp and underlined linksto theme of artist’s life beinggoodName in differentfont to the albumtitle and hasbecome somewhatof a logo/signaturefor the artist whichhas been used onprevious albums.Perhaps suggestingthat the coreunderlying messageof the music issimilar to the past.Main image is a longshot of the artistNas, the mise en sceneis significant he iswearing a white suitholding a greenwedding dress alonesurrounded in a blackroom with blackfurniturehighlighting/drawingattention to Nas butthe dress more so.However his facecontradicts the title ashe isn’t smiling possiblyan important link to thecontent. The green isalso significant in hislife as people familiarwith Nas will know it ishis ex wife’s weddingdress replica perhapsgiving a sign for themusic stemming fromthat key event in his lifeAn audience unfamiliar withNas will probably know thetype of genre this album willconsist of as the subtleclothing or rather accessoriessuch as gold chain and ringlink in to rich rapperstereotype. Perhaps thisalbum is aimed at olderpeople in contrast to KanyeWest’s album (See slide 1) aswhen I see this main image Ithink of sophistication andmaturity also highlighting thematurity of his music styleand how long he has beenaround for
  6. 6. Print Magazine Adverts For CD’s
  7. 7. Main image the same asalbum cover, he’s mademusical instrumentslook like a city soaudience know it’s analbum. Carefully placedinstruments and itemsthat reflect time such asthe old radio that wouldof being used in theearly 1900s in additionto items such as turntables which would bemore recent. Theinstruments all beingwhite perhaps highlightthe point of his musicbeing pure in contrastto some people withinthe music industrylinking to one of hissingles (D.O.A – DeathOf Autotune)Name of the artistheadlines and is thebiggest writing on theposter so magazinereaders who may notbe familiar with hiswork know who itis, which is different tohis album cover as hisname is in the cornerin a smaller font.Album title presentunder name abovepictureRepetition of logo itstands out representsthe third of as trilogyName of company/recordlabel further advertisinghis brand. Also mentionssingles from the albumthat reached a highnumber in the charts so itattracts/appeals to alarger audience that mayrecognise the songFurther advertises hiswebsite for things suchas tour dates,merchandise, deluxeeditions etc.Date of release on display so people know when to get it
  8. 8. Artist name is big in contrast to thealbum title, audience will recognise theartist’s name more than the album title.Main image the same asthe album cover, mediumlong shot of Drake at atable with a golden chaliceamong other golden itemsagain gives off theimpression that it’ rapper’salbum as the stereotypesuggest that rappers like toshow off their fancyaccessoriesTells audience when thealbum is out althoughdoesn’t have a specificdate as this advert wasprobably done a weekbefore releaseMentions two hit singlesfrom the album that havebeen released as well as arange of other popularartists that appear on thealbum as features to attractfans of the other artists topurchase hisalbum, similarly to the waymagazines have side storiesto appeal the audience intopurchasing it and reading onAlso the artist represents himselfas a deep thinker as despite beingsurrounded by golden items hishead is down with a drink in handperhaps relating to most humanbeings who are sad/over-thinkersbut sometimes do not realise whatthey’re actually surrounded by, thisalbum looks to be full of somewhatsad content due to the title(making it seem like love problems)in addition to the mise en scene(he is wearing all black in a darkroom)
  9. 9. Album title big and noticeablein bold black font. It has alsocaused controversy as somebelieve it may be a play on thename ‘Jesus’ so even beforethis advert viral marketing hadalready taken place in the formof word of mouth on theinternet likewise among peoplein the real world. As hecommonly referred to as‘Yeezy’ it makes the titlesomewhat relevant.Artist name also in bold incase anybody didn’t knowthat it was a Kanye Westalbum as they may beunfamiliar with the title andthere isn’t a clear image thatconsumers can associate withthe album yet making itpossibly harder to rememberIn this current day and age in media,products being sold such as games andmusic can be pre ordered, mostcommon with games, usually preordering perhaps gets the consumer anextra incentive in contrast to theconsumers that buy the albumnormally. For music it may be bonustracks or signed limited editionshowever the choice for Kanye West toneglect this practise on his latest albumcould mean that he doesn’t need to dothat because of his stature or that thework is unfinished as of yet soconsumers can’t also get a pre orderedversion due to it usually coming early. Itcould also perhaps reflect the mainimage which is a blank cd with a red tagof the album title on the side, a possiblestatement to say to the audience it’s ablank canvas and your interpretation ofthe album will be different to anotheraudience member. He also may notwant/need to spend money on extraincentives in a ploy to gain as muchprofit as possible. Many other artistmay not be able to pull this off becausethey aren’t as famous (infamous insome respects) and don’t have asignificant position within the industry,he is also rich enough to do this so itwon’t affect him severely if this albumdoesn’t do wellSmall print advertising on theactual cd and productiondetails promoting his company.The poster itself and mainimage particularly are simple asKanye doesn’t want anything todistract the consumer frompurchasing his album it’s verydirect giving you perhaps all theinformation you need such asthe date of release and title.Simplistic and potentiallyeffective.