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Postmodern analysis


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Postmodern analysis

  1. 1. Postmodern analysis Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone
  2. 2. • ‘Postmodern’ can be deemed as the abolition of limitations within art forms and the intertwining nature of different pieces of art/work coming together to create another piece of art (although never considered for better or worse). • Lady Gaga is perhaps the epitome of postmodern in this day and age, on countless occasions she has broken barriers within her music videos as well as the attire she chooses to wear on talk shows and award shows. Exhibit A I will analyse Lady Gaga’s Telephone video in an attempt to prove it is a postmodern text.
  3. 3. Similarly to opening of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, the font gives the impression that the audience is watching a movie. This can be considered as a pastiche for the golden age of Hollywood films Media synergy, a ‘Virgin Mobile’ phone can be clearly seen in the video The all female prison is rarely documented/shown within media (movies/music videos). This may be a blurring of boundaries as some may see this as females potentially behaving like men which is a spin on normality. A possible reference, the infamous yellow police strip is usually used around the perimeter of a crime scene or even within it, perhaps it’s on her as there may have been speculation as to whether she is a suitable role model, this may be an ironic response saying no she isn’t when really she could be seen as one. More media synergy perhaps used to blur fiction and reality Reference to the car from ‘Kill Bill Vol 1’ which is also the car Beyonce picks Lady Gaga up in
  4. 4. The narrative is similar and a possible inter-textual reference to ‘Thelma & Louise’ Blurring of boundaries here as Lady Gaga herself is wearing the telephone as a hat but using it. (As if she is a robot/cyborg) Again blurring of fiction and reality, by breaking the fourth wall in the middle of her own music video to give fake ingredients for poison to the audience in the style of a tv cooking network A possible reference to Disney as the glasses look like Minnie Mouse’s ears, a possible reference to Lady Gaga’s paparazzi video as those are similar glasses as to what she wore in them (which in itself was a reference to Disney). A possible continuation from paparazzi as the font is similar from both videos perhaps symbolising Gaga at the peak of her career Blurring of reality and fiction again but in a more modern fashion contrasting the newspaper article in paparazzi