Annotation of cd covers


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Annotation of cd covers

  1. 1. Annotation of CD Covers
  2. 2. 1. The relationship between the album cover and other dig packs related to this artist is the consistency in colour scheme, direct addressing of the artist and showing of wealth as a part of genre characteristics. The use of Serif font style is consistent through out this artists portfolio creating a brand identity. 2. The choice of image is of the artist in front of a vehicle representing wealth. The image is in black and white so on the shelf against other albums this will standout and catch the audiences attention. The font used is large and contrasting against the image, so also stands out and easy to read for the audience. There is only use of one colour and that is a yellow/gold which is used on the name of the album, this makes it easy for the audience. 3.The page layout is simple, it is neither cluttered or consist of too much white space. There is an image which covers most of the CD cover, then the text is separated where the importance of the image is not lost. The effect of this CD cover is that it is simple yet has a professional look to it. 4/5. It is clear there is suggestion of genre, through the use of vehicle, expensive clothing, sharp haircut, which shows wealth. Also the use of mise en scene is effective as it contrasts the wealth of the artist which relates to the previous life of the artist in poverty. However this is contradicted by the typography which suggests more of a classical music genre. 6. The star image in all of Snoop Dogg’s material is both an image of himself and the consistent Serif Font style. Both together establish the artists brand identity. Also it is also important to mention in most if not all of his image there is direct addressing to the audience through notion of looking. 7. Usually on this artist digi packs, there is information about the record label on the back cover on the bottom which inform the audience where the artist is signed to. Also the cost of the CD is also usually displayed near the barcode. On newer Album covers there may also be links to websites which the audience can get more information about the artist and the record label
  3. 3. 1. The relationship between this album cover and other material of this artist, is the consistency in colour scheme, the use of the blue, black and white. Also the Serif font style has remained the same through out his career. The use of low angle shot is also important as it makes the artist look powerful which is a genre characteristic of this artist. 2. The choice of image used is important as it makes the artist look powerful and the simple layout helps the audience grip this effect. The simplicity also helps make the information easy to read. The theme of the picture is ‘bling’ this is shown through the clothes the artist is wearing and the comfortable pose on the expensive vehicle. 3. The layout is simple, the image takes up the whole cd cover which is effective as there is no whitespace but also the picture does not look cluttered. The white and grey writing is placed over the black background as these colours clearly contrast the black for a stand out effect on the audience. 4/5. The suggestion of genre is clear through the imagery on the digi packs of the artist, all of this artists material has relevance to wealth, this is shown in different ways, through clothing, jewellery, vehicles and other goods. The font style looks futuristic so I feel does not give a clear suggestion of the genre of the artist, however probably gives the audience the suggestion that the artist is a new generation of the genre – giving the feel of moving forward. 6. The star image of this artist is both the image of himself and the font style for his name, both together create his brand Identity, the use of both these help give the artist some personality and help with promoting his material as the audience don’t just recognise the artist by his name but his appearance as well. Ensuring that the audience remember him in some way. 7. The information about the industry can be found at the bottom of the back cover of cd album. The information this consists is when the album was created, and which record label the artist is signed to and on occasion other album names by the artist. With this artist there is usually a logo of the record label the artist is signed to.
  4. 4. 1. The relationship between the album and other material by the artist 50 Cent is the consistent use of font style for his name, creating a brand identity. Also there is great focus on one of his piece of jewellery, the diamond cross which appears in a few of his album covers, putting across wealth as well as beliefs and values. The is always a picture of the artist , directly addressing the audience on the album also creating a brand identity. 2. The choice of images is vital, the front cover of the album is important as it draws the audience in, the dramatic cover of broken glass focusing on the piece of jewellery, is an eye opener for the audience, also the use of contrasting background helps make the artist stand out. The font used is Serif and is placed in a none cluttered place on the album cover to make information clear. The size of font used on the front cover is important, clearly displaying the artists name. 3. The layout used on this album is simple, the front and back covers consist of a picture which takes up the whole side, which allows the audience to get a full picture of the artist. The use of mise en scene is effective as it creates a feel to where the music the artist creates come from. The information is displayed on the sides of the covers, so that the picture is more important. This simple layout is effective as it clearly shows genre characteristics of the artist , without over cluttering the page with information. 4/5. The genre characteristics in rap are represented here in a clear , eye catching way. The use of broken glass, reflects a subject which is talked a lot about in rap which is gun warfare. Also wealth another genre characteristic which is resembled her through the diamond cross on the artist neck. The image on the back cover with the scenery may resemble the ‘ghetto’ background of 50 Cent. 6. Having considered other material of this artist it is clear his star image is represented through the image of himself, the diamond cross and the Serif Font style which clearly disguises the artist. This Star image is consistent throughout all his work and has helped the artist establish a clear unique brand identity. 7. The Album has information about the industry, including the executive producers of the artist music as well as recordable logo and other business logos associated with the artist, this information appears at the bottom of the back cover of the album, like the other albums analysed. The audience can search up more information on the artist, under the record label.