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Think tank ddih


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. Think Tank Conference 2011 Dynamically Delivered, personalized content by Avvio
  • 2. What will be the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilities presented ?
    • Customers will expect high quality service
    • 3. Service in relation with what was represented online
    • 4. Employees with experience
    • 5. Easy access to make the reservations
    • 6. Good deals
  • What types of hospitality operations will benefit + how
    This is a great dynamically delivered tool to promote hotels! However, in my opinion not all types of hotel can benefit from this tool.
    It is a great tool for the big (chain) hotels that have different kind of services to offer in the hotel (E.g. spa, meeting/conference rooms, golf, restaurant…)
    The castle hotels located far awayfromthe city or hotels that give unique experience to the guest (E.g. hotels located near the vineyards… where people can relax and at the same time enjoy wine ‘degustation’, discover the region…)
  • 7. All type of hospitality operations can benefit from this tool.
    For example:
    Spa – by proposing special offers on the front page of the website with pictures…
    Food and Beverage department – they can put interesting videos, images with relevant content about chef’s recipe, how he cooks dishes…
    Events department- they can promote conference rooms for weddings by posting pictures, videos
  • 8. What types of services or benefits currently OUTSIDE of a property can be integrated into presented capabilities
    By advertizing the hotel itself, the whole region or city’s tourism industry can benefit of this service.
    Beside the high quality pictures, virtual visit of the hotel can be integrated !
    It can have a great impactin convincing customers to come to the hotel ! And avoiding disappointment of the guests at the arrival to hotel.
  • 9. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation - and thus a competitive advantage
    As Mr.Frank Reeves said :“to catch the attention of the guest it takes only 4 seconds” and those 4 seconds can be very important for hotel sales.
    Delivering customized/personalized service through high quality pictures and with interesting contents can really be digital differentiation from other online websites.
  • 10. What impressed you the most about the particular topic that you selected
    Personalized content depending on key word research
    Personalized and interesting offers on the key word research
    High quality pictures with relevant content