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Let's Get Visual:The Power of Telling Your Hotel’s Story Through Video - Webinar


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We discuss how hotel marketers can benefit from using video to tell their hotel’s story, improve SEO results, and capture the attention of travel shoppers.

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Let's Get Visual:The Power of Telling Your Hotel’s Story Through Video - Webinar

  1. 1. Let’s Get Visual: The Power of Telling Your Hotel’s Story Through Video Technical Difficulties? Contact Citrix GoToWebinar 1-800-263-6317 Copyright © 2014 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation
  2. 2. Darlene Rondeau Vice-President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo @darlenerondeau
  3. 3. Hotel Video: ►Evokes emotion ►Shows an experience ►Is dynamic
  4. 4. Ben Pickering President & COO SoMedia Networks @bpicks
  5. 5. About Us • Using technology to transform traditional video production from a time-consuming creative process to an efficient business process • The only integrated platform providing an integrated solution for video production, video content management & analytics • Partnered with Leonardo and currently delivering video to hospitality brands across North America TSXV:VID
  6. 6. Video and the Travel Industry Video engages consumers and increases the likelihood of booking 66% of consumers report watching video when planning travel and 43% when reserving accommodations1 Travelers are more than twice as likely to book when a virtual tour or video is available2 (1)Ezine: (2) Google: (3) Forrester: TSXV:VID 45% of leisure travelers and more than 70% of business travelers were prompted to book as a result of viewing a video3
  7. 7. Video SEO Online search is the primary way travelers gain information when researching travel1 SEO Tips • Use title and tags that mirror your target keywords Use of video drives 150%+ increase in organic search traffic2 • Create a video sitemap • Use good thumbnail images (1)Google; (2) Marketing Sherpa TSXV:VID
  8. 8. Best Types of Video for Hotels Video Tours Walk potential guests through and around the hotel, highlighting key features, amenities, activities and of course bedroom suites Testimonial Videos 87% of people who see positive reviews online are more likely to visit a destination so use video to broadcast the positive experience of past guests Hosted Profile This type of video involves a manager or other employee presenting the hotel (restaurant, spa, etc.) and is an effective way of helping consumers connect with a brand or property on a more personal level Scripted Ads Video ads use a professional narrator combined with professionally shot footage and carefully chosen music, this is a task that is often better left to the professionals TSXV:VID
  9. 9. Best Types of Video for Hotels
  10. 10. Create Amazing Video Content • Flaunt what you’ve got – whether it’s the destination and surrounding area, your amenities, your staff, etc. highlight them in your video(s) • Pick a theme; don’t try to cram everything into one video • Recommended length of 1-2 minutes • Work with a trusted partner for video production to ensure brand consistency across various video content TSXV:VID
  11. 11. Maximize your video assets Leverage social channels Video is the most engaging content on Facebook and Twitter, so share it! Add video to your landing pages Average attention span on a web page is 8 seconds so use video to grab users and convey information more easily than text Use video in your email marketing According to Get Response, emails with video see on average 2x higher click through rates Measure results to identify effective video content and increase ROI TSXV:VID
  12. 12. Key Takeaways ►Video is proven to increase consumer engagement, so it’s not just a “nice to have” ►Once your video is produced, use it in a variety of places –, social sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter feeds) + sales proposals and email marketing initiatives ►There’s a video that’s right for every hotel that considers property type, features and amenities and of course, budget!
  13. 13. Robyn Kinard Director of Hotel Marketing Wynn Las Vegas and Encore
  14. 14. • Pictures speak a thousand words and video brings them to life • Ability to focus on details that evoke emotion • Keep it fresh
  15. 15. Video is Vital • Being specific about a topic in imagery should be matched in video • The quality will reflect the quality in a product • We are a visual society. We want to see it now • Video is the dimensional way to build trust with consumers before arrival
  16. 16. • Well done video can cross international communication without translation • Quick video messages can take people on a mental vacation while they are viewing • Productive messaging even if consumer was not planning a journey because now the seed has been planted
  17. 17. Key Takeaways ►The richness of video evokes emotion something hotel shoppers will remember ►Video quality should reflect your brand ►Builds trust and credibility
  18. 18. Missed the Webinar? It’s ok, Check out the Recording ►Recording of this webinar ● Share it with your colleagues
  19. 19. Download our Free e-Book ►Seeing is Believing: Five Steps To Transforming Your Hotel’s Online Presence With Video
  20. 20. Copyright © 2014 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation