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Media Questionnaire Analysis






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Media Questionnaire Analysis Media Questionnaire Analysis Document Transcript

  • Media Questionnaire Analysis<br />We sent out our questionnaire anonymously and received 20 replies which we used to formulate our analysis which went towards our film.<br />Q1. Are you male or female?<br />This was just a basic question that allowed us to see what breakdown between male and females we had responding<br />Q2. How old are you? <br />This feedback showed us the general ages of people who responded which gave us a good idea who was interested in film and this gave us a good overview of what ages we should aim for with our film.<br />Q3. In a psychological thriller film, how many protagonists would you expect there to be?<br />This feedback was useful in helping us see how many protagonists our film should have in order to be popular with our target audience.<br />Q4. What effect would you wish the film to have on your emotions?<br />In terms of horror and thriller films, the feelings that people have after viewing a film are key in what you want to aim to do. Most horror films tend to strike fear into people and leave them thinking about it afterwards, and our results reflected this. <br />Q5. Should the film resolve itself at the end?<br />Most horror films tend to resolve themselves, whether this involves a twist or a straightforward ending. This feedback backed up these thoughts that there should be a clear ending.<br />Q6. Would you rather a sense of confusion throughout the film or be clear about what is happening/ about to happen throughout?<br />This again reinforces the idea of what psychological thriller audiences want, which is to be in a state of fear and confusion and we will attempt to use this in out film.<br />Q7. What is your preferred genre of film?<br />This feedback reinforces the fact that most psychological thrillers are not mainstream and tend to be niche which is shown by the low percentage on the pie chart.<br />Q8. Would you prefer to physically see killings (gore) within a psychological thriller?<br />This is an important question as it allows us to make our film in a popular manner that could attract audiences.<br />