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South america
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South america


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  • 1. South America
  • 2. South America 4th largest continent in the world Most of the continent is in the “tropics” Coastline along the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean Sea Is it South of America?
  • 3. Physical FeaturesThree Physical Regions Andes Mountains Plains Lowlands and Plateaus of Brazil
  • 4. Andes MountainsFrom Tierra del Fuego to Venezuela4,500 miles longInhabitants are mostly native; isolated villages
  • 5. 
  • 6. Plains Foothills of the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean Argentina & Paraguay Rich loess soil covers the ground Among the best farmland in the world
  • 7. Lowlands & Plateaus of Brazil Amazon River flows through this huge area of mostly flat land. Wide coastal plain to the Atlantic Site of Colonial European Sugar Plantations
  • 8. Indigenous Persons-In the Pre-Columbian age, continent dominated bynative people- Inca Empire: Andes region from 1438-1533  9-14 million people  Highly developed and distinct  Cities, road systems, terrace farming
  • 9. European Colonization 1494: Spain and Portugal agree to divide the continent By mid 1500s, European colonies established What were the goals of these early colonists? Spanish and Portuguese settlers intermarried with natives, forming a Mestizo class European settlers brought disease and forced labor to SA By mid-1800s, most of South America had won independence
  • 10. Government South America a battlefield during the Cold War Today, most governments lean left Socialist leaders in: Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentin a, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, P eru, and Venezuela
  • 11. Religion Roman Catholic dominates region Other Religions Protestant: French Guiana Christianity, Hinduism, Islam: Guyana & Suriname Animism and Shamanism exist in the Andes
  • 12. Languages Spanish & Portuguese dominate Other languages: English, Hindi, Dutch, French, Italian & German Native languages also exist
  • 13. Economyof SouthAmerica
  • 14. Venezuela Dependent on oil production 75% exports are oil, most to the US and Canada Member of OPEC 10% of workforce farmers (bananas, coffee, corn, oranges, rice, livestock
  • 15. Colombia Relies on agricultural products Number one export: Coffee Cotton, sugar, livestock Cocaine  80% of the world’s supply  Employs about 200,000 people with annual revenues of $2.2 billion
  • 16. Peru Rugged land has led to a struggling economy 1/3 of population farming Leading producer of asparagus Copper, lead, silver from the mountains
  • 17. Bolivia Leading export: natural gas ½ of population farming Producer of quinoa, a week that produces a small, edible grain
  • 18. Ecuador Major export: petroleum World’s largest supplier of balsa wood Most Ecuadorians are farmers
  • 19. Argentina Service economies Manufacturing near Buenos Aires Pampas: important to agriculture Patagonia: Petroleum
  • 20. Chile Only 3% of land farmable Copper mining & fishing
  • 21. Brazil Largest economy in South America Abundance of natural resources & good farmland Fast-moving Amazon river creates hydroelectricity 1/5 of workers in agriculture 2nd only to US in agricultural exports ½ of workers in service industries