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Nonprofit communications planning
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Nonprofit communications planning


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How to build a communications plan for your nonprofit. Covers the differences between goals, objectives & tactics & why it's important to have a plan. …

How to build a communications plan for your nonprofit. Covers the differences between goals, objectives & tactics & why it's important to have a plan.

These slides were originally presented at the University of Washington's certificate in nonprofit management.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. + Communications Planning Certificate in Nonprofit Management May 14 2011
  • 2. + Communication’s Role
  • 3. + Communication’s Role
  • 4. + Communication’s Role
  • 5. + Communication’s Role
  • 6. + Communication’s Role
  • 7. + When to create your plan Flickr: Joe Lanman
  • 8. + Who creates your plan? Flickr:michaelcardus
  • 9. + Plan elements n  Executive summary n  Budget n  Goals & objectives n  Tactics n  Evaluation & measurement n  Calendar
  • 10. + Goals
  • 11. + Goals Characteristics of goals n  Speak to overall agency’s goals & vision n  Long term n  Often not measurable or attainable n  Inspirational
  • 12. + Which is the goal? n  Be seen as the primary source n  Update our logo and look to of information for parents reflect new direction of needing quality childcare. agency.
  • 13. + Goals Where to find yours n  Strategic plan n  Fundraising plan n  Case statement n  Interviews with key staff & board
  • 14. + ObjectivesFlickr: stevehicks
  • 15. + Objectives characteristics n  SMART n  Specific n  Measurable n  Achievable n  Relevant n  Timely
  • 16. + Which is the objective? n  Increase replies to all direct n  Increase giving by current mail pieces this year. annual fund donors by 13% by December 2011.
  • 17. + Tactics
  • 18. + Tactics characteristics n  Specific tasks taken n  How relate to objective n  Who will be responsible n  By when it will be done
  • 19. + Tactics examples n  Produce spring newsletter to distribute to 18,000 donors with remit envelope. Objective: Increase annual fund. Communications Director by April 2012 n  Weekly blog updates by key staffers on pre-determined topics. Objective: Increase blog subscribers. Communications Associate, weekly n  Production of video for annual luncheon. Objective: Grow luncheon contributions. Communications Director by September 2013.
  • 20. + Communications plan outline Goal: Be seen as the primary source of information for parents needing quality childcare. Objective: Increase email list of parents in King County by 15% by September 2011. Tactic: Produce monthly enewsletter with parenting tips & local events.
  • 21. + Your turn 1 goal, 2 objectives & 2 tactics Savery Senior Center: This year is our 15th anniversary. We will be launching a capitol campaign in 2012 to raise $3 million for a new food bank at the center. Our fundraising has grown by 10% every year and we have a healthy ratio of institutional and individual funders. We will be re-launching our website this year. Our communications budget is $125,000.
  • 22. + Executive Summary
  • 23. + Executive Summary Contents n  Overall strategic focus for year’s communications n  Objectives n  How you’ll evaluate n  Any outlier events
  • 24. + Budgeting & Measuring
  • 25. + Budget What’s included n  Print, design and postal n  Website creation and maintenance n  Email template & client n  Staffing n  Promotions n  Revenue
  • 26. + Budget How to package it n  Map it to your goals and objectives n  Tie closely to program and fundraising goals n  Always be thinking ROI
  • 27. + Measuring & Evaluation
  • 28. + Measuring & Evaluating How to n  Create document of what tracking n  Establish a schedule n  Know your benchmarks
  • 29. + Measuring & Evaluation Industry standards n  Email benchmarks: n  Open rate: 20.43 % n  Click: 3.54% n  Unsubscribe: 0.17% n  Facebook: n  Fan growth: 14% a month n  110 ‘Likers’ per 1000 email addresses n  Website: n  2.95 page views per visit n  55% of visits via search engines
  • 30. + Measuring & Evaluation Reporting n  Who is your audience? n  Map to goals & objectives n  Include challenges & things you’ve learned
  • 31. + Planning Resources n  Nancy Schwarz marketing plan template : n  Writing a Results Driven Marketing Plan by Tiffany A. Meyer n  Beth Kanter on measurement: n  Amy Sample Ward on measurement: AmyMeasure
  • 32. + Planning Resources Special offer