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National Philanthropy Day in CT 2013

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National Philanthropy Day in CT 2013

  1. 1. Rallying Support for a Common Cause Drive Action and Inspire Change Co-Communications Jessica Lyon, Senior Vice President Danielle M. Cyr, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing
  2. 2. 5 Things to Remember 5. Actions are measurable 4. Awareness is not an action 3. You need a foundation of awareness before you can inspire action 2. Nonprofits often get stuck at the bottom of the funnel 1. It’s all about relationships make yourself perfectly
  3. 3. Laying the Groundwork
  4. 4. Let’s Talk Strategy • Why do I need a strategy? • How often should I update my strategy? • Who should be involved in creating the strategy? • What should be included in creating the strategy? • How will I know if the strategy is working? make yourself perfectly
  5. 5. 5 Reasons You Need a Strategy 1. To ensure everyone – internally and externally – is working towards the same goal(s) 2. To maintain synergy between marketing and development initiatives 3. To ensure all marketing and development activities support the organization‟s overall strategic plan 4. To provide a framework for defining and evaluating success 5. To minimize (unpleasant) surprises make yourself perfectly
  6. 6. Creating a Data-Driven Strategy • Ask the right questions – what information do you need from stakeholders to create a strategy and campaign that drive meaningful action? – Surveys – Stakeholder Interviews – Focus Groups – Campaign Analysis – Custom Research make yourself perfectly
  7. 7. Being Strategic in a Real-Time Media World • Be a student of the world around you • Seize timely opportunities • Plan for the year ahead…and how to dovetail on existing initiatives • Be realistic about how many extra initiatives you can tackle • Be mindful of maintaining a balanced strategy make yourself perfectly
  8. 8. Creating a Strategic Framework • Identify who has a stake in the outcomes • Ask yourself, “Whose support/involvement do I need to achieve the objectives?” • Ask yourself, “What are the anticipated barriers to success? How can I work with/around them?” make yourself perfectly
  9. 9. Core Strategic Components • • • • • • • • Situational Assessment Measurable Objectives Clearly Defined Target Audiences Compelling Key Message Points A Blend of Digital and Traditional Tactics Cleary Defined Roles and Responsibilities A (Realistic) Timeline Success Metrics make yourself perfectly
  10. 10. Is My Strategy Working? • Clearly defined success metrics • Short- and long-term goals • Measurable outcomes make yourself perfectly
  11. 11. Driving Audience Action
  12. 12. Reel ‘em In • • • • • • Optimized website Remarkable/sharable information Downloadable incentives Compelling calls-to-action Robust blog Sizzling social media channels make yourself perfectly
  13. 13. Be Part of Something Big(ger)
  14. 14. Be Part of Something Big(ger)
  15. 15. What’s In It for Them? make yourself perfectly
  16. 16. Strengthening Connections 4 make yourself perfectly
  17. 17. Lessons from charity : water • • • • • • First-person account of the challenge Makes the problem personal Shows donations at work Eliminates geographic barriers Multichannel Shareable make yourself perfectly
  18. 18. Rewarding Loyalty & Engagement • It’s all about the experience – Being first to tour a new facility – Small group meet and greet with a special guest – Individual recognition – Entry into a special drawing make yourself perfectly
  19. 19. Defining the Ask make yourself perfectly
  20. 20. Making Engagement Easy make yourself perfectly
  21. 21. Making Engagement Easy make yourself perfectly
  22. 22. Making Engagement Easy • • • • Share buttons „Forward this email‟ Voter VOICE make yourself perfectly
  23. 23. Making Engagement Exciting make yourself perfectly
  24. 24. Making Engagement Exciting The Challenge: • Create a social campaign to educate Dutchess County teenagers about healthy relationships The Solution: • Ask teens, How Messed Up is YOUR Relationship? The Results at 30 Days: • • • Reached 30,318 teens through Facebook advertising Generated 1,788 website visits 1,000+ quizzes completed make yourself perfectly
  25. 25. Defining Success • When to measure: – Before – During – After • What action is meaningful to your nonprofit‟s bottom line? – – – – Signing a pledge Sending a letter to congress Volunteering Donating make yourself perfectly
  26. 26. Integrating Online & Offline for a Cohesive Campaign
  27. 27. Overcoming Obstacles • • • • • • • Multiple audiences Widely varied communication preferences Limited budgets Restrictive grants Limited manpower Knowledge gaps Competition – time & money make yourself perfectly
  28. 28. Case Study: Winning a Vote & Securing a Lease GOAL: To gain substantial community support for Westchester Children‟s Museum to be housed at the Rye Playland North Bathhouse by raising awareness of the Museum‟s mission through social media platforms…in 60 days. CHALLENGES: Need 12 votes from County Legislature for lease approval with no Republican support. Low following on Facebook and Twitter. make yourself perfectly
  29. 29. Case Study: Winning a Vote & Securing a Lease make yourself perfectly
  30. 30. Case Study: Winning a Vote & Securing a Lease Tweeted regularly and encouraged followers to RT “Tag! You‟re it!” to gain more followers and Museum support make yourself perfectly
  31. 31. Case Study: Winning a Vote & Securing a Lease CONSTANT CONTACT “10 Days, 10 Ways” Countdown 1 blast per day 10 days prior to lease vote • Strategized and implemented various Constant Contact email blast campaigns, most notably “10 Days, 10 Ways” Countdown to lease vote • Utilized “10 Ways, 10 Days” Countdown on both Facebook and Twitter as daily posts make yourself perfectly
  32. 32. Case Study: Winning a Vote & Securing a Lease • • • • • • • • Campaign Lease unanimously approved by County Legislature 17-0 Successes More than 1,000 letters of support received by Legislature More than 800 new Museum supporters via Voters Voice More than 500 new Facebook “Likes” 129 Facebook Cause members More than 200 new Twitter followers Multiple Twitter ReTweets including local celebrity support More than 40 local press hits including substantial print features make yourself perfectly
  33. 33. Integrated Success Metrics • Success metrics should be tied to short- and long-term campaign goals and strategic organizational goals – Success metrics are not one-size-fits-all – You should evaluate both progress meeting an end goal as well as the success of individual tactics/initiatives in helping to meet that goal – The definition of success is not universal…which is why benchmarks need to be part of a strategy that an entire team has bought in to and agreed upon make yourself perfectly
  34. 34. Top 5 Takeaways 1. Audiences need to feel connected to the cause before they will take action 2. There are meaningful ways for audiences to take action beyond making a donation 3. Effective, action-driving campaigns are built around a nimble strategy and upon a foundation of awareness 4. Success Metrics are not universal 5. The more actively engaged your online and offline communities, the greater your ROI…and your ROE make yourself perfectly
  35. 35. Jessica Lyon @jesslyon | Danielle Cyr @daniellecyr | New York | Connecticut

Editor's Notes

  • Loyalty is two way – donors
  • Not just what you ask but how you ask; break through the clutter
  • Tell people what to do with information, how to interact