Drip Marketing Email Campaign Strategy
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Drip Marketing Email Campaign Strategy



DigitalDay's email marketing experience in drip marketing campaigns includes project examples from Stanley Steemer, LasikPlus, and several other direct-marketing clients. ...

DigitalDay's email marketing experience in drip marketing campaigns includes project examples from Stanley Steemer, LasikPlus, and several other direct-marketing clients.

As a Silverpop Partner, we leverage this best-in-class email delivery tool and integrate into client's 3rd party and proprietary systems.



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Drip Marketing Email Campaign Strategy Drip Marketing Email Campaign Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1   DigitalDay’s
 Drip Marketing Experience " " April 22, 2013"
  • 2   Our Brand Mission DigitalDay is a full-service, online marketing agency concentrating on 
 valued brands. We are dedicated to developing excellent client relationships that ensure our clients stay with us on a long-term basis. " " Our long-term client relationships prove that we
 stand out from the competition as a partner who 
 delivers world-class, quality creative backed by 
 leading-edge technology and 
 exceptional client service. " ! We are an agency that goes above and 
 beyond the expected."
  • We Provide Full-Service Online Marketing Marketing Strategy & Branding! Design! Services! Content   Development   Technical Services! Online Marketing Strategy! ! Email Marketing Strategy! ! Website & Mobile Strategy
 & I/A! ! Online Promotion Strategy & Execution! ! SEO Strategy! ! Social Media Strategy! ! Section 508
 Compliance! ! Account Management! ! ! Branding & Logo
 Email Creative! 
 Interface Design! ! Usability
 ! CSS/HTML5! ! Illustration! ! Digital Photography! ! Flash & HTML5 Animation! ! Video Editing and Conversion! Information Architecture! ! Email Content Development
 Web Content Editing! ! Original Content! ! Digital Photography! ! Online Video! ! SEO Relevance! ! Social Media Management! Technical Strategy! ! HTML/HTML5/CSS/
 jQuery/Flash! ! .NET, MVC, PHP, Java! ! Email Best Practices! Delivery! ! CMS Strategy & Implementation! ! Ecommerce
 Strategy & Implementation! ! Application Development! ! Managed Hosting! ! 3  
  • From Strategy, to Development to Analytics Online Marketing Strategy & Branding –  Website Strategy, Design & Development –  Mobile Strategy, Design & Development –  Extranet Strategy, Design & Development –  Intranet Strategy, Design & Development –  Online Marketing •  Online Promotions •  Email Marketing •  Search Engine Optimization & Marketing •  Social Media Optimization & Management •  Online Advertising: - Banner & Landing Page Development - Media Placement Application Development –  Ecommerce Implementation –  Content Management Systems –  Mobile Development –  CRM Integration 4  
  • 5   Our Award-Winning “5D” Process!
  • 6   B2C and B2B Client Experience
  • 7   Strategic Partners
  • 8   Our Experience :: StanleySteemer.com Re-Launch
  • Stanley Steemer Mobile Optimized Appointment Scheduler Redesign Desktop  website  has  low  usability   on  smartphones  resul<ng  in   extraordinarily  high  bounce  rates   and  lost  appointments   Redesigned  and  re-­‐engineered  Appointment  Scheduling  Applica<on  is  completely  op<mized  for  smartphones  and  tablets  
  • LasikPlus Appointment Scheduler Application Redesign Dynamic  Home  Page  with  custom,  campaign-­‐ trackable  phone  numbers  encourages   consumers  to  “schedule  FREE  exam”   Geo-­‐targeted  Online  Scheduling  Applica<on,  <ed  to  the  company’s  proprietary  back-­‐ end  scheduling  system,  helps  consumers  select  nearest  LasikPlus  Center  and  best   available  <mes.   Confirma<on  page  with  op<onal  alerts  and  reminders  to  ensure   consumer  doesn’t  miss  their  appointment.   Drama<c  Results:   •  Increased  Conversion   Rate  by  6%     •  Increased  Online   Appointments   Scheduled  by  900%  
  • LasikPlus Online Direct Marketing Campaign Elements Referral  rewards  campaign  email   $100  OFF  Email  Campaign  and  Dynamic  Landing  Page   Banner  ads  to  support  various  campaigns  
  • 12   Our Experience :: LasikPlus Market-Specific Campaigns
  • 13   Our Experience :: Rubbermaid.com Integrated Campaigns
  • 14   Our Experience :: Aramark Email and Landing Pages
  • 15   Our Experience :: DermOne Market-Specific Campaigns
  • 16   Our Experience :: Personalized Email and Landing Page
  • 17   Our Experience :: Personalized Content Emails
  • 18   Our Experience :: Transactional Emails
  • 19   Our Experience :: Integrated Campaigns
  • 20   Our Experience :: Email Creative
  • 21   Our Experience :: Online Promotions
  • Experienced Sitecore Partner 22   •  BackyardAdventures.com •  CompoundW.ca •  CSIClosures.com •  DoctorsNightGuard.com •  DuckBrand.com •  FabulousFoodShow.com •  FrogTape.com •  FrogTape.co.uk •  GoJo.com •  Hygenic.com •  IXBeerFest.com •  JumpstartInc.org •  MySSPUSA.com •  Pactiv.com •  PremierDocs.com •  Purell.com •  ReynoldsKitchens.com •  Schwebels.com •  Shearers.com •  ShearersFoodsInc.com •  StanleySteemer.com •  StickOrTreat.com •  StuckAtProm.com •  SwingsetsOnline.com •  TangosChips.com - 20 Sitecore Development Resources" - Sitecore Partner Since 2009
 - Sitecore’s Product Development Team Provides 
 Full Project Support to DigitalDay" " "
  • Our Understanding of Proposed Drip Campaign •  Current Drip Campaign Test was developed by Anthem, built manually. •  Past customers were put into groups based on last service date and received drip Email campaigns. •  Current Email Templates were programmed by Exact Target and Drip Campaign Emails are static. •  Drip Campaign Test will conclude the week of 5/13/2013 Deliverables: •  Create a program that will automate a Drip Email Campaign, based on business rules. •  Configure Data Feed via FTP or Building an API for Import Data and Result Data Exports •  Create new Email Templates to be dynamically populated according to drip Campaign Business Rules and Segmentation. •  Provide Email Best Practices and Guidance 23  
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 24   Lead Scoring Models are usually reserved for new leads or prospective Consumers. However, tools are available to continue to update Consumer Profiles for the lifetime of the Customer.
 Tools In Place/In Process of Implementation:
 - Power Magic/Steemer Online
 - Google Adwords/Display/Bing
 - Sitecore Digital Marketing System
 - Cart Abandonments
 - Email Service Provider Lead Scoring"
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 25   Steemer Online/Power Magic 
 – Data being leveraged by Anthem Marketing today to aggregate "
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 26   Google Ad Words/Display/Bing
 – Track Customer from Paid Media Entry Point to Conversion and append profile
 " – Trigger Dynamic Landing Pages to pre-select Zip/Territory and/or Offer" "
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 27   Sitecore Digital Marketing System
 – Create User Personas based on Lead Scoring Models
 " – Provide Personalized Content" 
 – Provide Personalized or Segmented Offers" 
 – Conduct Multivariate Testing of Content and Offers" 
 – Optimize Conversion Funnel" " – Pass Consumer Profile Detail to Email Service Provider" " "
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 28   Shopping Cart Abandonment
 – Email Remarketing: Follow Up on Abandoned Shopping Carts
 " – 26% (on Avg) Conversion Rate on Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails
 – 13% Conversion Rate for Users that Enter Current Scheduling Process
 – Multi-Stage Triggers to Provide Different Message/Offer" 
 – Behavioral Targeting based on Profile
 – Remarketing Pixels with Display Media" "
  • Opportunity :: Leverage All Analytics 29   Email Service Provider Lead Scoring! ! •  Segment Customers and Email OptIn List based off Sales Data and Behavior
 " •  Append Customer Profile based on Repeat Visits to Website" •  
 Enhance Profile and Quality with Service Follow-Up Surveys
 " •  Pass to Direct Mail Campaigns"
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 30   Responsive Design Project for StanleySteemer.com Underway, Email to follow 
 " •  30% of StanleySteemer.com comes from Mobile Devices" •  Optimized Email Will Boost Conversion
 " •  Text Messaging/SMS can build existing Customer Engagement
 " •  Text Messaging/SMS can encourage higher close rate through Appointment Reminders" •  Text Messaging/SMS can be integrated with Cart Abandonment process"
  • Stanley Steemer Mobile Optimized Appointment Scheduler Redesign Desktop  website  has  low  usability   on  smartphones  resul<ng  in   extraordinarily  high  bounce  rates   and  lost  appointments   Redesigned  and  re-­‐engineered  Appointment  Scheduling  Applica<on  is  completely  op<mized  for  smartphones  and  tablets  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 32   Desktop   33%   Webmail   25%   Mobile   42%   Mobile: Smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablets Desktop: Installed email programs (Outlook, Apple Mail) Webmail: Email accessed through a web browser (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!) Email Opens: January 2013  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 33   12 Month Change   20%   25%   30%   35%   40%   45%   50%   Jan   Feb   March   April   May   June   July     Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan2   Opens  in  Each  Environment   Webmail   Desktop   Mobile  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 34   Scale to Size  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 35   Scale to Size  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 36   Device Specific Content! ! Link to specific app store, 
 localization, timers  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 37   Email Message Preheaders! ! Support the subject line with a
 creative, useful or helpful
 - Call-to-action
 - Special offer
 - Reminder
 - Clickable/measurable
 - NOT “having trouble…?”  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 38   Design for Touch! ! - Tappable touch targets
 - Bulletproof buttons that don’t rely
 on an image
 - Left-hand side – more friendly
 across all devices  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 39   Test – Measure – Optimize ! vs.  
  • Opportunity :: Mobile Optimization 40   DigitalDay – Experienced In Responsive Design!
  • Opportunity :: Email Service Provider 41   DigitalDay understands that Exact Target is currently in place for the Drip Marketing Test, as well as StanleySteemer.com Integration and Outbound Email Marketing." " However, based on DigitalDay’s 10 years of experience in Enterprise Email Marketing, our recommendation is that Exact Target is a platform that may have limitations in both full optimization of the Drip Marketing Campaign as well as integration with other Outbound Email Programs.
 Some of the limitations include:" •  No True One-to-One Personalized Automation. Only Supports Segments of Customers, Not Individual Profiles" •  No Real Time Automation, is based on Marketer’s Scheduling of Campaign" •  No Lead Scoring directly in product, relies on an external integration with Pardot" •  No On-Website Webtracking Capability" •  No Behavior-Based Query Capability, only can key on Clicks and Opens" •  Requires SQL Experience to Create Queries for Advanced Segments" •  No Direct Integration with Sitecore"
  • DigitalDay :: Experienced Silverpop Agency Partner 42   •  Silverpop Agency Partner Since 2004" •  Power Campaigns to more than 20,000,000 
 Recipients Annually" •  Over 1,000 Campaign Deployments to Date" •  Integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM and Consumer Profile Databases, and Sitecore CMS" •  Silverpop’s Product Development and Professional Service Teams Provide Full Project Support to DigitalDay"
  • Why Silverpop? 43   •  Powerful Data Segmentation
 " •  Full Lifecycle Email Campaign Management (Web/Offline/Email/Social/Mobile)" •  Lead Scoring that is Fully Integrated 
 " •  Greater Relevance through full Dynamic Content and an Intuitive Query Builder
 " •  On-Demand Reporting and Analytics – Including User Engagement Analysis (Opens, Clickthroughs, Forwards, Natural Forwards, Prints of Emails, Skims vs. Reads, Mobile Device vs. Desktop/Webmail Clients) " •  Industry Leading Deliverability
 " •  Subject Line Testing/Multivariate Testing
 " •  Send Time Optimization (Send to Users When they’re most likely to open Email)" •  Full Mobile/Desktop/Webmail UI Testing"  
  • How Silverpop is More Relevant to SSI than Exact Target 44   •  Leading Integrator of Microsoft Dynamics in ESP Space: Purchased CoreMotives in 2012. CoreMotives Technology is Directly Integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SSI currently undergoing upgrade of ERP to Microsoft Dynamics.
 " •  Segmentation Based on Behaviors of all Web activity and not just Clicks and Opens from Emails " •  Full Lead Scoring that can Leverage Sitecore Digital Marketing System. Silverpop vTrenz was a pioneer in Marketing Automation. 
 " •  Direct Integration with Sitecore (through DigitalDay)
 " •  Drip Programs are based on Behavior and leverages Send Time Optimization, not just scheduled to blast out once an hour or once a day " •  Integrated SMS
 " •  An Integrated Landing Page/Webform Platform
 " •  An Integrated Survey Platform"  
  • Drip Program Development Tool in Silverpop 45  
  • Query Tool in Silverpop 46  
  • Lead Scoring Tool in Silverpop 47  
  • For more information, contact . . . Mark Vitullo Partner DigitalDay 330-940-2565 markv@digital-day.com Shane Geisheimer Partner DigitalDay 330-940-2565 shaneg@digital-day.com