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Masterclass - Agile in Marketing


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Agile marketing can provide an answer. A new and iterative process that will introduce your innovations to market much faster because you will constantly measure and improve based on customer feedback.

In this masterclass you will learn about the core principles of Agile in Marketing. What is it, why is it so necessary? How do you introduce agile marketing in your organization? We will introduce you to the various agile marketing frameworks. So that you will understand how you can accelerate and improve your daily digital marketing operation, but also how you can decide on new concepts or a new strategy.

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Masterclass - Agile in Marketing

  1. 1. Be Agile in Marketing, ‘Hit the ground running!’ Number8 Paul Ligtenberg Willemijn Schneyder
  2. 2. Pleased to meet you! The Loosehead Prop | The Tighthead Prop | ©
  3. 3. Let’s go digital… ©
  4. 4. The world is confused The world’s largest taxi company doesn’t own any cars. The largest media company doesn't make content. The largest retailer in the world doesn’t have any stock. The biggest hotel doesn’t have any buildings or rooms. The fastest growing bank doesn’t have any real money. The largest phone company doesn't have any infra. The worlds largest movie company doesn’t own theatres. The biggest software company doesn't make its own apps. ©
  5. 5. Three leverages that lead to… User centered Technology as a leverage Free distribution Intangible assets © Number8 adaptatie ©O.Mohout User centered Outcome focused lean development
  6. 6. …business agility. ©
  7. 7. Agile brings better results… ©
  8. 8. Bringing Agile in Marketing improves & fastens for increased commercial growth with highly collaborative teams. …in three different areas. © Agile in itself a methodology to organize work & people.
  9. 9. Agile Umbrella Agile is a tailor-made suit Do whatever! (0) Kanban Kanban Scrum Lean start-up Customer development RUPXP FDD Agile modelling Kanban (3) Scrum Customer development XP (13) RUP (120) Agile modelling ©
  10. 10. CREATE AN AGILE THAT FITS What methods works for you depends on: ©
  13. 13. Every iteration in Agile produces… “A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.” Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber divide & inspect Improve & learn open & share Learning by doing ©
  14. 14. FUNDAMENT 3 | …an MVP ©
  15. 15. FUNDAMENT 4 | AUTONOMY ©
  16. 16. FUNDAMENT 5 | CUSTOMER ©
  17. 17. FUNDAMENT 6 | METRICS ©
  18. 18. Now a deep dive Agile in Marketing
  19. 19. Agile organisation values Kill the hippo, leave your office and get to know your (potential) customer. Organize yourself around ‘customer delivery’. Lose agile marketing! No more LTPs or plateaus. Create a strong vision, a clear mission, a unique brand strategy, but no books on 2025. Validated learning over opinions and conventions Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy Responding to change over following a plan 1 2 3
  20. 20. Validated learning & IDEO
  21. 21. From silos to multifunctional teams Plaatje met case over multi functioneel team volgt
  22. 22. Live & deliver your brand ©
  23. 23. Agile operation values No more market research but continuous & real-time insights in the journeys. Not the agency with the perfect campaign but many MVC’s. No more betting on the one campaign but every two weeks an improved one. The process of customer discovery over static prediction Many small experiments over a few large bets Adaptive & iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns 4 5 6
  24. 24. Getting to know your customer is … Hard work
  25. 25. Iterative marketing development Conventional marketing process big strategy test Build & launch NEW big strategy adjust measure Agile marketing process © David Armano insights build launch measure build launch measure Small strategy small strategy adjust insights small strategy adjust continue Something else Learning curve Learning curve
  26. 26. Delivers an MVP every sprint Sprint 1 Goal | collect data • built campaign • lauch small • measure results • follow up Sprint 2 Goal | finetune campaign • results & feed back • improve campaign • increased launch • analyse conversion • follow up Sprint 3 Goal| next steps • continue with improvements, scaling, measure & adjust OR • try something else insights build launch measure build launch measure Small strategy small strategy adjust insights small strategy adjust continue Something else
  27. 27. AGILE @OREO | The workings
  28. 28. Agile innovation values Not the ultimate business plan, but hypothesis testing | Fail fast, learn fast Validated Business modelling over following the business plan 7 We need hyper scalability with agile business development, not bureaucracy Incubation & acceleration over annexation 8
  29. 29. Business modelling is hard work…
  30. 30. …and scaling up is an art. © Number8 adaptatie ©O.Mohout
  31. 31. Agile scrum @ Wikispeed 2010 • Budget | $ 5.000 • Challenge | build a car that drives min 1:40 • 3 months later | modular prototype • 10th place above Tesla, Tata, MIT 2016 • Social enterprise • 100% volunteers ©
  32. 32. Hit the ground running 1. Start small 2. Isolate your project 3. Set crystal clear goals 4. Get a user-centered team 5. Find a sponsor on sr. management level 6. Manage your surroundings 7. Implement new rituals & roles to guide the change 8. Celebrate every success …..... and every failure 9. Get yourself an agile coach ©
  33. 33. Thank you! We are: