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Resume milind v. thakur (2)

  1. 1. MILIND VASANTRAO THAKUR<br />Email: ~ Ph: 919959611229, 9140 40031689<br /> <br />Top Management Profile - Major Lift Irrigation / Water Division<br />Key Expertise: Construction Project Management • Contract Negotiation and Finalization • Quality Management • Procurement • Budget Management • Resource Planning • Team Leadership<br />Profile Snapshot: experienced, outstanding senior water technologist and qualified AMIE, Section A, Civil, & Dipl. Civil & Rural Engineering having over 25 years of core experience in the Construction sector in both Project and Site Management with strong experience in handling turnkey projects for reputed companies. <br />Hands-on Expertise in: direction and supervising execution of diverse projects on installation of utilities and water infrastructure development with several reputed organizations across southern and western India<br />Proven contribution in: all aspects of techno-commercial business development and administration, etc.; presently serving with a leading Engineering Construction companies at Hyderabad as Vice President.<br />Additional Excellence in: ~ Water Exploration Technology ~ Construction management ~ Forming business alliances ~ Liaison with government / department policy makers ~ Techno-commercial processes viz. bidding/tendering, evaluation ~ Feasibility assessment in pipeline projects with 99% accuracy~ Project profitability ~ Business Development & Tendering ~ cost & risk assessment ~ business process improvement/redesign ~ operations cost management ~ financial operations ~ underground projects ~ irrigation and sewage projects<br />Seeking challenging apex career opportunity as CEO/COO, while integrating technical expertise and leadership skills that drives organizational performance to world-class levels<br /> <br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />SEW INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. Hyderabad<br />Corporate Profile: SEW is one of the leading Engineering Construction companies having executed several landmark projects across India. Backed by over 50 years of construction excellence, SEW provides innovative and cost effective solutions to critical projects. Turnover of company FY 2010-11 was 1875 crores. <br />Sr. G.M/ Divn. Vice President (2007 to present)<br />Reporting to Managing Director, assisted by 100 ranking from SR.GM, DGM, AGM, PM, SR. Manager, Manager, Asst. Manager.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Framing strategies & exploring business opportunities, approaching local/international joint venture partner to bid for projects, as necessary.
  2. 2. Analyzing feasibility studies for bidding; analyzing strength of competition.
  3. 3. Inspecting locations of mega/complex projects to verify requirements before bidding, reviewing cost estimates.
  4. 4. Initiating recruitment of all senior staff for execution of projects; confirming projected profitability, taking responsibility for execution.</li></ul>Contributions:<br /><ul><li>Framed aggressive business strategy to emerge as leading player in water sector with no previous company presence and concluding agreement with international joint venture partner for big water project. As well as successful tie up with 8 domestic companies having experience the similar industry to bid for various project across the country. Successfully bided contracts worth of INR 150000 ml. since joining and got awarded projects of INR 20000 ml in several states.
  5. 5. Completed 630 ml. capacity intake tower in Pench reservoir, the biggest intake tower in India water industry; executed 3000 mm. diameter MS pipeline TURNKEY EPC contract for 26000 mtr. For biggest lift irrigation project of Andhra Pradesh, the highest diameter used in this sector.
  6. 6. Successfully bid for on going project to deliver 15000 ml. cft. of water in 102 days, the biggest discharge of 60000 lit/sec. in Karnataka state. </li></ul>Won challenge to eliminate losses from excessive costs and widespread process inefficiencies by implementing strict project schedules, cost effectiveness, safety, while executing the projects, and maintaining environment-friendly approach.<br />Contributed 13% of turnover in FY 10-11 against <4% till joining in 2007.<br />Prestigious Project <br />630 MLD water supply project for Nagpur City.<br />15 TMC water lifting EPC Project for KNNL under Project Expansion plan of Upper Bhadra Modernization Program.<br />UGD project for Coimbatore City.<br />UGD project for Pallikarnai Town Panchayat, Package of CMWSSB Chennai.<br />3 Packages of UGD Projects for BMWSSB Bangalore & lots more like Storm Water Project etc.<br />TAPI PRESTRESSED PRODUCTS LTD. Pune <br />Corporate Profile: TAPI a leading Water infrastructure Development company for executing Water Supply projects, Lift Irrigation, Water treatment plants, Roads , Bridges in URBAN DEVELOPMENT FIELD. Company have in house manufacturing units of M.S & PSC Pipes to cater requirement for own projects without depending upon other supplier for timely & cost effectively executing projects. These plants are business/profit centers by trading their product required for other projects too. Turnover FY 2006-07 of 350 crores <br />Project Coordinator (Nov.2005 to Jun. 2007)<br />Reported to Chairman, assisted by 50/P.M. RANKING FROM /SR. MANAGER TO ASST MANGER<br />Deliverables:<br />Oversaw Business Development & Tendering for Water Division as Project In-Charge for providing end-to-end solutions for high value contracts of INR.2500 ml.; enabled turnover of Rs.100+ ml. in 60 days.<br />Coordinated, pre-planned, monitored commissioning of projects completed in Tamil Nadu; supervised team of 50 project managers and senior engineers; provided customized solutions in costing of prestigious projects.<br />Coordinated bidding for Rs.25000+ ml. based on execution cost & risk assessment; was awarded contracts worth Rs.4500 ml. liaised effectively with key officials, bureaucrats and ministers.<br />Initiated process improvements, assisted technology heads, operations and production, project management and planning, applied resource prioritization tools and performance measurement criteria; encouraged widespread use of interactive models as basis for relationship between internal service providers and business units.<br />Developed strategy, participated in construction of multiple components, set strategic direction for technology and operations, leveraged operational knowledge and expertise to increase complementary business opportunities.<br />Contributions:<br />Framed successful strategies & explored business opportunity, contracted with local joint venture partner to bid for projects, as necessary. <br />Analyzed feasibility reports on project for bidding and inspected project locations for mega/complex projects; reviewed cost assessments and explored strength of competition.<br />Arranged post-award recruiting of senior personnel for executing & monitoring projects, ensuring profitability & taking responsibility till successful handing over to client.<br />Formulated business strategy in water & other sector to establish company through increased presence till then restricted to Maharashtra and north & south regions.<br />Enabled tie up with large domestic companies as joint venture partner with weak technicals but strong financials to bag large water project orders and successfully bid for business of INR 25000 ml. since joining; closed contracts worth Rs.4500 ml. in Maharashtra, MP. Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu.<br />Successfully bid for and was awarded work of INR. 2500 ml. 300% higher than 2010 rates; also completed additional INR 2500 ml. project.<br />Laid 65000 mtr. of pre-stressed concrete pipes of various dia. for water supply of Jalgaon project; designed & constructed comparatively largest 120 mld wtp.<br />GAUTAM INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS PVT. LTD., Trichanapalli, Tamil Nadu<br />Corporate Profile: Gautam a subsidiary of TAPI GROUP. Established as business expansion plan to tap southern states market in Water infrastructure Development projects like Executing Water Supply projects directly. The core focus was to develop best quality PSC Pipes manufacturing by establishing plant with largest production capacity by strategic location selection of their unit near to Thiruchirapalli which was centre of southern states. Turnover of FY 2004-2005 of 45 Crores. <br />Director (Jun. 2000 to Nov. 2005)<br />Reported to Chairman, Tapi Group, assisted by120 from PM To Foreman<br />Deliverables:<br />Framed strategies for exploring business opportunity to establish presence in southern region.<br />Obtained business for parent company and outsourced to subsidiary Gautam Infra. to establish its credibility.<br />Verified feasibility of project and inspected project locations; reviewed cost estimates.<br />Explored means of overcoming competition to win contracts and initiated recruitment of senior staff for execution & monitoring project/projects till successful handing over to client.<br />Contributions:<br />Successfully framed business strategy in water sector to establish company develop presence in Tamil Nadu as part of business expansion in southern region.<br />Enabled tie up with Mahindra Construction & Mcnally Bharat to secure large contracts and to support growth of subsidiary in pre-stressed concrete pipe manufacturing.<br />Successfully bid for business of INR 10000 ml. in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu since joining. <br />Successfully closed 2nd. largest cwss projects for installation of pipes for water supply to 674 villages.<br />Constructed radial arm driven intake well cum pump house in river Cauvery and pipe over pile foundation bridge of 500 mtr.; erected, commissioned PSC pipe manufacturing unit in 120 days spread over 20 acres near Trichy. <br />EARLIER ASSIGNMENTS<br />TIRUPATI PRE-STRESSED PRODUCTS PVT. LTD., Latur. (Subsidiary company of TAPI) <br />Corporate Profile: Tirupati a subsidiary of TAPI GROUP. Established as business expansion plan to tap Western Maharashtra market in Water infrastructure Development projects like Executing City Industrial Water Supply/Waste water/Effluent of industries conveyance & Lift irrigation larger projects in western Maharashtra (Region which have most fertile land for huge cultivation of sugar cane). The core focus was to develop best quality PSC Pipes manufacturing by establishing plant with large production capacity to cater PSC pipes for above mentioned projects for TAPI GROUP & parallel trading activity to supply pipes to other bidders/projects in role of supplier. Turnover FY1999-2000 was 25 crores. <br />Director-Works Manager (Apr 1994 to Jun 2000)<br />Reported to (Chairman Tapi group), assisted by 50 staff including senior engineers, project engineers, factory engineer and accountant<br />Deliverables/Contributions:<br />Commissioned new PSC pipe manufacturing unit near Latur despite earthquake hazard, motivated staff to relocate from Gwalior unit; successfully completed task ahead of schedule.<br />Supervised bids for more than Rs.5000 ml.; was awarded contracts worth Rs.1200 ml. Handled estimation and bidding for new projects in South India.<br />Completed effluent disposal pipeline project for Birla Cellulosic, Surat in record time of 120 days under protests/agitations by human rights groups and pollution control board pressure, earning company bonus of Rs. 10 ml. for achievement; similar project of effluent disposal pipeline commissioned for Sinnar Mass Pulp & Paper Mill (Indonesian MNC). <br />Liaised effectively with key officials of govt. and bureaucracy to facilitate business processes without holdups.<br />Focused on strategic operations by use of technology and offered services including business process improvement/redesign, operations cost management, financial operations, technology assessment and system selection, business continuity/disaster recovery planning and risk management. <br />Coordinated all aspects with consultants.<br />TAPI PRESTRESSED PRODUCTS LTD. (Jalgaon/Gwalior Madhya Pradesh)<br />Corporate Profile: TAPI a leading Water infrastructure Development company for executing Water Supply projects, Lift Irrigation projects. Turnover FY 1993-94 was 20 crores. <br />Factory Manager/Project Manger (Jul 1991 to Apr 1994)<br />Reported to The Director/Site In-charge, assisted by 35 Junior Engineers, Supervisors and Site Accountants.<br /> <br />Deliverables/Contributions:<br />Guided in successfully bidding and preparing IRCON (Indian Railways subsidiary) to join Tapi Joint Venture partner for World Bank funded project in Uttar Pradesh. <br />Executed water supply & effluent disposal pipeline projects in sensitive, dacoit infested areas of Chambal Valley.<br />Maintained rapport with key govt. officials.<br />THE INDIAN HUME PIPE CO. LTD. Nagpur/Bolangir <br />Corporate Profile: THE INDIAN HUME PIPE COMPANY is Walchand Hirachand Grop company, established by keeping eye on potential of Water Infrastructure all over India & across the Globe. IHP established 17 PSC Pipe manufacturing units in all parts of india to grab entire India water business. Turnover in FY 1990-91 was 30 crores. <br />Project In Charge (Mar 1987 to Jul 1991)<br />Reported to The Director, assisted by 20 Junior Engineers, Supervisors and Site Accountants. <br />Deliverables/Contributions:<br />Executed works of designing, manufacturing, supplying, laying and jointing of PSC and other pipe products for turn-key water pipeline of 150 km. for several department viz. MJP, MIDC, MP, PHE, CIDCO and Sunflag Iron & Steel.<br />Executed pipe laying project in Orissa despite adverse weather (temp. 53 deg. C.)<br />Started as Production Engineer with (Walchand Hirachand Group) and rose to Project Manager with 2 increments every year.<br />Personally operated every machine pertaining to manufacture of Pre-stressed Concrete Pipes to gain first hand knowledge.<br />Involved in preparing tenders for more than Rs.1500 ml. costing & risk assessment, and was awarded Rs. 400 ml. contracts.<br />Maintained good rapport with key officials of the departmental and with their bureaucrats.<br />EDUCATION<br />AMIE, Section A, Civil, 1987 (70%)<br />Dipl. Civil & Rural Engineering (69.6% & 84% in subject of Rural Engineering), 1986 - Dr. P D Polytechnic, Amravati. <br />Note-<br />Currently pursuing MBA and DBS on-line correspondence course of ISBM. <br />Pursuing MBA and Ph.D in Business Skills from IIBM (Indian Institute Of Business Management, Mumbai). <br />Processing thesis on global opportunities and challenges in water and waste water infrastructure development.<br />TRAINING<br />Project Management and Quality Control: Annual Seminars from 1987 to 1991.<br />Participated as a key member to stress upon use of PSC pipes for WS projects in 1998.<br />Attended seminars in 8 major cities conducted in 1998 with expert teams of government officials.<br />Completed training in Value Engg. Course (40 hrs) conducted by prestigious Alfred Benesch& Company in Hyderabad while in SEW.<br />Attended 6 seminars of Urban Infrastructure like water and waste water infrastructure in the Capital City conducted by Indian Infrastructure Magazine, twice a year, while in SEW.<br />Toured Japan for inspection of Heavy Duty METALLIC VOLUTE PUMPS of Discharge 9 Cumecs each at Ibara (Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. International Associates) for the biggest Lift Irrigation scheme of Sripadsagar, Karimnagar, A.P of value 1700 Crores. The inspection was attended by top officials of Engg. Fraternity of Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Dept. in 2008.<br />PERSONAL INFORMATION<br />Date of Birth: 17 Aug. 1965<br />Language Skills: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil<br />Flat - I - 502, Sculptor Block, Aliens Elite, Miyapur , Hyderabad 500049. A.P.<br />