Evaluation question 2


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Media evaluation question 2: How effective was the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Question 2: How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary tasks? Lyndsay Essex
  2. 2. Short film and poster I chose to do a poster because I couldincorporate it into the short film itself, because I knew beforehand that the film would be about finding a lostitem or symbol of something (The end product was a doll, which acted as a symbol of childhood), and so to make a classic ‘Missing’ poster made sense to advertise the film. Developing this poster meant making many different versions were made, especially due to sudden storyline changes caused by technical My research found missing poster difficulties. These issues meant that templates which I vaguely followed, to small elements such as text or logos make the ‘Missing’ poster as close to had to be changed to make sense. the stereotypical posters as possible, with a small square image, large block writing (usually in red) at the top, with a description and contact details at the bottom.
  3. 3. Version 1: Conventional film poster Small description of Appropriate background To fit conventions of other film photo, illustrates what is posters, I tried to make one what is being advertised missing, draws attention. using a full background image, with a short description of the film. I didn’t complete this version as I felt strongly that it wouldn’t give the correct idea about the film, and was too vague to be used as an advertising poster. I also think that due to the style of poster, the font which fits the film didn’t fit the poster style, further evidence that the style of poster didn’t work with the film’s theme and targetTitle : bold, noticeable, Website information & tagline: Big letters in bright clear, colour contrast against audience.colour draws attention. darker background.
  4. 4. Version 2: Missing posters.Tear off sections, contact details & film outline, website andlogos. Clear information, fits conventions of ‘Missing’ Brighter colours and clearer photo, noposter and film poster (cast, directors, etc at bottom) tear-off sections & rearranged logos.
  5. 5. Finished productThe final version had been Changed text to fit the changed storyline,changed to fit last-minute logos, more clear font on link to website.story changes, as well as aclear photo and text.The difference betweenthe first attempt and thefinished version shows thedevelopment of ideas anddiscovering thatsomething which isconventionally correct iswrong for my piece.
  6. 6. Magazine article After looking at film reviews in magazines such as Empire, or film reviews online, I created a basic template to stick to, setting out where which piece of text would be, and where pictures would go. I decided what the text would include by looking at language used in other reviews. I used this example for the layout of the final piece, using several design ideas, such the main photo at the top and the list of information (Such as length, director and release date). I also added a URL for the magazine’s website and a star rating for the film.My film, being much shorter and only using one simple plot had some different details, for example the captionover this article’s photo there is information about plot lines and cameo appearances, I decided to include aquote, and have the article including an interview, where I could explain more details of the film itself.
  7. 7. Effect of a good review• Film institutions benefit from a good review, as the publicity gained from positive press will gain the institution and any organisations associated with it popularity, and in turn more money, as reviews are essentially free advertisements which many people read before seeing a film, and has the ability to change the audience’s opinions on what they see.
  8. 8. Finished magazine article Title – film name mimics poster, short line on article. Film still & caption,Film stills have photocaptions. taken forBrief plot the article,summary & filmarticle websiteintro. URL, star rating.Filminformation– certificate, Shortdirector, reviews,producer, fewgenre, magazinesrunning time have aand release single Reference to nextdate. Page numbers, magazine review on a weeks issue – with name, website URL. page. tagline.
  9. 9. Reviews representation of film• By putting the review along side reviews of animated and bright, childish short films suggests that the short film in the main review fits the same style. • Caption/photo
  10. 10. Magazine background images• Very few magazines I looked at had just a plain white background, and so I decided to add a background image, relating to the magazine article, rather than the short film aspect. I found a number of images, tested each against the text and tried using Photoshop on a few. Many didn’t work because the font I had decided to use wasn’t clear against the background, or didn’t work across the double page spread. Tried with white text and different font but was still unclear, didn’t show filmstrip. Also the dull colour Didn’t show much of filmstrip, wouldn’t fit a bright review aboutArticle text font and colour unclear text. Against background a happy film, more colours werewasn’t clear over this design. texture. needed. I cut off the plain side and used a zoom of the filmstrip, as it added more colours, as colourful has connotations of ‘bright’ and happy , fitting the style of Some areas too dark & some too Still looked plain white, titles and the film, and kept with the house style light for text colour and font. bottom headers of magazine of film which is appropriate in a movie- Didn’t fit with theme and style. weren’t clear. based magazine.
  11. 11. Other Ideas:• As the main object in the film is a doll, to appeal to a wider audience of younger children Rosie could be sold as a separate toy. However as the toy I used is an existing toy from the early 90’s, so if this was a real film, an original and distinctive toy would would have been created and sold separately.• The music used in the film could also be used to advertise both the film and the band, if a music video was created to go with the song, the film could also be used to advertise the band.
  12. 12. Summary• Overall, I think the combination of magazine article and film poster works well, as the poster can be incorporated into the film as well as advertise the film, and the magazine is a good way of reaching larger numbers of the target audience (Older teens/Young adults, who are more interested in films, and so more likely to watch a short silent film.).