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  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Draft Version Evaluation, Implementations and Outline of Key Changes Initial Poster Idea This rough version was the first time I visually could see how I would try to promote my short film. I tried to include many of the promotional features that my initial research had highlighted. Firstly, my poster had to contain my protagonist and it had to promote the idea of a sexual liaison, To symbolise this aspect, I roughly sketched both characters Sweetah and Logan in the foreground of the poster and included the following poster elements:  Title of film, aligned centre top in a custom produced font  Three nominated awards to promote the film. I intend to use the awards mentioned in my film review to create synergy between the two.  Intertexual references, aligned left to eliminate the negative space  Tagline, aligned right to eliminate the negative space  Credits traditionally aligned lower bottom Experimental Poster Idea My initial poster idea was primitive and unimaginative and in order to progress on, I brainstormed different areas I wanted to explore. To experiment with photography was my primary goal. I took a photograph of the Ford Zodiac that was used as a major prop in Mouse and blurred a filter over it. I then printed this out and roughly drew my protagonist leaning up against it. On this experimental poster version I decided to include the following traditional poster conventions:  Intertextual reference, aligned first quadrant, top left in order to eliminate the negative space  Intertextual reference, aligned second quadrant, lower right to break up the extra large image of the car  The film’s title is positioned in the number plate  The directors mention will be aligned centre, directly under
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e the number plate  Three promotional awards are evenly positioned under the directors identification to eliminate the negative space  The credits are traditionally aligned lower bottom through quadrants three and four Evaluation The idea to use original photography really appealed to me. The majority of posters in today’s society are graphically enhanced and I feel that a high-resolution photograph would work well as a promotional idea. Its difference in sharpness and quality would contrast against the graphic enhanced material, currently promoting films. The relevance of an original photograph, would not only support the social realism genre, but it would also allow an audience to connect with the protagonist. To take this idea forward, I will now plan a photograph session with my protagonist. Static Film Poster Draft 1 After taking several promotional photographs of my protagonist with the Ford Zodiac car, I could see my experimental idea coming to life. As I had taken various photographs, I could not choose between them, so I decided to conduct a quick survey that was selective of students aged between 16-18 years old. I asked fifteen students to look at the seven photographs and then choose the one they thought would be the best fit for my intended purpose and to provide a valid reason to justify their choice. Surprisingly, the dead mouse received a shocking negative response with the girls, but it was quite popular amongst the boys. The most popular photograph was the one I used to create this draft. Implementations 1) The title Mouse is aligned top centre of the poster. The font I chose was I am online with u and I formatted this large and bold to stand out. 2) I carried forward the idea of editing the number plate and
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e chose UK Number Plate font style and edited this on Photoshop, so that the word directed actually looked authentic 3) The director’s name was produced in the same font style as the title. I decided that there would be a better continuity between the text if I chose the same style, however its format is a lot smaller than that of the title. 4) Credits implemented were aligned at the base of the poster, through quadrants three and four. The font I chose was SF Movie Poster. 5) I used Photoshop to edit the original colour of the fence panels in the background. Static Film Poster Draft 2 Implementations I carried through all the original elements from draft one, but included the following: A tagline – I positioned this far right in the second quadrant and aligned it just beneath the title. The positioning on the poster will effectively absorb the negative space behind it. The font I chose to produce the tagline was Letter Gothic Std, because the spacing between the individual characters is symbolic to the space that is indicated in the film between the acting characters. For example, how they separate themselves from each other walking down the stairs with the railings acting as a barrier. Awards – Using Photoshop I edited two nominated awards and positioned these on either side of the protagonist on the fence panels, again to eliminate dead and negative space. Evaluation The poster looked unprofessional and messy. I had included several film conventions to give anchorage, but the overall effect to unite these aspects needed a sophistic and artistic approach. I will endeavour to take this notion forward for my next draft. Static Film Poster Draft 3 Outline of Key Changes To Improve the overall effectiveness of the film poster, I did the following:
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e  I condensed the credit titles from three lines to two, by reducing the size of the font.  I realigned the award crests and their text to new positions beneath the cars bumper, but above the title credits.  Changed the font of the directors title to Letter Gothic Std. This font is now the same as the awards and tagline, bring unity across the poster.  The tagline has been altered to contrast two different style elements, italics to indicate delicateness and style and bold to convey a dramatic statement. Each style element can be associated with both character’s contrasting characteristics. Implementations 1) The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has been inserted into the fourth quadrant and aligned lower far right to show the age rating for Mouse. 2) Intertextual references have been positioned on the fence panels and I edited these to conform to the same perspective as the fence. 3) The mention of my other film Limbo has been aligned, centre and positioned directly underneath of my name. Evaluation The font used for the awards, tagline, intertexual references and directors mention has all been produced using the same style font which brings unity to the poster. The new positions outlined above, are more sensibly placed, and this has eliminated the original messy feel, from the previous draft. The intertextual references have been artistically edited to take into consideration the perspective of the fence. They lie asymmetrical in comparison, which indicates how different the characters Sweetah and Logan are from each other. Furthermore, I feel that the positive and negative space within the poster has been effectively used. Static Final Film Poster To assess, my third version of the static promotional poster, I asked my peers and tutor for some critical feedback. There were several comments made and several suggestions offered for improvement:
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e  The tagline is not aesthetically aligned, try repositioning it and experiment with different font styles.  The credit block looks a little squashed, try enlarging the font  The poster looks quite cluttered Outline of Key Changes 1. Listening to the suggestions above, I decided to make the following changes: 2. I opted to use a different font style for the tagline – Quicksand and use upper case characters to make a statement 3. I aligned the tagline more effectively to eliminate more of the negative space 4. Enlarged the credit block font 5. In order to give a vintage look to my poster, I placed a warm filter over the entire poster and then implemented a darker hue to the background.