Magazine Cover & Poster Research


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Magazine Cover & Poster Research

  1. 1. Movie Magazine & Poster analysis Cover analysis Naomi Sian Bennett-Johnson
  2. 2. Along with my production piece I will bemaking a magazine cover and poster. The twopieces will help to promote the film. I hope to express the film by having my trailerrepresented on the poster and cover and havetaken inspiration from the pieces above that I have analysed.
  3. 3. Posters A movie poster is a poster used to advertise a film. Studios often printseveral posters that vary in size and content for various domestic andinternational markets. They normally contain an image with text.Todays posters often feature photographs of the main actors. Thetext on movie posters usually contains the film title in large letteringand often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tag line,the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.Movie posters are displayed inside and on the outside of movietheaters, and elsewhere on the street or in shops. The same imagesmay also be used on websites, DVD (and historically VHS)Packaging, flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc.
  4. 4. Types Of Posters• Lobby cards: like posters but smaller, Lobby cards are collected and their value depends on their age, quality and popularity. Typically issued in sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film.• Teaser poster: an early promotional movie poster, containing a basic image or design without revealing too much information such as the plot, theme, and characters. The purpose is to incite awareness and generate hype for the film.• Character posters: For a film with an ensemble cast there may be a set of character posters, each featuring an individual character from the film. Usually it contains the name of the actor/actress, with or without the name of the character played. It may also include a tagline that reflects the quality of the character.
  5. 5. Movie MagazineA movie magazine is a magazine dedicated tofilm and film culture. Such magazinestypically include film news, interviews, photoshoots, essays and movie reviews.
  6. 6. Conventions Of Magazines Language & register What creates Flash Masthead meaningPull quotes Quotes/links to the Cover lines film Principle of thirds Font Technical style, size, c olour Mise en scene Terms U.S.P Revealing Position, pose, genre costume, eye Kicker and Camera contact /gaze, explanatory angle facialCover Route of expressionstories the eye Stories Pictures I will use these conventions and my & captions research to create my own magazine cover and poster. This will ensure my final products look professional.
  7. 7. Masthead Skyline•Name of magazine is in Readers notice the addition isbold, red, capital letters to make it special , why its special and thisstand out and is the biggest writing on may help appeal to people whothe page this shows the importance of like this genre and make it feelthe magazine name and brand. The personalised.characters overlap the masthead thatshows the brand is established as even Colour schemewithout seeing the full name is The font colours and background complementrecognisable . the images which harmonises the cover. They’ve also engaged the audience by Slogan representing the film on the magazine • Boast claiming the through mise en scene. magazine is special and well established attracts readers Layout Everything on the cover isShows the main Characters of the film: “centralized”. This brings focus• Characters positioned in a way to to the image and text suggest one of them is more together, so to not have dominant and important than the anything unnoticed. other this suggests to the reader what the film involves. Anchor text• Both wear contrasting costume one A short summary of both more formal, other wearing police characters is used to engage badge in less formal the reader by informing the clothing, suggests differences in audience of there roles hierarchy, personality and therefore justifying there occupation. costume, surrounding• Action shots are used rather than , postures and facial posed photographs. There is no expressions. direct address of the audience which Notice how small the price is, when engages. A range of topics that relate to Sell lines: magazines are cheap the price is larger so crime and violence are mentioned in more noticeable and the ‘reasonable’ reference to the content of the price is used as a selling strategy. Whereas magazine. This suggests that the if the magazine is expensive it may detract magazine is aimed at fans who are from the appeal, so isn’t used as a selling serious about this genre or want to read strategy. We also notice the barcode detailed articles. which on magazines is on the front cover whereas on books they are on the back.
  8. 8. The price is in a unusual position as is it is usually Colour scheme: the at the bottom of the background, font colours page near the barcode go with the image on the front. The colours creates a semantic fieldMasthead of hell which harmonises• The masthead has been edited with the theme and title so to go with the genre and of the movie “Hellboy theme of the movie which is 2”. used to engage e the audience. Introduces readers to another platform of the magazine they canThe central image, a medium close-up explore so to promote more, sellof the main character is used so the more advertising space and appealaudience can automatically relate to to a wider audience. It may bethe movie and genre. The character suggested that it will appeal to aalso directly addresses the audience younger audience, those who areby making direct eye contact so to more ‘technology savvy’ or thoseachieve intimacy and intensity. who cant afford to buy the magazine constantly so use theSell & cover lines: A range of website as an topics are mentioned inreferences to actors. This suggests Magazine maythe magazine is aimed at fans of be aimed at athe celebrities, people who are more matureserious about the film industry or audience as itwho want to read detailed contains sexualarticles. content Makes the content of the magazine seem exclusive Anchor text: The tells us why text the main image is featured. This is may also lure the audience to read the article inside about them.
  9. 9. The central image, directly addresses the audience by making eye contact so to achieve intimacy and intensity. He stands with an upright domineering posture and straightaway is seen as strong which gives the audience a sense of his character and what the movie is about. “Plus” Makes itSome may argue the seem as if themain image of a magazine iswhite, blue eyed giving you“pretty boy” is extra, yourrepresentative of a getting yourcommon convention moneys worthand stereotype of and morewhat a super hero Repetition ofshould look like. the word “the” emphasises the subjects presented Colour scheme: The font colours and background complement the image which harmonises the cover. They’ve engaged the audience by representing the American flag in the background and in costume which reflects the film and the character which is “Captain America”. The character may be used as a symbol, to represent America as strong which shows a sense of patriarchy therefore may relate and appeal more audience in the USA.
  10. 10. “Gripping” ,“raw”, “gritty” the terminology The overall theme of the movie challenges social assumptions of only fits the genre and by using adjectives that boys being in gangs. The low angle shot of one of the characters with a will appeal to the target audience the film bat depicts dominance and aggression. This contrasts with how femalesPositive quote: To the seems more exciting. The font main used are usually depicted as gentle and calm. The costumes worn can also betarget audience Sky also depicts these words by the font looking used to challenge conventions as they lack femininity and hoodies aremovies may be held in scratched and dirty. usually associated with young males.high esteem therefore a The images of the maingood response from characters occupy a largethem is ideal in proportion of the poster andappealing to the the girls are used and appealaudience as it comes as the main selling point. Thefrom a ‘trusted source’. gang theme to the movie isThe good feedback represented through thereencourages people to body language and facialwatch it and the expressions which showaudience are able to get aggression. Instead of directlyan opinion on the movie addressing the audience anbefore seeing it. action shot of the girls is used to engage the audience and represent the film throughColour saturation: The mise en scene.two main colours are redand pink which theimages as well as the Certificate to befont are in. Red has the confirmed.Theconnotations of passion British Board of Filmand anger meanwhile Classifications haspink can be seen as a not released an agesymbol of femininity. rating for the title.This may symbolize the The artistsconcept of a girl gang. featured go withDespite red and pink the genre of anbeing bold colours the Previous credits: By mentioning previous The title is at the bottom Informs The website introduces films done by the producer the poster the audience to another urban film andblack sand whites used of the poster, the visual audience presupposes the target audience are platform of the film, so artists would begive a dark tone to the images are the main when film is familiar with the producers previous to promote more, sell recognisable toposter which reflects the focus and may be seen in cinemas work. This suggests the last movies were advertising space and the targetplot movie. to appeal to the target so they can a success so is used as a guarantee for a appeal to a young audience. audience. watch it good movie and prompts audience audience. expectations.
  11. 11. The image challenges theconventional movie poster bybeing simple. Simplicity of theposter may suggest the film isaimed at an more All the images areserious, mature audience. All of incorporated withinthe poster is in black and white one main image toand suggest there is onethe only colour is red and is main character whichused to highlight the word may be the “one“point” which shows truth” quoted in theimportance and connotations text. The 8 picturessurrounding the colour may may represent the “8depict danger and anger. strangers “and “8 points of view” thisThe silhouettes brings cohesionof the man with poster and givesthe gun creates suggestions to themystery and audience of what thesuggests the film is about. All themovie is about images are actioncrime or shots and are usedviolence. to represent the film through mise en scene with the aim to engage the audience. Gives a build up to the release of the movie by not disclosing the date.
  12. 12. The rating of the “4 stars ” and the expert The website introduces theand critique statement is used to classify audience to another platformthe film and rank it high quality so to for the film, so to promoteappeal and lure in the audience. To the more, sell advertising space andtarget audience RWD magazine may appeal to new audiences. Theyhave a high degree of respect or be also promote a soundtrackrecognisable therefore a good response which has artists on it thatfrom them is appealing. The good relates to the urban genre offeedback encourages people to watch it. the film and can be used to collect more income . Its’ release date is prior to the oneThe poster has connotations of of the actual film suggesting thedoom with the dark cloudy soundtrack is being used asbackground. In the clouds are another promotion strategy awhat seem to be gang members to maybe create ‘hype’ andsuggesting in the film they ‘re the build momentum around thecause of trouble. movie.The well known actors within the The well known song is used togenre are shown on the poster promote the soundtrack and itbelow there names , they are presupposes the audience areused as a strategy to sell tickets. familiar with the song. As well as the soundtrack helping to sell theThe image depicts a war with the film the film may also be helpingpeople in the background looking to promote the soundtrack andas if they are chasing the main song.images. The audience is engaged The font informing theby the representation of the film audience of thethrough mise en scene. release date is made bold and shows theMainly males are represented on precise date so tothe poster with a clear image of guarantee an audienceonly one female suggesting the for the is male dominated. This alsomay be seen as a bad stereotypeof young males in todays society.