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Knord Social Media Presentation

Knord Social Media Presentation



A presentation that shows the the findings of a research about Social Media Marketing

A presentation that shows the the findings of a research about Social Media Marketing



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  •  Henrik & Friis
  • LasseWe have fundthattheseare the 8 types of social media there is. Blogging, microblogging and so on.. As canbeseen, ourfocus is te top 4 ones.
  • - Stine Gotved  cybersociolog
  • Friis & Lasse
  • Will there be differences in which B2B companies can benefit from Social Media Marketing?Which organizational factors should be taken into consideration when a B2B company is actively working with social media?
  • Overgang til ”konklusion” og 5 tips -_> what to keep in mind etc.I samarbejde med de andre… Beprepared, and set goalsbeforeyouenterFind the bestpossibleway for yourcompany to mesure the effect. (eventhough, provenveryhard)It’s still a relatively new marketing tool (ifyoucancall it that) so becarefull.. Theres is not ”oneway to do things”Behonestabout the value and believes of yourcompany.. (otherwise it canbiteyourass)understand the mediaCommunication is everything

Knord Social Media Presentation Knord Social Media Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • B2B Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Online Presentation
    B2B Social Media Marketing
  • Research question
    Can a B2B company successfully use virtual social media as a tool to reach marketing/company goals
  • YES!
  • Agenda
    Research method
    What is Social Media
    Who did we talk to
    Case studies
    How to measure the effect
    Who to influence
    To sum it up
  • Research method
    Pragmatic approach
    Semi-structured interviews with:
    experts on the subject
    B2B companies using social media marketing
    companies advising other companies how to use social media marketing.
    Blogs, books and articles to get the personal opinions of acknowledged theoreticians.
  • What is Social Media
    Social Media Definition
    Online media where people are able to communicate on different levels. There will be discussions, feedbacks, comments and sharing of information from all interested parties. It is a two-way communication platform instead of the old one-way, television communication.
  • What is Social Media
    The types of sites are as follows:
    Social Networking
    Social news & Bookmarking
    Rating services
    Virtual worlds
    Media sharing
    Ourarea of focus
  • What is Social Media
    Whyweuse social media
    Half of the 10 most visited websites are social media sites
    “People feel they exist because of the fact that other people know what they are doing”
    “Family ties and native communities have been replaced by more network-based affinities
    They are not determined by race extent nor of a shared territory”
  • Who did we talk to
    Scott Monty – Head of Social Media Manager at Ford
    Paul Gillin - Author of The New Influencersand Secrets of Social Media Marketing
    Henrik Keller - Consultant at Holm Kommunikation A/S
    Mikael Lemberg – Self-proclaimedFacebookexpert and Consultant at Komfo
    Andreas Johansen – CEO at Social Square
  • Who did we talk to
  • What to takeintoconsideration
    Be capable of allocate resources to manage the dialog
    Social media marketing should not stand alone
    The management and marketers need to discard the old way of thinking
    Be honest!
    Communicate the purpose of the site
  • How not to do it
  • How not to do it
  • How not to do it
    ”So, let’ssee, we have to bewell-mannered all the time but it’sperfectly acceptable to refer to us as everything from idiots right the waydown to sons of satan”
  • How it could be done
    • Novo Nordisk as example
    • The situation
    • Internal
    • NovoTube
    • NovoPedia
    • Novo way of management update
    • External
    • Novo graduate blogs
    • Experiences
    • Measurement
    • BSC and KPI
  • How to measure the effect and what to gain
    Difficult to measure
    Succes is defined by the ability to establishmeaningfulconversations
    Quantitative – Qualitative
    Novo Nordisk Balancedscorecard
  • Whocan Social Media influence?
    Facebook have more than 400.000.000 active users
    Twitter have about 75.000.000 active users
    In theory: Everyone
    Best outcome with well-known brand
    Possible to influence B2B, but through B2C
    Social Media is becoming more differentiated
  • When can social media influence?
  • So to sum it up…
    Don’t do it just becauseeverybodyelse is doing it
    Beprepared to loosecontrol
    Remember: Honestyabove all
    Whathappensonone site doesn’tstayonone site
    Allocateyourresources – and do it well
    Communication, communication & last but not least; communication
  • Thankyou for your attention
    See you @