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Aet 562 week6 social media manual presentation_team c

Overview of Social Media Training Manual for AET 562

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Aet 562 week6 social media manual presentation_team c

  1. 1. Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual Presentation Learning Team C ADMIN 562 April 18, 2015 Kathryn Wyatt
  2. 2. Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual Presentation This presentation is designed to provide an outline of the comprehensive Learning Team C, Social Media Training Manual and will highlight the following items: - An overview of Social Learning - Problem Solving through Social Learning - Addressing Business Issues and Strengthening Relationships through Social Learning - Examples of Effective Social Media Tools
  3. 3. Social Learning • Overcoming barriers to effective social learning • The role of social learning in effective workforce training • Resolving ethical dilemmas within the social learning environment • How important is social learning in education How Important Is Social Learning In Education • Understanding perspectives • Strengthen social skills • Creating stronger and social relationships • Social competence
  4. 4. Overcoming barriers to effective social learning • Language – Employees need to be willing to translate documents – Use of Interpreters for employees – Workplace training – Mangers need to use simple words and non-verbal communication • Cultural Differences – Determine whether the behavior or attitude will effect the job performance- ex. Religious reasons – Identify if the job can accommodate the cultural difference – Determine the best way to accommodate the difference – Learn about other cultures – Employees ask the employer on how to best deal with cultural differences- Have the manager and employee make a collaborative effort to work with one another • Technology – Facilitates students success by diffusing barriers to allow for students to go where they want to learn, when they want to learn and how they want to learn. – Implement mobile devices like the digital world locally and globally
  5. 5. The Role Of Social Learning In Effective Workforce Training Social Learning Includes: • Connecting • Collaboration • Search Networks • Participation • Communication • Social Media Tools Resolving ethical Dilemmas Within the Social Learning Environment • Recognize which decisions involve ethics • Understand values of the organization and other people • Ethics training is beneficial • Lead workers through the resolution of complex issues
  6. 6. Problem Solving through Social Learning The problem-solving processes involving social learning versus formal training will continue to evolve as social learning gains momentum with the rapid expansion of technology. “The connected educator states that, “By shifting your mindset of what constitutes learning, you can seize the opportunity to interact with others in the global network and use communication technologies such as blogs, wikis, microblogging, social bookmarking, and social networking” (p. 14). This suggest that the role played by social learning moves education in the direction towards an immersed social process away from traditional education. It further suggest that a learners perception of a problem can be aided with opportunities of social learning.
  7. 7. Addressing Business Issues and Strengthening Relationships through Social Learning • Social learning’s affect on educational goals and objectives - Organization evolves to employees actively building upon individual and collective knowledge - Social channels provide opportunities to further informal, on the job, learning - Organization needs to encourage this collaboration • Indicators of success in the effectiveness of social learning - Increased Employee Collaboration - Social Networking Awareness throughout organization - Social Networking use throughout organization • Resource allocation’s affect on the overall effectiveness of social learning within education - Employees require proper social communication tools - Employees require adequate training in the use of these tools
  8. 8. Addressing Business Issues and Strengthening Relationships through Social Learning Accountability in social learning: usage and policy considerations - Improper use can decrease productivity and increase organization liabilities - Organization must establish clear social media policy which will not discourage social learning Social learning environment: establishing employees’and administrators’ roles - Social learning can blur lines of hierarchy - Provide democratic forms of participation within the organization (Bodle, 2011) - Employees take on roles of instructor and learner Foster richer relationships among staff with diverse skill sets using social learning - Social media provides channel for employees to connect with other diverse individuals - Employees from other departments - Employees separated by time and locations - Staff can connect with others that have unique skills and knowledge to help them solve problems
  9. 9. YouTube YouTube is a public website that allows people to upload videos to be viewed by a worldwide audience. Anyone posting a video can have an instant audience for their art, entertainment, or educational offerings. This makes YouTube a great place for teachers, or anyone for that matter. LinkedIn According to the LinkedIn website: “Our mission is simple: To connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.” (LinkedIn, 2016)
  10. 10. Wikis Wikispaces allow for the compilation and sharing of information from the site so that anything that the users have placed on their site can be shared with other teachers, students or any person of their choosing. Blogs Blogs allow for an exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects. Blogs are a great tool for the dissemination of information and the best way to reach a large audience at one time.
  11. 11. Conclusion By highlighting the importance of social learning, how social learning can assist in solving organizational issues and strengthening employee relationships and providing examples of social media tools, this overview provides the key sections of the Social Media Training Manual. This manual can provide a roadmap of how to increase social learning in an educational organization as well as provide insight into the benefits of social learning in problem solving, addressing organizational issues, and strengthening relationships among employees.
  12. 12. References Nussbaum-Beach, S., & Hall, L. R. (2012). The connected educator Learning and leading in a digital age . Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.. Conner, S. (2014) "Social learning augmented by social media: creating better organizations for a better world", Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, Vol. 28 Iss: 6, pp.6 – 8 Hamer, S. (2013). Creating an Effective Workplace Social Media Policy. Bloomberg BNA, October, 2013. Blogs as learning tools. (2011). Retrieved from Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. (2016). 100+ examples of use of social media for learning. Retrieved from use-of-social-media-for-learning/ LinkedIn, (2016), LinkedIn. (2015). Retrieved from Merriam Webster, blogs. (2015). Retrieved from http://www.merriam Nieva, R. (2016). YouTube started as an online dating site. Retrieved from http://www. The Recruiter. (2015). Retrieved from The world's best Wiki platform. (2015). Retrieved from YouTube Red. (2016). Retrieved from

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Overview of Social Media Training Manual for AET 562


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