OI Partners - Lifocus Career Coaching Program- rev 6.17.13

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A comprehensive overview of OI Partners - Lifocus Career Transition Programs

A comprehensive overview of OI Partners - Lifocus Career Transition Programs

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  • 1. What makes OI Partners/Lifocus Outplacement DifferentWe Are Concerned About The Outcome, Not Just The ProcessOur outplacement has not been commoditized, it is always personalizedOne on one weekly meetings – not in groupsMore time, more personal attention = getting jobs faster!OUR GUARANTEEWe will do whatever is necessary to achieve success“Personal attention means better retention“1OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 2. What makes OI Partners/Lifocus Outplacement DifferentWeUnderstandThatThisIsAboutTheWelfareOfRealHumanBeings:Your Employees & Their FamiliesYou will see the difference, more attention = more Jobs, faster jobsHighest success rate in the industry!OUR GUARANTEEWe will do whatever is necessary to achieve success“Personal attention means better retention“2OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 3. OI Partners/Lifocus Outplacement/CareerTransitionOver 200 offices in 27 countries“LocalPersonalTouch with a Global Reach”3OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership DevelopmentRemember,We Are Concerned About The Outcome, Not Just The ProcessAs a global talent management company, renowned for its highly personalizedservices, OI Partners specializes in mid-level, executive and group outplacement;executive coaching; leadership development and workforce solutions.“Personal attention means better retention“
  • 4. **What separates us from the rest?** Every consultant is ICCI certified. Certification is portfolio-based,demonstrating industry defined competencies representing provenprofessional experience and expertise. We are truly investors in our community. Our earnings are re-invested inthe business and in our community, not sent to a corporate office out ofstate. We live, work and build relationships locally. Partners are nevertransferred from one office to another because we own our offices. Our technology resources are provided to candidates AND clients4OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 5. 1. What is the length of each employee meeting? The length of each meeting that we provide witheach employee is at least 60 minutes. Preparation time in always additional. Our competitors aredoing 30 or 45 minutes with preparation time rounding out the 60 minutes that they promise.2. How many actual meetings per month are conducted for each employee? We do at least fourmeetings a month minimum. Our competitors have cut it back to three.3. Does each employee have a dedicated advisorwho actually meets with him/her for everymeeting. We assign each employee an advisor who has been selected to work with that individualbased upon the needs and wants of that person. Our advisor meets with that employee everymeeting and is available during evenings and weekends. Our competitors assign the first availableadvisor who is required to meet with the individual once, but is not for the rest ofengagement. Employees who work with our competitors are pushed to rely on web-sites and groupmeetings, thereby minimizing individual face time with their assigned advisor and, thus, cost todeliver the program.4. Is a dedicated advisor assigned for virtual/remote programs as well? Absolutely and always wedo! Some of our competitors do not provide an advisor at all and others assign an advisor who workswith the individual for only one meeting.5. Are on-site employee orientation meetings provided at no additional cost? These are includedin our prices. Our competitors often either do not provide them or charge extra for these services.5Outplacement ComparisonOutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 6.  Phase 1 - Intake, Introduction, Initial Meeting Phase 2 - Orientation & Resources Phase 3 - Career Planning – assessments & resume development Phase 4 - The Job Search Process – where the jobs are Phase 5 - Introduction to Social Media – training & set up Phase 6 - Market Research – work with market specialist Phase 7 - Interview Preparation/acceptance strategy Phase 8 - Post Hire Counseling“Personal attention means better retention“Outplacement – Career Transition Services6OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 7.  Phase I – Intake – Introduction Counselors on site Brief meeting with candidate Display empathy, willingness to help Introduction letter provided Appointments set for the next day Resource binder/business card providedOutplacement – Career Transition Services7OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 8. Phase I (Cont) – Initial meeting next day in our offices• Introduce to office staff;Administrative support; Staffresearch support• Overview of the outplacementprocess;One on one weekly meetings• Discuss future options(if ready)• Tour of offices, kitchen,equipment, etc• How to communicate job losswith family/friends• Address questions,concerns• Grief counseling (as needed) • How to file for unemployment• Provide with office &cell numbers and email• Confidentiality promise• Provide access to private officeor work stations & computers,phone, fax• Set next appointment• Establish rapport & trust•Listen• Calendar of in-office workshops& seminars• Assignments fromResource Binder 8OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 9.  Phase 2 – Orientation & Resources Discuss goals, timing and expectations Introduction to available services and resources Financial consulting resources available Retirement information and resources available Accounting resources available Entrepreneurial tools & resources available Access provided to our proprietary online eCareer Center;demonstration, overview and assignments (next slide)9OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 10. Proprietary eCareer Center Resources• Take professional assessments on-line at your convenience• Access to Webinars• Manage a complete career transition campaign from your own personal account in onecentral on-line location• Easily manage and track job advertisements you respond to• Automatically apply for job openings and send correspondence using an easy-to-use,fully integrated communication system• Search over 100 of the most popular job-posting sites on the web• Access information concerning salary ranges, relocation, entrepreneurship, and more• Be prepared for interviewing with sample questions created by professional HumanResource Managers and Recruiters• Use sample cover letters, thank you notes, and other types of correspondence toenhance career transition communication10OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 11.  Phase 3 – Career Planning Career Mapping (review and discuss assignment results) Development of Strategic Marketing Plan Resume & Portfolio Development Resume or CV Candidate Value Proposition References Cover Letters Business Card Development11OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 12.  Phase 4 – The Job Search Process – where do peoplefind jobs?The statistics Job search web sites – 15% Recruiters – 6% Job fairs/Trade shows – 1% Traditional ads – 2% Networking – 76%156 1.8 1.2760102030405060708012OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 13.  Phase 4 – The Job Search Process (cont) We coach candidates on the use of the 5 resources Emphasis on NETWORKING Creating candidate contact list Creating and articulating candidate value statement How to ask for names and advice (not help) Provide networking contacts & resources to candidate Video role play – practice, practice, practice13OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 14.  Phase 5 – Introduction to Social Media Educate on social media platforms:& future trends – must have a robust presence, we help candidatebuild site and educate on how to use – The caveats – How to be recognized as an expert in your field14OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 15.  Phase 6 – Market Research Expert in Office Resources for researching the market Identify companies by industries, NAICS or SIC codes Hoovers research tools Nationwide partner research centers In office job research specialist Industry research tools Salary/relocation tools15OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 16.  Phase 7 – Interview Preparation Research the company using & other resources Prepare for phone interview Prepare for face-to-face interview Salary negotiating training Video role play Practice, practice and more practiceInterview training is one on one, personalizedNOT in a group session16OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 17.  Phase 8 - Post Hire Counseling Assimilation to the new position Dealing with culture and chemistry Goal setting and priorities Building and nurturing networks Being a team player How to avoid being a target of future downsizing Volunteer and community involvement17OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development
  • 18. OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership DevelopmentRemember,We Are Concerned About The Outcome, Not Just The ProcessAs a global talent management company, renowned for its highlypersonalized services, OI Partners specializes in mid-level, executive andgroup outplacement; executive coaching; leadership development andworkforce solutions.“Personal attention means better retention“18
  • 19. S.Thomas Wharton, CMFManaging Partner/PresidentOI Partners - Lifocus3970 Post Road, Suite 2 - Warwick, RI 02886.401.884.7959 • Fax 401.886.4243www.lifocus.comtwharton@oipartners.netOI Partners is a global talent management firm providing careerconsulting, executive coaching, leadership development, assessments,training and outplacement services.Over 200 Offices, 27 Countries, One Call, Same Great Service19OutplacementExecutive CoachingLeadership Development