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What to prepare before recruitment


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What to prepare before recruitment

  1. 1. What to prepare before RECRUITMENT
  2. 2. Welcome to the Recruitment track• Who? • Project Managers from the LCs, MC representatives• Why? • Because RECRUITMENT is one of the most important projects that we will ever run in our LC – without members the organization cannot function.• What? • Preparation on how to make this project happen
  3. 3. Who are we?• LC project managers• LC teams• MC recruitment support• MC Recruitment Responsible
  4. 4. Our Roles• PMs – Lead their teams in Recruitment and engage the LC in this project – Design and implement the recruitment plan• MC support – MC members that will be in constant communication with the PMs and offer them support in every step of the way with: feedback and advice, on the ground support if needed.• MC responsible – Final responsible from the MC side for this project – Keep the communication flow in the MC team and connect the MC responsible to what their LCs are doing right.• MCVP COM – Support you with feedback and advice on your promotion materials – Help in creating them if needed – Make sure that the AIESEC brand guidelines are respected
  5. 5. YOU are the ones in charge and responsible for the success of this project. The MC is here to support you, guide you and give you !REMEMBER advice IF and WHEN you need it. Just make sure that you communicate with your MC responsible so that he/she can help you and give you the proper advice when you need it
  6. 6. YOU are not alone…YOU are a team of people that will drive the project in !REMEMBER AIESEC Norway. Use the knowledge and “Good Case Practices” from each other. Use each others strengths
  7. 7. Communication in the Recruitment Team• MC recruitment support – PMs will be customized based on the needs (this will be established by each MCVP with their PM)• PM – PM is encouraged to happen constantly; you can use the Facebook group, national tracking, etc.
  8. 8. Why are we here?• Without people no organization can function• We have ambitious goals, projects, but we cannot do it by ourselves – we need others like us to drive the results.• We want to show others how cool AIESEC can be and how many things you can do/learn as a student that could help you in your career.• Because RECRUITMENT is our most important project at this point in time !
  9. 9. What would it mean to have a successful recruitment?• Recruit based on the LC needs and profile• Find the right people for the right job• Ensure that the projects have leaders and members• Ensure that the Leadership Bodies have potential candidates• People in your school know more about AIESEC
  10. 10. What would it mean to fail in recruitment?• Inability to reach your ambition because you don’t have members in the LC• Next term the Leadership Bodies will start with only a few people• The people that will be in AIESEC this year will struggle to offer our opportunities to others
  11. 11. What to EXPECT?• MC expectations to you: – Have ownership for the project – Understand the importance of this project (the LC depends on your success) – Communicate with the MC recruitment support (ask for feedback, support, inputs) – Be engaged trough the entire project and try to make the other members in your LC get involved and excited about the project – Communicate with the other PM, share your good case practices – Have fund during recruitment and transmit this to all your LC members – Communicate constantly with the LC/ EB
  12. 12. • Your expectations to us• Your expectations towards yourselves as Project Managers
  13. 13. Planning PromotionRecruitment Selection flow Induction Evaluation
  14. 14. Members profile HR plan Selection plan What should youhave in this stage? Induction period plan Tracking Preparation for promotion and selection
  15. 15. MEMBER PROFILE - defines what kind of people you want to recruit in theorganizationWhat should it include?• Year of study, profile of the studies• - How much time you would like them to invest in AIESEC• - What are the main characteristics that you would like to see in the future members (example: results oriented, self aware, etc)When do you use it?- Promotion and selectionHR PLAN – defines how many members you need and what positions willthey have in the organization Job Descriptions – these are the documents that describe: – The main responsibilities of each position – What are the expected outcomes from the person who will have this position – What should be the requirements from a person that has this position
  16. 16. PROMOTION PLAN • Define the message that you want to transmit in order to attract the wanted profile (how are you communicating AIESEC, Team member programme, team leader programme) • Decide on the channels (info-meeting, class-shout, posters, email, web etc) • Materials (posters, flyers, email template, web design, etc) • Promotion timeline (schedule) – important deadlines for the applicantsSELECTION PLAN • Define the selection stages and what should be tested in each stage (competencies, skills that you look for in the members profile) • Have all the materials ready: – Application form – For interviews: Guide for the interviewers & Evaluation sheet – Assessment center(group interview): Guide for the interviewers & Evaluation sheet
  17. 17. INDUCTION PLAN • Define the trainings that people should receive in this period – put it here • Decide on the period (induction week, weekend, etc.) • Have the people who will deliver (EB, PM, MC) • Prepare the sessionsEVALUATION Evaluate each stage of the project to see where you excelled and where you need to improve for the next recruitments (remember – this will be a project that will happen every year, so it’s good to learn from each one) You can use: START – STOP – CONTINUE, statistics.
  18. 18. Your planning checklist
  19. 19. What is important to remember for promotion?• Message  How do you communicate AIESEC  How do you communicate Team Member Programme/Team leader programme• Channels used• Materials used• Timeline of the promotion campaign• People involved and their preparation
  20. 20. Your promo checklist
  21. 21. What is important to remember for Selection?• What is our selection flow? & What do we want to test in each stage?• Do we have the needed materials for each stage of the selection?• When will each selection stage take place (what are the selection deadlines)• Who are the people involved in selection and what is their preparation level?
  22. 22. Your selection checklist
  23. 23. What is important to remember for induction?• When will it take place?• What are the trainings that we will deliver?• Who will deliver them?• What are the other things important for induction?
  24. 24. Your induction checklist
  25. 25. Planning PromotionRemember the Selection DOMINO EFFECT Induction Evaluation