Emporkommen executive coaching ppt


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Emporkommen executive coaching ppt

  1. 1. The objective behind starting an organization like Emporkommen lies behind the meaning of the word. “Emporkommen” is a German word which means “to rise”.We believe in empowering employability, awakening, developing, and rewarding the greatness of a Companys Human Resource Capital through Innovative initiatives.
  2. 2. • Talent Management• Organization and Business Model• Engagement Intervention• Competency Assessments• Organization talent mapping/Review• Training and Development• Performance acceleration• Leadership Development• HR Audit/ Surveys
  3. 3. Our approach
  4. 4. •What we bring to table•Our approach•The methodology we adopt•Our Process•Coaching engagements•Goals we support
  5. 5. Strong business acumen, coupled with businessexecutive coaching expertiseCoaching specialties that allow us to match ourcoaches with the unique needs of every learningleaderExperience in a diverse range of industries andfunctionsCoaching expertise that spans all leadership
  6. 6. •Our Holistic Approach• We work with the whole person and applyadvanced methods to enhance your self-awareness. We believe that change is morelikely to happen with an inside-out approach asopposed to outside-In. In other words, yourcommitment to change and improve needs tobe your idea, not someone elses. We work withour clients to develop the attitudes needed toembrace improvement
  7. 7. Our approach to executive coaching focuses onimproving a coachees performance andstrengthening the connection between his/hersobjectives and those of his/her organizationOur four-phase process (Partner, Plan,Perform and Progress), is designed to:Assess and document coachee’s developmental objectivesInvolve, communicate and obtain consensus from all stakeholdersin the coachees developmental processReview and measure outcomes and accomplishments, includingongoing development recommendations
  8. 8. •Partner :-• Assess coachee’s coaching needs ieassimilation development etc•Determine outcomes and stakeholder’s roles•Select relevant coaches•First meeting of stakeholders•Define – Objectives ,Goals ,coaching process ,purpose and boundaries•Develop “statement of work “(SOW) thatincludes outlines of coaching, backgroundprocess , costs etc
  9. 9. •Plan•Formal coaching and development begins•Provide program material and leadership guide•Conduct 360 degree interview process•Identify development areas and activities•Prepare coaching plan•Review coaching plan with Manager and HR
  10. 10. PerformCoaching starts on predefined sessions permonthContinuous evaluation requiredConduct development activitiesFeedbackProvide articles, books , exercises etcMid point review
  11. 11. •Progress•Assess progress, Outcomes, accomplishments•Checkpoints with 360 degrees respondents•Provide developmental recommendations andreinforcements post engagement•Provide extensions when valuable forsustainability•Checkpoint with stakeholders for feedback oncoaching effectiveness•Provide to organisation
  12. 12. Leadership DevelopmentAssimilation and On-BoardingHigh PotentialStart Up/Spin-offPeer CoachingPerformance TurnaroundCareer Guidance
  13. 13. •Role Clarity•Visioning•Conflict Management•Stress Management•Emotional Intelligence•Executive Presence•Executive Presentations/Communication•Senior Team Strategy•Succession Planning•Team Development