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Impress Me Or You're Dead - The New Rules for How Candidates Treat Recruiters
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Impress Me Or You're Dead - The New Rules for How Candidates Treat Recruiters


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A few slides from my presentation (with Kelly Dingee) on the 8.1.12 Workforce webinar (sponsored by Jobvite)

A few slides from my presentation (with Kelly Dingee) on the 8.1.12 Workforce webinar (sponsored by Jobvite)

Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. Impress Me or You’re DeadThe New Rules for how GREAT Candidates Judge (and Treat) Recruiters
  • 2. Presenter Info• Kris Dunn• CHRO at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting)• Founder of Fistful of Talent , The HR Capitalist• Hoops Junkie• Kelly Dingee• Manager of Strategic Recruiting at Staffing Advisors• Contributor at Fistful of Talent• Sourcing Expert
  • 3. 5 Things That Average Recruiters Do Every Day That Cause The Best Candidates to Ignore Them
  • 4. What Would an Average Recruiter do?Code For: WWAARD?
  • 5. They Fail to Personalize Everything • Stop spamming, you spammy spammer • They don’t use their name on email communications out of their system • They don’t reference what makes the candidate special • They don’t reference what makes the recruiter special • They treat the candidate like a commodity • What a shocker - you get commodity results with the best candidates with this approach • Don’t have time to personalize? Go recruit at a temp agency
  • 6. They Don’t Know the Profile • We’re not talking about knowing the last two jobs of the candidate • We’re talking about knowing the background, companies, job and everything else related to the candidate • But that’s not enough – you have to have something interesting to say about that – what’s your connection to their background? • Time with profile + Thinking About Your Connection = Success with Candidate
  • 7. They Don’t Connect the Dots• Average recruiters don’t try and connect the dots on why they were compelled to call• What’s in the bio that makes them a great candidate? Recruiters with success on great candidates know what the connection is• Average recruiters – no pitch at all• Everyone’s vain – tell them what you like
  • 8. They’re Not Transparent About How They Found the Candidate• Don’t be cute. If you found them on Monster, just say so• People want to know how you found them – are you OK or a stalker?• Bonus points in play for upstream sourcing beyond job boards stuff• Upstream sourcing = you’re ability to connect with why you think they’re a fit for the role
  • 9. They can’t pitch the opportunity and don’t try to overcome objections • Ask yourself this question – do I try and sell every candidate I call on the opportunity? • Why not? • Average recruiters transition to selling the opportunity once they personalize and connect the dots for the candidate • That first question was lame, the bigger question is this: How many objections do I listen to and try and overcome on a call that’s not going well?
  • 10. Kris:kdunn@kinetixhr.comwww.fistfuloftalent.comTwitter: @kris_dunnLinkedIn: @KellydingeeLinkedIn: